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Digiscoping Video

Kowa Panasonic 4k digiscoping Birdfair 2015 lecture

Paul Hackett, Kowa Digiscoping Consultant and Panasonic Lumix G Ambassador with Mark Baber from Panasonic present their lecture at Birdfair 2015 discussing the revolutionary new way of capturing 8 megapixel still images from a 30 frames per second 4K video. Using a Kowa 884 spotting scope, Kowa TE-11WZ eyepiece and Kowa TSN-PA7 digiscoping adapter with a Panasonic GH4 4K camera - this interesting lecture will question how you think about taking a conventional picture. Using 4K video to create high action, dynamic, digiscoped 8 million pixel still wildlife shots at 30 frames per second that can be printed at A3 and beyond. Is this the future of photography? Watch the video and see for yourself.

Kowa TSN-PA8 Digiscoping Adapter

Digiscoping adapter for DSLR, compact system and Micro Four Third camera bodies. It’s never been easier to digiscope with your KOWA TSN 82SV, KOWA TSN 663M / 664M or KOWA TSN 601 / 602 spotting scope..

Kowa System TSN-880 / 770 spotting scope system

Welcome to Kowa System, one of the most flexible and versatile spotting scope systems available. The Kowa TSN-884, TSN-884, TSN-773, TSN-774 spotting scopes utilise an accessory collar that opens up endless viewing possibilities..

Digiscoping, recording video with the Olivon T84-EDO and Praktica Luxmedia 12-HD

Video digiscoping with the new Olivon T-84 EDO spotting scope and a Praktica Luxmedia 12-HD digital camera with Olivon universal digiscoping adapter. 20x zoom on scope, 2x zoom on the camera. Conditions dull at first - brightening up as the day went by. Camera recording at 1280x720 pixels. High speed SD card used to ensure a smooth video.

Video digiscoping at Bempton Cliffs

A short video example of digiscoping - recording video with a digital compact camera attached to a spotting scope. Conditions where windy at RSPB Bempton Cliffs. Equipment used - Oliovn T84 EDO spotting scope at 20x zoom and Praktica Luxmedia 12HD compact digital camera recording video at 1280x720. For more adive on digiscoping visit