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Burris Fullfield XTR II Series
Burris Fullfield XTR II Series

Burris Fullfield XTR II Series

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201000 1-5x24 XTR II Riflescope (Ballistic 5.56 Gen 3 Reticle) (+CAD1,329.00)
201001 1-5x24 XTR II Riflescope (Ballistic CQ Mil Reticle) (+CAD1,329.00)
201002 1-5x24 XTR II Riflescope-FastFire III Combo with AR-P.E.P.R. Mount (+CAD1,739.00)
201010 1.5-8x28 XTR II Riflescope (Ballistic 5.56 Gen 3 Reticle) (+CAD1,649.00)
201011 1.5-8x28 -FastFire III Combo with AR-P.E.P.R. Mount (+CAD1,809.00)
201003 1x-5x-24mm Illum Ballistic 5.56 Gen3 RFP Quad Mil Knobs Matte 34mm Tube (+CAD1,329.00)
201004 1-5x24 XTR II Riflescope,30mm,Matte Black,Ballistic CQ Mil RFP Reticle (+CAD1,329.00)
201005 1x-5x-24mm Illum/FFIII Ballistic 5.56 Gen3 RFP Quad Mil Knobs Matte 34mm Tube (+CAD1,739.00)
201013 1.5-8x28mm 1/10 Mil Adjustments Quad Turret Dual Focal Plane Illuminated Matte (+CAD1,599.00)
201015 1.5-8x28mm 1/10 Mil Adjustments Quad Turret Dual Focal Plane Illuminated Ballistic 5.56 Gen3 Reticle Matte (+CAD1,879.00)
201031 3-15x50 XTR II Side Focus Riflescope (Illuminated SCR Mil Reticle, Matte Black) (+CAD1,769.00)
201032 3-15x50mm Illuminated SCR MOA Riflescope, (+CAD1,849.00)
201033 3-15X 50, 34mm, G2B Mil-Dot Reticle, Front Focal Plane, 1/10 Mil (+CAD1,599.00)
201034 3-15x 50mm Side Focus 1/10 Mil Adjustments First Focal Plane SCR Mil Reticle Matte (+CAD1,499.00)
201053 5-25X 50,34mm, G2B Mil-Dot Reticle, Front Focal Plane, 1/10 Mil (+CAD1,899.00)
201054 5-25x50mm SCR MIL Reticle Front Focal Plane and XT-2 Mil Side Focus 34mm Tube Matte Black (+CAD1,749.00)
201056 5-25x50 SCR-MIL Reticle 34mm Tube 0.10 MIL Adjustable Parallax Exposed Tactical Turret First Focal Plane FDE (+CAD1,849.00)
201080 8-40x50 XTR II Riflescope (F-Class MOA Reticle) (+CAD1,949.00)
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Competitive shooters and tactical operators prepare for serious state-of-the-art technology. XTR II riflescopes feature a five-times zoom system, 25% thicker tube construction, dimensionally-matched precision adjustment knobs, and Zero Click Stop technology. Superb, high-performance optics offer Hi-Lume® multi-coated lenses, optimizing target resolution, contrast, and low-light performance. All hand-fitted internal assemblies are triple-spring tensioned for absolute shock-proofing, even under severe recoil, and vibration resistant, even on extended vehicular patrols. True to brand principles, Burris XTR II scopes deliver far more than the modest-for-category price tags, and are protected forever with the Burris Unconditional Forever Warranty.

Front Focal Plane Reticles
Front Focal Plane (FFP) systems (sometimes referred to as First Focal Plane systems) place the reticle in front of the erector assembly or zoom mechanism. This allows the reticle to change size as magnification is adjusted. In FFP systems, when magnification is increased, the reticle size grows; as magnification is lowered, the reticle size shrinks. Because the reticle is changing with magnification, the measurements of the reticle are always correct and proportional to the target no matter which power setting you may be on. This is very useful in tactical situations when reticles are used to determine size and distance to a target, and when using the reticle for trajectory compensation at multiple magnification settings.
Rear Focal Plane Reticles
Rear Focal Plane (RFP) systems (sometimes referred to as Second Focal Plane systems) place the reticle to the rear of the erector assembly or zoom mechanism. This is the most common reticle system and is found in most Burris optics. Because the reticle is behind the zoom mechanism, the size of the reticle is constant and does not change when magnification is adjusted. This will make the reticle appear to be consume more of the target on low power; on high power, the reticle will appear to consume less of the target, which is beneficial for long-range, precision shooting. Since the reticle size never changes on RFP systems, it is important to understand that the reticle measurements will only be correct on one specific power (normally high power).
Dual Focal Plane Reticles
Dual Focal Plane (DFP) systems separate the center aiming point and crosshairs of the reticle, placing the center in the RFP and the crosshairs in the FFP. This allows the center aiming point to remain a constant size, ensuring the circle and dot is large enough to be effective at low power for close quarter shooting. The crosshairs (which are in the FFP) change size with magnification, meaning the measurements are always correct and proportionate to the target for accurate ranging and trajectory compensation at any magnification. Since the two pieces of the reticle are acting independently, the pieces will overlap slightly at certain magnifications, but this will not prevent the shooter from using the reticle correctly.


