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GSCI PVS-14C Multi Purpose Night Vision Monocular With 2023 Latest Tube Options - MIL-SPEC pull-action switch (OFF/ON/IR), manual gain control knob

GSCI PVS-14C Multi Purpose Night Vision Monocular With 2023 Latest Tube Options - MIL-SPEC pull-action switch (OFF/ON/IR), manual gain control knob

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Image Intensifier Tube Options
PVS-14C-MA1-AG, Gen 2+ Green 1251-1599 ATG (+CAD270.00)
PVS-14C-MA1-AG-MGC, Gen 2+ Green 1251-1599 ATG + MGC (+CAD433.00)
PVS-14C-MA1-AG-WP, Gen 2+ White 1251-1599 ATG (+CAD433.00)
PVS-14C-MA1-AG-MGC-WP Gen 2+ White 1251-1599 ATG + MGC (+CAD596.00)
PVS-14C-EC ECHO Green 1600-2000 ATG + MGC (+CAD2,154.00)
PVS-14C-EC-ELITE ECHO Green 2000+ ATG + MGC (+CAD4,050.00)
PVS-14C-ECW ECHO White 1600-2000 ATG + MGC (+CAD2,316.00)
PVS-14C-ECW-ELITE ECHO White 2000+ ATG + MGC (+CAD4,267.00)
PVS-14C-4G 4G Green 1800+ ATG + MGC (+CAD6,055.00)
PVS-14C-4G-ELITE 4G Green 2200+ ATG + MGC (+CAD7,697.00)
PVS-14C-4G-ELITE-PLUS 4G Green 2300+ ATG + MGC (+CAD8,424.00)
PVS-14C-4G-ONYX-ELITE 4G White 2200+ ATG + MGC (+CAD7,860.00)
PVS-14C-4G-ONYX-ELITE-PLUS 4G White 2300+ ATG + MGC (+CAD8,521.00)
Mounting Accessories
Noisefighters Mounting Accessories
AX-14 Pro Articulating - Rugged Night Vision Monocular Mount, Requires a dovetail style helmet mount (+CAD279.00)
Panobridge MK2 Mod 1 - Bridge PVS 14 with PVS-14, IRay RH25, PFalcon640, RL25, PFalcon384, FLIR Breach and NOX18., the package included with extended arms & Mini-rail adapter (+CAD649.00)
Recording Accessories
Optical Accessories
ITAR-free Export Sales help
Special Order / Made Accordingly help
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There is a vast variety of Night Vision Monoculars available in the World Marketplace. The most popular are PVS-14, MUM-14 as well as a couple of other leading models. While having had 20+ years "first hand" experience working with a large number of models and building our own system, GSCI has developed and is glad to present the very best night vision multi purpose monocular PVS-14C. This system gathers the latest technology advancements currently developed. Whatever is missing in other systems/models, you can find in our PVS-14C...and some more.

BEST USE - The ITAR-free PVS-14C is a natural choice for off-shore, export users that require a high performance Gen3 Night Vision Scope for critical surveillance and reconnaissance applications

PVS-14C is built in accodance to GSCI proprietary LDH Concept (Light Durable Housing), has strong, durable, light weight body and the smallest physical dimensions in the industry.

The legendary PVS-14C is a great choice for conducting combat operations, including dismounted terrain navigation in extremely low light conditions. The versatile PVS-14C system can be used in many configurations: hand-held, hands-free, standalone weapon-mounted, clip-on, and others.

PVS-14C built in accordance with GSCI’s proprietary LDH™ Concept (Light Durable Housing), has strong, durable, light weight body and smallest in Industry physical dimensions.

In order to attach monocular to the head gear or helmet mount we offer, rugged, aluminum HUB-14 adapter interface between “dove tail” bracket, commonly used in MUM-14 type systems
(attached to one side of PVS-14C body). Same dove tail bracket allows to attach Quick Release Weapon Mount.
Another side of PVS-14C allows to connect device via PVS-14 type “J”-arm” to the Helmet Mount with “flip-up”-OFF magnetic switch. Monocular can be used with various “PVS-7/14” type head gears or helmet mounts.

