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Every now and then, Brandon Optics receives feedback from our customers on our services and products. This page will show some comments made by our customers.

Aug 27, 2023 - Pulsar Helion 2 XP50 PRO wonderful thermal unit..extremely well constructed yes very expensive but worth the investment. nice clean viewing image, very easy to carry on your hip when walking light weight as well no fatigue.thank you brandon optics , great service nice staff to deal with and prompt delivery. keep up the great service
Mike, Surrey, BC, Canada

July 17, 2021 - Brandon Optics was super fast to provide as much details as wanted and updated me constantly on the status of my order and quality control with it. The NOD itself is as I dreamed. Lightyears better than the issued pvs 7 gen 3 I was used to. The image quality, features and 51 deg view of milspec gen 3 WP is worth the money.

Brandon B
Fort langley, BC, Canada

Oct 1, 2020 - Thank you for your prompt attention, when we initially tried out this devise, it was in town with a certain amount of light. Last night at the farm, completely dark it worked 95%. Maybe it never focuses 100% i don,t know but it would be acceptable for what i wanted it for as i was able to see a coyote 150 yards away. I was really impressed by your quick response to my problem and a farmer next door would be interested in purchasing a set of binoculars if they are gen 3 or is there something better. He did not like the monocular, since he will just be viewing with it. Sorry i took so long getting back to you as we had amazing weather and my soybeans are harvested. Please let me know what you have in binoculars and i have given this gentleman your site info. 

Max D, Ont. Canada.

Apr 10, 2020 - Thanks for chasing all of this for me and for the proposed extras.  I appreciate your recommendations on tripod and heads and if I was not already a geared cube head user already, I would go for it - they are truly wonderful things.  Can you clarify what actually gets connected to the tripod head - is it the protection ring, or the camera body?  Is there a way to connect to my cube head with Arca Swiss type keyed release (screw type) built-in to the Technorama system, or do I need an additional plate (I'm used to the Kirk Enterprises or RRStuff on my dslr's) I assume if it's needed that Linhof has their own, but I don't like the lever type quick release, I like the screw type (keyed to lock it in).  I'm attaching a photo of my tripod head for your information- if you can please advise......
Derik G. Vancouver, BC

Aug 28, 2018 - Hi guys, I just received my Meopta MeoStar s2 and the 20-70 eyepiece.
I’m really impressed on how quickly I received it and how it’s packaged.
Also, not attaching an invoice to these boxes can be a marriage saver in somme occasion hahaha.
Do I have to register this product with the Meopta warranty?
Thank you very much guys
I’ll be sure to refer you guys to all of my friends.

Guy Authier

Apr 2, 2018 - You should copyright the slogan. " Look no further" cause I stopped at your site and thought that. Very informative and I will be throwing money at you over the years. I am a serving canadian forces member.
Brandon Optics; "Look no further" Its gotta great industry presence.
M Mc Dowell

June 16th, 2017 - Thank you so much again!  I had imagined that if an extension tube was needed it would be AFTER the extender in the optical train, instead of before.  As you can tell, I cannot get my head wrapped around the principles of optics.  I had a very satisfying observing session with Jupiter and Saturn last evening with the 71L tube in as instructed.
I shall endeavour not to bother you folks again for awhile.  You have been so helpful to me, and I really do appreciate your patient guidance.  Thank you in particular, David, for your help in procuring my beautiful scope and coordinating this question-and-answer dialogue.
Paul W

March 6th, 2014 - Hi, folks in Vancouver ! I'm more than just pleased with the scopes I purchased from You. The small one, went on a brand new SAKO 85 Bavarian in .300WSM....just sighted it in, the other day....perfect match. ( 7x32--1")....The 2.5-10x50 was attached to my BABE...( an honor for this scope ) a BROWNING SAFARI, IN.338 WM, manufactured in Belgium in the early 70's....but was never fired. Condition NIB....I had some trouble finding the appropriare bases for it...but my gunsmith found them.!!! He was also excited, when he heard, what I paid for that scope. AND # 3, ALSO A 2.5-10 X 50 WENT TO MY BROTHER -IN-LAW IN AUSTRIA,...HE'S VERY PLEASED...SHOT 3 WILD BOAR LAST SATURDAY, WITH THIS SCOPE ON HIS 9.3X 62 MAUSER REPEATER. ...YOU'VE GOT 2 ! HAPPY CUSTOMER, WITHOUT PUTTING A SECOND MORTGAGE ON THE PROPERTY. I DO OWN A BLASER R 93 VARMINT IN .308 WIN WITH A ZEISS ON IT....BUT I PAID MORE FOR THE SCOPE / MOUNTS THAN THE RIFLE ITSELF. THE OLIVON TRACKER DOES THE SAME JOB......FOR DEFINITELY LESS MONEY. AND THE SAME ACCURACY. ( PERFORMANCE--ILLUMINATED RETICLE )...JUST NOT HAVING THE RANGE-FINDER BUILT-IN....BUT THIS IS A LUXURY ANYWAY...AND VERY SELDOM REALLY USED. ALL I CAN SAY.....FOR THE ZEISS'S, SWAROVKI'S, LEUPOLD'S, ETC....YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR THE NAME,,,,,,NOT THE SCOPE...BECAUSE OLIVON DOES THE SAME PERFORMANCE FOR A FRACTION OF THE PRICE OF THOSE " BIG SHOT NAMES". THANK YOU AGAIN...AND " I'LL BE BACK-HASTA LA VISTA" ( quoting Arnold -my country men--Schwarzenegger )
--Peter J. Glanz.....Picton, Ont. Canada.

Hi, I ordered the Sightron scope after you got back to me through this messenger system. I noticed that you already started the mailing process even though it was likely after your business hours. Thank you! Customer service is excellent. You will have a repeat customer and I will tell others as your site does not come up with the first wave of results from a google search, which is too bad as your store carries superb product at very good prices and higher end shooters would appreciate your selection. Also, thank you for having a special program for the military. I spent a year doing trauma work with Afghan vets a few years back and can affirm that they deserve our support. W.

Nadler Ph.D. C.Psych.

March 23rd, 2009 - Kimberly, Idaho, U.S.A.: Mr. Bob McDonald had bought the T90ED Spotting Scope previously and wanted to get a tripod to go along with it. Through this web store, he bought the TR-154-11 Tripod/Head combo and emailed us about both the products and the customer service. This is his comment after receiving the items through mail:
Thanks! The TR154-11 tripod arrived and your advice was good. It really is built well and works good with T90 ED scope. Thanks for the T2 ring canon , it will work well with the XSI Canon D450 EOS camera I just purchased. Thanks all the items I have purchased have been well built and useful . Dealing with you has been easy and I will continue also I will advise all friends about your good merchandise and service !! Thanks.
Bob Mcdonald

March 6th, 2009 - Calgary, Alberta, Canada: Mr. Scott Bungay received a Laser Collimator as a gift over the Winter holidays and had a problem with the brightness setting dial. He mailed the item back to us and we replaced it and sent it back to him as quickly as possible. This is a comment he made after receiving the new Laser Collimator:
Hello, I received my collimator this week. Thank you very very much for the fast service, and helping to take care of my problem! I am very satisfied with your customer service!! I will recommend your products to everybody I know,
Thanks again for everything,
Scott Bungay