Get your AR rifle combat or competition ready with an XTR Combo, featuring everything you need for fast target acquisition and accurate, close quarter shooting.

XTR II Riflescope – Choose from the 1x-5x-24mm or 1.5x-8x-28mm XTR II riflescope as the foundation of your combo. Both models feature the XTR II Ballistic 5.56 Gen 3 reticle, with the 1x-5x utilizing a Rear Focal Plane Design and the 1.5x-8x utilizing a Dual Focal Plane Design.

AR-P.E.P.R. Mount – Every scope needs a solid mount, and there is none tougher than the Burris AR-P.E.P.R. mount. The P.E.P.R. mount will ensure your scope is properly positioned on your AR rifle, and it’s uniquely designed to provide up to 2 inches of forward scope positioning for optimum eye relief. The 1x-5x model utilizes a 30mm mount, while the 1.5x-8x model utilizes a 34mm mount.
FastFire III – The durable FastFire III mount is the perfect secondary optic, ideal for transitioning to engage target at close ranges. The 3 MOA FastFire reflux red dot sight gives you three manual brightness settings as well as an automatic brightness setting so you can get on target in any lighting situation.

Scope Tube FastFire Mount
– With the Scope Tube FastFire Mount, you can position your FastFire in nearly any radial position on your XTR II riflescope.


Multi-Turn Target Knobs
Designed for precise adjustment to give you accurate shooting at extreme distances, the XTR II multi-turn Target Knobs offer up to 8 mils per rotation with multi revolutions of adjustment. Utilizing Zero Click Stop, you can quickly and easily revert back to your original sight-in setting without counting revolutions. Multi-Turn Target Knobs are found on all larger magnification XTR II models, from the 2x-10-42mm up to the 8x-40-50mm. These models also feature ergonomic side focus and parallax adjustment, allowing for easy-to-reach adjustment without affecting your shooting position. Single-Turn Adjustment Knobs
Accuracy is fine-tuned with the XTR II single-turn adjustment knobs available on 1x-5x and 1.5x-8x models. Enjoy 9.3 mils of elevation adjustment in one full turn, and 4.6 mils of windage adjustment in both directions. Single-turn adjustment knobs also feature a Zero Click Stop so you can quickly revert back to your original sight-in setting without counting revolutions.
 Illumination Adjustment
All XTR II models feature illuminated reticles (except for the 2x-10x-42mm). Choose from 11 brightness settings with a convenient "battery saver" position located between each setting. Lowest settings are compatible with night vision gear, middle are perfect for low light conditions, and the highest settings are daytime visible.


XTR II Ballistic 5.56 Gen 3 Reticle

The XTR II Ballistic 5.56 Gen 3 reticle is a true daylight visible reticle that helps shooters achieve maximum accuracy with 5.56/.223 and 7.62/.308 ammunition. Available in either a Rear Focal Plane or Dual Focal Plane configuration, the illuminated “broken circle” allows for fast close-range acquisition while left and right mil hash marks aid in engaging difficult shots in crosswinds and at extended long ranges.

The Rear Focal Plane design provides a constant reticle size at every magnification, ideal for close quarters shooting. You'll be able to easily identify and engage targets at low or high power with this highly visible reticle design.

The Dual Focal Plane configuration allows the crosshairs to change size with magnification – ensuring the mil measurements and trajectory lines are accurate at any power – while the illuminated center remains a constant size so you can transition between short- and long-distance shooting with speed and ease. This configuration is incredibly versatile and makes your XTR II riflescope perfect for competition or duty patrol.

XTR II Ballistic CQ Mil Reticle

The XTR II Ballistic CQ Mil reticle also features mil measurements and an illuminated “broken circle” with center dot for ultra-fast engagement of targets at short distances. The Rear Focal Plane design keeps the reticle size consistent at every magnification.

G2B Mil-Dot™ Reticle

The G2B Mil-Dot is a mil-based reticle with hash marks in between the mil dots for more precise aiming, distance measurement, holdover and hold-off for wind. It is a versatile, combat proven reticle that is ideal for mid-to long-range tactical shooting. This reticle is available in the new MTAC line of riflescopes.

G2B Mil-Dot Illuminated
F-Class MOA Reticle
F-Class competitors and other long-distance shooting enthusiasts will dominate targets with the high contrast, ultra-fine, and versatile F-Class MOA reticle. The only reticle of its kind to feature multiple illuminated center dots, the Front Focal Plane reticle keeps the 1/2 MOA grid design accurate at any magnification. A second 20 MOA offset 1/2 MOA grid allow shooters to obtain an extra 20 MOA of elevation beyond the capability of the turret adjustments and still have horizontal wind hold-off references. At each 10 MOA section you’ll find an ultra-fine crosshair with 1/8 MOA illuminated dot for maximum versatility.

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