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Celestron Summer CPC Instant Rebate Promotion (Aug 1-31)

SCTs For You And Me.

The Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain, a true titan in astronomy is now on sale. The SCT has been a true piece of optical goodness since Celestron first introduced the readily available commercial Schmidt Cassegrain in 1970. A lot has changed since 1970, but one thing has remained a constant, you will always get a fantastic value from Celestron.  This sale is no exception. You will save up to $400 on the industry leading CPC series scopes. This rebate includes the class leading EdgeHD series as well.
The Celestron CPC Deluxe EdgeHD telescope has the most talked-about improvement in optics in years – Celestron’s EdgeHD flat field optical system – a Sky & Telescope Hot Product for 2010.
With Celestron’s renowned Starbright XLT multicoatings on every optical surface, the EdgeHD optics give you maximum light throughput across the widest possible visual and photographic spectrum. The CPC Deluxe EdgeHD’s light grasp can reveal to you star clusters, nebulas, planets, and galaxies in amazing visual and photographic detail.
Those award-winning EdgeHD optics are mounted on a newly-upgraded Celestron CPC go-to mount with SkyAlign and GPS that makes finding over 40,000 of those stars and objects easy and automatic. You spend more time looking at celestial objects, rather than looking for them.

The sensible price of the CPC Deluxe with EdgeHD optics and Starbright XLT coatings makes true astrographic-quality imaging and visual astronomy available at a reasonable price for almost everyone. The easy two-component assembly make it a pleasure to set up and enjoy – either in your back yard or at a distant dark sky site. The new EdgeHD CPC Deluxe EdgeHD is an optically and mechanically advanced telescope that virtually any beginning or advanced astronomer can afford and enjoy.

For the ultimate techie, throw the Celestron StarSense on the scope and let it do the alignment procedure for you.  And using the scope couldn't be any easier with the additional $99.95 SkyPortal Wi-Fi Adapter.  The SkyPortal allows your smart phone, or tablet, hook up to your telescope and replace the hand control.  Now you surf the night sky with a push on your screen as the app shows you your night sky in real time.
You don’t have to know Albireo from Aldebaran to find any of more than 40,000 objects in the sky with the affordable Celestron CPC XLT go-to Schmidt-Cassegrain with advanced Starbright XLT multicoatings. Just point at three bright stars – any three! – and the CPC will do the finding for you . . .

This model as the same basic operation as its EdgeHD counterpart.  Alignment is the same.  You can hook up the StarSense and SkyPortal.  It is the same basic weight.  What it doesn't do is flatten stars to the edge like its EdgeHD sibling.  It doesn't have the built in flattener its sibling has, but is still capable of very nice photography.

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