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Digiscoping Video


The BEST Digiscoping system on the market | A HEAD-TO-HEAD BATTLE | BBAZ Outdoors

In the last 15 years, there have been some serious advancements in the world of videography and photography. Digiscoping has taken the worlds of birdwatching, hunting, and shooting by storm with the opportunity to capture high definition video at distance like a professional with gear you likely already have. Over the last several years, several companies have produced a system to aid in the technique of digiscoping. More recently, there have been a few additions to the market that claim to take digiscoping to a whole new level of speed, accuracy, and efficiency. In this video, I have opted to put four of these systems to the test.

Paul Hackett - Smartphone Digiscoping Lecture, Global Bird Fair 2023

Kowa ambassador and smartphone digiscoping expert Paul Hackett had the opportunity to give an informative lecture about his favorite topic at the Global Bird Fair 2023 in Rutland!

Kowa TSN-Twist UP Lockers for smartphone digiscoping

As smartphones have become more sophisticated, the demand for larger displays and specification has increased. This has made many of the latest smartphone models not only physically larger in size but also heavier. These devices now offer DSLR quality results and control with incredible images and video available at a digiscopers fingertips.

Kowa System TSN-880 / 770 spotting scope system

Welcome to Kowa System, one of the most flexible and versatile spotting scope systems available. The Kowa TSN-884, TSN-884, TSN-773, TSN-774 spotting scopes utilise an accessory collar that opens up endless viewing possibilities..

Digiscoping, recording video with the Olivon T84-EDO and Praktica Luxmedia 12-HD

Video digiscoping with the new Olivon T-84 EDO spotting scope and a Praktica Luxmedia 12-HD digital camera with Olivon universal digiscoping adapter. 20x zoom on scope, 2x zoom on the camera. Conditions dull at first - brightening up as the day went by. Camera recording at 1280x720 pixels. High speed SD card used to ensure a smooth video.

Video digiscoping at Bempton Cliffs

A short video example of digiscoping - recording video with a digital compact camera attached to a spotting scope. Conditions where windy at RSPB Bempton Cliffs. Equipment used - Oliovn T84 EDO spotting scope at 20x zoom and Praktica Luxmedia 12HD compact digital camera recording video at 1280x720. For more adive on digiscoping visit