Additionally, on the both sides of the monocular body located 1/4-20 tripod threads which allow to attach various optional accessories.

PVS-14C accepts various Mil. Spec. afocal lenses 3X or 5X magnification. As the Custom order monocular may be supplied with 4X, 7X, 10X magnification lenses.
Available optional camera adapter for 37/52 mm camera lenses.
By coupling PVS-14C with the Zero Lens™ and 3X mini afocal magnifier monocular may be used as precise and effective Clip-ON Night Vision Sight PBS14-ZL.

PVS-14C is the one and only Night Vision System which is
equipped with unique GSCI proprietary digital electronic
board UBX™. It’s software controls the following features:

  • longer than competing models battery life.
  • built-in field of view (FOV) low battery and Infrared Illuminator “ON” “flashing” LED indicators.
  • UBX™ performs reliable start up current for “sleepy” Image Intensifier Tubes (IIT).
  • UBX™ eliminates probability of incorrectly installed polarity of the battery, device works with either way installed polarities of AA or CR123 types of batteries.
  • UBX™ provides reliable controls of built-in short range 905

nm IR illuminator (fully concealed, invisible by naked eye), and light overload sensor, it’s prime function is to prevent
IIT of being exposed to the bright light sources.
PVS-14C has 3 position switch: OFF/ON/Momentary IR/Pull-IR, preventing accidental activation of the IR Illuminator.
PVS-14C has Manual Gain Control feature which prevents “highlight blindness” side effect while operating in the dark. *this feature is not installed when Auto Gated tubes are used.
PVS-14C is fully compliant with MIL-STD-810E.
*In order to meet End User requirements and budget, monoculars may be supplied
in various packages/kits with vast variety of optional accessories. Please
contact GSCI for further details.

Compared to the PBS14, the PVS-14C has visually different design of the housing, MIL-SPEC pull-action switch (OFF/ON/IR), manual gain control knob
(if the selected tube has this feature), has stow safety feature standard, IP67 rating standard, nitrogen purged, comes with the demist shield and the sacrificial window

Custom order monoculars can be supplied with 4X, 7X, and 10X magnification lenses.

* Also available with Autogated feature on Gen 3 IIT FOM 1600 and 1800 [ Please contact for more details]

* Also available with White Phosphore Tube (IIT Black and White photocathode feature) [ Please contact for more details]

Eye relief (eyepiece) (mm) 27
Magnification 1X
Obejective (mm) 26
Field of View (Degrees) 40
Range of Focus (mm) 20 - infinity
Diopter Adjustment +2 / -6
Gain Control (fl/fl) Adjustable from a min. 25 to a max >3000
Waterproof IP67
Shock, Recoil Up to 500G
Light Overload Sensor Yes
Built-In IR Illuminator Yes
Batteries Type Lithium CR123 (3V) / AA (1.5V)
Batteries Quantity 1
Battery Life, Standard, CR123 (hrs.) 40+
Battery Life, Standard, AA (hrs.) 20+
Weight (g) 250
Dimensions (mm) 110x65x55
Operating Temperature (ºC) -51 - +49

- MICH/PASGT Helmet Mount
- "Flip Up" Type Head Gear
- 3X, 5X (4X, 7X, 10X - Custom) Magnification Afocal Lenses
- Quick Release Weapon Mount

In the Box

Tactical Night Vision Monoculars GSCI PVS-14C. Canadian, ITAR-Free, exportable worldwide. Intensifier Tube Gen 2+, Gen 3, XR5, 4G. High FOM. Demist Shield included with many GSCI systems, clips on to the eyepiece to prevent condensation which may impair eyesight. ITAR-Free. Removable Sacrificial Window to protect the front lens from unwanted scratches caused by dust and debris in rough environments. Removable Daytime Filter to protect Intensifier Tube from over-exposure to bright light. Small hole at the front for testing/daytime purposes. AA Battery Extender enables the user to switch between CR123 battery and AA battery power.
PVS-14C Monocular Demist Shield Sacrificial Window Daytime Filter AA Battery Extender

