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FLIR Zenmuse XT2 Dual 4K/FLIR Drone Thermal Camera
DJI Zenmuse XT2 Dual 4K/FLIR Drone Thermal Camera

FLIR Zenmuse XT2 Dual 4K/FLIR Drone Thermal Camera

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Model Selections
FLIR Drone Camera FZXT2B19SR ZENMUSE XT2 336x256 19mm 9Hz (+CAD8,659.00)
FLIR Drone Camera FZXT2B13SR ZENMUSE XT2 336x256 13mm 9Hz (+CAD8,659.00)
FLIR Drone Camera FZXT2A19SR ZENMUSE XT2 640x512 19mm 9Hz (+CAD14,659.00)
FLIR Drone Camera FZXT2A13SR ZENMUSE XT2 640x512 13mm 9Hz (+CAD14,659.00)
FLIR Drone Camera FZXT2A13FR ZENMUSE XT2 640x512 13mm 30Hz (+CAD16,919.00)

Product Highlights

  • For DJI M200 & M600 Series Drones
  • Up to 12MP Photos & 4K Video
  • 13-25mm Lens + 30 Hz Frame Rate
  • 336 x 256/ 640 x 512 Resolution Thermal Images

Give your M200 or M600 series drone access to another dimension of imaging with the Zenmuse XT2 Dual 4K/FLIR Drone Thermal Camera from DJI. This camera incorporates a visual sensor for capturing 12MP images and standard video in 4K, while FLIR's radiometric sensor records thermal footage. DJI couples the thermal footage with onboard Machine Intelligence, giving your drone the ability to navigate into inaccessible areas to track and alert you to situations that otherwise would go unnoticed. These capabilities of the Zenmuse XT2, and the information it provides, can be extremely valuable to a variety of professions, especially those that deal with energy, construction, agriculture, and even search and rescue.
Gather Insights in Real-Time

    Gain superhero-level powers by having the Zenmuse overlay thermal data onto a visual image. You can use this ability to hover over a fire and see the remaining hot spots, or to locate a body in a dark and smoky room.

Temp Alarm
    Receive instant notifications when an object's preset temperature is exceeded, giving you advanced warning of a potentially hazardous situation.

Heat Track
    The Zenmuse XT2 can find the most critical issues quickly by automatically locking onto the hottest object within view.

Temp Check
    Tap any point on your mobile device's display for a real-time temperature measurement.

Quick Track
    Find an object and lock the XT2's camera onto it for simplified tracking in complex environments.

    Focus on a specific temperature band to identify what's important.

Color Palettes
    This ability lets you adjust the colors of the thermal data being displayed on your controller or mobile device, to more easily interpret what's happening.

PiP Options
    Allows you to optimize how you view your thermal and visual feeds together. You can select from side-by-side, overlapping, and more.

Take Control with DJI Pilot

DJI Pilot App
    This Android app gives you professional flight control of your drone, as well as imaging controls made specifically for the XT2.

        Access and adjust Spotlight Pro flight modes
        Select area and parameters for Temp Alarm
        On-screen temperature measurements
        Access to color palette, isotherm, and other thermal settings


Weather Protection

Rated IP44
    The XT2 is housed in a weather-resistant casing that features an IP44 rating. IP44 means that the internals of the XT2 are protected from a specific variety of solids and liquids. The XT2 is protected from splashing water and light rain, as well as solid items approximately 1mm in size, such as wires or screws.

In the Box
DJI Zenmuse XT2 Dual 4K/FLIR Drone Thermal Camera
Limited 6-Month Gimbal Warranty
Limited 6-Month Camera Warranty

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