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Celestron Advanced VX 8" EdgeHD Telescope  - Telescope of the Year for 2017,  Best Telescope for Imaging
Celestron Advanced VX 8" EdgeHD Telescope

Celestron Advanced VX 8" EdgeHD Telescope - Telescope of the Year for 2017, Best Telescope for Imaging

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Best Telescope for Imaging: Celestron Advanced VX 8" EdgeHD Telescope

Get the features and performance of a top-of-the-line imaging setup at a fraction of the cost with the Advanced VX 8” EdgeHD Telescope. For our money, it’s the best portable imaging rig available—and best of all, it’s priced under $2,000. Let’s start with the mount: engineered from the ground up for imaging, Advanced VX includes all the same features of Celestron’s flagship CGE Pro mount, but sized for payloads under 30 pounds. You’ll get permanently programmable periodic error correction for dead-on tracking accuracy, integer gear ratios, and an autoguider port. Plus, Celestron’s All Star Polar Alignment procedure is built into the hand control. Even if you don’t have a clear view of Polaris, you can align to the North Celestial Pole for long exposure astrophotography in just a few minutes. When it comes to optical performance, Celestron has you covered. The 8” EdgeHD optical tube delivers edge-to-edge sharpness across DSLR sensors and the largest CCD chips. Plus, you can configure this versatile system for imaging at three different focal ratios: place the camera at prime focus to image at f/10, use a custom-made EdgeHD focal reducer to reach f/7, or attach a Hyperstar lens assembly to the front of your telecope for ultra-fast f/2.2 wide field imaging. The Advanced VX does it all without compromise. All you have to do is capture your cosmic masterpiece.


  • 8"(2032mm) f/10 Edge HD includes StarBright XLT coatings for better light transmission
  • Edge HD optical design fully corrects for coma and field curvature, delivering a truly flat field
  • Built-in tube vents with integrated 60 micron mesh filters allow hot air to be released behind the primary mirror
  • Fastar compatible tube comes with removable secondary mirror for fast f/2.8 imaging
  • 9x50 optical finderscope for locating alignment stars
  • Integer gear ratios and permanently programmable Periodic Error Correction eliminates recurring track errors from the worm gear.
  • Autoguider port for long exposure imaging
  • New motors offer improved tracking performance & provide more power to overcome load imbalances
  • Updated industrial design offers more rigidity, less flexure and improved aesthetics
  • New design allows viewing or imaging across the meridian without interference from the motors housings
  • Improved latitude range. Can be used between 7 â€Ã¢€Å“ 77 degrees latitude.
  • NexStar+ hand control offers multiple language programming (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish)


Advanced VX 8" EdgeHD: truly the ultimate entry-level astroimaging package. This package combines the groundbreaking new Advanced VX mount with Celestron's best optics, the EdgeHD optical system. This setup offers the astroimager maximum versatility allowing up to 3 different f-stop configurations. Users can attach a camera to the rear of the telescope and shoot at f/10, or attach our 8-inch focal reducer (coming soon) and shoot at f/7. Additionally, EdgeHD is Fastar/Hyperstar compatible, giving imagers the option to shoot at ultra-fast f/2. No matter which configuration you choose, EdgeHD technology gives you pinpoint stars all the way to the edge of the CCD sensor.

With an 8-inch optical tube and our portable Advanced VX mount, this setup can be easily transported and assembled by one person. You'll also have plenty of load capacity to attach your camera and other accessories. This setup is simple enough for a beginner to use, but can also provide years of enjoyment for sophisticated astroimagers.

About the Mount

The new Advanced VX mount was specifically designed to provide optimum imaging performance for smaller telescopes. Now your smaller telescope can take advantage of All-Star Polar Alignment and autoguider support. You'll be able to track through long exposures using permanently programmable periodic error correction. Image across the meridian without doing a meridian flip, so you can seamlessly image the best part of night sky. Advanced VX features significantly larger base castings than our previous design, improving stability under heavier loads. Improved motors offer more torque and can handle slight load imbalances with ease.


Optical Design
Aperture (mm)
203 mm (7.99 in)
Telescope Type
Computerized (GOTO)
Focal Length
2032 mm (80 in)
Formula:Focal Ratio
Focal Length of Eyepiece 1 (mm)
40 mm (1.57 in)
Formula:Magnification of Eyepiece 1
51 x
Adjustable, Stainless Steel
Tripod Leg Diameter
Formula:Highest Useful Magnification
480 x
Formula:Lowest Useful Magnification
29 x
Formula:Limiting Stellar Magnitude
Formula:Resolution (Rayleigh)
0.69 arc seconds
Formula:Resolution (Dawes)
0.57 arc seconds
Formula:Light Gathering Power (Compared to human eye)
841 x
Optical Tube Length
17" in (432 mm)
Optical Tube Weight
13 lbs (5.9 kg)
Tripod Weight
18 lbs (8.16 kg)
Weight of Counterweights
1 x 12 lbs
2-year Telescope Warranty

What's in the Box
Celestron Advanced VX 8" f/10 EdgeHD Telescope
  • Advanced VX Computerized German Equatorial Mount
  • NexStar+ Hand Control (EQ)
  • 40mm Eyepiece
  • 1.25" Star Diagonal
  • Tripod
  • 12VDC Car/Vehicle Power Adapter and Cord
  • Two Year Limited Warranty

    Based on Astronomy magazine's telescope "report cards", scopes of this size and type generally perform as follows . . .
    Terrestrial Observation: No
    Lunar Observation: Great
    Planetary Observation: Very Good
    Binary and Star Cluster Observation: Very Good
    Galaxy and Nebula Observation: Fair
    Photography: Yes
    Terrestrial Photography: No
    Lunar Photography: Yes
    Planetary Photography: Yes
    Star Cluster / Nebula / Galaxy Photography: Yes

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