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GSCI PVS-14C Multi Purpose Night Vision Monocular with Manual Gain

GSCI PVS-14C Multi Purpose Night Vision Monocular with Manual Gain

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Part Number:PVS-14C

Choose Options or Accessories if Applicable

IIT Tube Selection
GA2 Gen 3 FOM 1600+
GA3 Gen 3 FOM 1800+ [+CAD $1,325.00]
ITAR-free Export Sales help
Accessories Options
3X Snap-On/Screw-In afocal Lens for PBS14, PVS-14C, PVS-7, PVS-31C [+CAD $809.00]
5X Snap-On/Screw-In afocal Lens for PBS14, PVS-14C, PVS-7, PVS-31C [+CAD $1,349.00]
“Flip-up-OFF” Adapter between PBS14/PVS-14C and HG-714M/HM-714XM [+CAD $249.00]
PVS-7 type Head Gear [+CAD $159.00]
“Flip-Up” PVS-7 Head Gear [+CAD $409.00]
“Flip-Up” PVS-7 Helmet Mount [+CAD $389.00]
“Flip-Up” PVS-7/31C type Advanced Helmet Mount Shroud Ready [+CAD $519.00]
“Flip-Up” PVS-7/31C type Advanced Helmet Mount, Complete kit with straps [+CAD $729.00]
Low Profile, fully adjustable Advanced Helmet Mount Shroud Ready [+CAD $949.00]
Low Profile, fully adjustable Advanced Helmet Mount, Complete kit with straps [+CAD $889.00]
Camera adapter for PBS14, PVS-14C suitable for 37 or 52 mm diameter lens [+CAD $159.00]
weapon mount for PBS14, PVS-14C (1913 Picatinny mount + Objective Ring) [+CAD $349.00]
turns PVS-14C or PBS14 into Clip-ON sight [+CAD $2,489.00]

There is a vast variety of Night Vision Monoculars available in the World Marketplace. The most popular are PVS-14, MUM-14 as well as a couple of other leading models. While having had 20+ years "first hand" experience working with a large number of models and building our own system, GSCI has developed and is glad to present the very best night vision multi purpose monocular PVS-14C. This system gathers the latest technology advancements currently developed. Whatever is missing in other systems/models, you can find in our PVS-14C...and some more.

BEST USE - The ITAR-free PVS-14C is a natural choice for off-shore, export users that require a high performance Gen3 Night Vision Scope for critical surveillance and reconnaissance applications

PVS-14C is built in accodance to GSCI proprietary LDH Concept (Light Durable Housing), has strong, durable, light weight body and the smallest physical dimensions in the industry.

The legendary PVS-14C is a great choice for conducting combat operations, including dismounted terrain navigation in extremely low light conditions. The versatile PVS-14C system can be used in many configurations: hand-held, hands-free, standalone weapon-mounted, clip-on, and others.

PVS-14C is available with Gen 2+, Gen 3, XR5 or latest 4G image intensifier tubes. Contact us for more details on tubes availability and specifications.


While one side of the monocular comes with "dove tail" bracket, commonly used in MUM-14 type systems (image 2), another side allows to connect PVS-14 type "J"-arm with a magnetic switch (image 1 and 5)


Additionally, on both sides of the monocular's body there are 1/4-20 tripod threads (image 1 and 2) which allows to attach various optional accessories.


In order to attach monocular to the head gear or helmet mount can be used either a basic "J"-arm adapter-interface (image 4) or GSCI proprietary, rugged, aluminium HUB-14 adapter (image 3)


Monocular can be used with various "PVS-7/14" type head gears or helmet mounts (image 6)                                                                                           


Besides unlimited "hand held" applications, PVS-14C can be used as a "quick attach" weapon mounable NV Monocular (image 7)           



PVS-14C features GSCI proprietary electronic solution UBX. Its digital technology offers longer battery life, built-in field of view (FOV) low battery and infrared illuminator "ON" unique "flashing" LED indicators.

UBX performs reliable start up current for "sleepy" image intensifier tubes (IIT)


UBX eliminates probability of incorrectly installed polarity of the battery - the device works with AA or CR123 batteries installed either way. (image 8)


UBX provides reliable controls of built-in short range IR illuminator (905nm), light overload sensor and "flip-up" OFF magnetic switch (special "j"-arm and head gear or helmet mount required)


PVS-14C accepts various Mil. Spec. afocal lenses such as 3X magnification (images 9 and 11) and 5X magnification (images 10 and 12). These lenses can be attached to the excisting 1X lens by two methods: "Snap-On" (images 9 and 10) or "Screw-In" (images 11 and 12).             

          (9)(10)(11)   (12)


Custom order monoculars can be supplied with 4X, 7X, and 10X magnification lenses.      



* Also available with Autogated feature on Gen 3 IIT FOM 1600 and 1800  [ Please contact for more details]

* Also available with White Phosphore Tube (IIT Black and White photocathode feature) [ Please contact for more details]


Eye relief (eyepiece) (mm) 27
Magnification 1X
Obejective (mm) 26
Field of View (Degrees) 40
Range of Focus (mm) 20 - infinity
Diopter Adjustment +2 / -6
Gain Control (fl/fl) Adjustable from a min. 25 to a max >3000
Waterproof IP67
Shock, Recoil Up to 500G
Light Overload Sensor Yes
Built-In IR Illuminator Yes
Batteries Type Lithium CR123 (3V) / AA (1.5V)
Batteries Quantity 1
Battery Life, Standard, CR123 (hrs.) 40+
Battery Life, Standard, AA (hrs.) 20+
Weight (g) 250
Dimensions (mm) 110x65x55
Operating Temperature (ºC) -51 - +49


- MICH/PASGT Helmet Mount
- "Flip Up" Type Head Gear
- 3X, 5X (4X, 7X, 10X - Custom) Magnification Afocal Lenses
- Quick Release Weapon Mount


Here are several reasons why dealing with GSCI is the right and sometimes the only choice available.

Reason #1. Experience and decades of track records. GSCI has successfully operated for 20 years with steady annual growth. We were one of the few companies who introduced Night Vision Systems to the World Marketplace. Therefore one may imagine that we know one or two things about Optical Electronic Systems. We invite everyone to “Google” us, or simply ask around about GSCI.

Reason #2. Professionalism and Dedication. GSCI is a team of highly educated and professional engineers, gurus in Optics, Electronics and Mechanics. In short, this is clear to everybody: the company that developed Enhanced Night Vision Systems (referring to our DXQ‐20), most definitely know how to build high performance Night Vision or Thermal Imaging Devices.

Reason #3. Quality and Reliability. GSCI is full cycle “in house” developing, designing and manufacturing company. GSCI does not “outsource”, we use the ONLY the VERY best components available. We do not take chances and employ thorough and tough “IN‐&‐OUT” technical control.

Reason #4. Export. GSCI is Canadian owned and based company. This means that our Customers may enjoy: 1. Low, “North American” prices and 2. ITAR free products, which makes them easily available for export. *Canada Customs export control applies, please ask us for free consultation.

Reason #5. Warranty. Yes, our products really covered by “hassles free” Manufacturer’s Warranty. Further more, our experience dealing with various technical issues made it easy for us to conclude: Unhappy Customers takes their business elsewhere, whereas, Happy Customers always return and buy more. Therefore we thoroughly review any “painful and questionable” warranty issues and resolve them in the best interests of the Client, and that's why they keep coming back.

Please do proceed reviewing our prices and get back to us with any questions followed by orders.

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