Standard Neck Cord to carry lighter GSCI systems. Soft Pouch for transporting GSCI systems. Compact and lightweight with many internal compartments for storing accessories alongside your system. Hard Carrying Case for GSCI systems. Rugged and Durable to protect its contents from being damaged during transportation. Foam interior.
Neck Cord Soft Pouch

Hard Case

Gen 3, XR5*, 4G* models

Optional Accessories

Hands-Free Operation

Standard Head Gear GSCI PHG-7 with PVS bracket only. Also known as Skull Crusher. Sturdy material, no flip-up option. Advanced Flip-Up Helmet Mount GSCI HM-714XM-SR. Shroud-Ready. Lightweight and Durable, available PVS and Dovetail type brackets. Flip-Up off.

Standard Head Gear PHG-7

(PVS Bracket Only)

Advanced Flip-Up Helmet Mount (Shroud-Ready) HM-714XM-SR

Advanced Flip-Up Helmet Mount GSCI HM-714XM-C with Straps. Lightweight and Durable, available PVS and Dovetail type brackets. Flip-Up off. Low-Profile Flip-Up Helmet Mount GSCI HM-714LP-SR. Shroud-ready. Lightweight Aluminum, extra Durable. Available PVS and Dovetail type brackets. Low-Profile Flip-Up Helmet Mount GSCI HM-714LP-C with Straps. Lightweight Aluminum, extra Durable. Available PVS and Dovetail type brackets.

Advanced Flip-Up Helmet Mount

(Kit With Straps) HM-714XM-C

Low-Profile Flip-Up Helmet Mount

(Shroud-Ready) HM-714LP-SR

Low-Profile Helmet Mount

(Kit With Straps) HM-714LP-C

J-Arm Adapter Interface to enable hands-free operation. Compatible with many GSCI systems, comes in PVS (Bayonet) or Dovetail style brackets. S-Arm Adapter Interface to enable hands-free operation. Compatible with some GSCI systems, comes only in PVS (Bayonet) style bracket.
J-Arm Adapter Interface S-Arm Adapter Interface

NOTE: For Hands-Free Operation of PVS-14C and PBS14 J-Arm or S-Arm Adapter is Required

Firearm Mounting

Weapon Mount WM-14. Use to mount compatible GSCI Night Vision systems to Picatinny rail. Quick-release. Quick Release Mount QR-14 is used to mount compatible GSCI Night Vision systems to standard Picatinny rail. Quick Release Mount QR-14 is used to mount compatible GSCI Night Vision systems to standard Picatinny rail.
Weapon Mount WM-14 Quick Release Mount QR-14 Dual Quick Release Mount (with adjustable resistance force on the levers)

Struggling to decide on which image intensifier tube choice is best for you? We've done the hard work and put a piece together explaining everything you need to know about GSCI intensifier tube's, specifications, technical terms and more - click here.

Pros and cons for ECHO when compared to high-end devices (Gen3 FOM 2100+, 4G etc)


ECHO is commercial grade, when 4G & higher FOM devices are considered to be mil-grade. What does that mean? Mil-grade requirements does not allow black-spots to be in the first nor second sector. Therefore, all tubes that have black-spots in those sectors, are pushed to commercial grade. As a result, rarely you can find an ECHO without blackspots, because otherwise that tube would classified as mil-grade tube.

How much does it affect you? The less light there is, the less visible black spots are. You will be able to see those tiny dots, but when game is on, those spots have never borthered me.


Similar performance - The Gen3 we had in comparison costs about 60% more, but delivers only slightly better performance than ECHO.
Faster auto-gated - as you can see from video, the halo-size (size of bright light) is smaller with Photonis tube. Thats due to much more efficient autogating. So, in high light conditions ECHO/4G tube will outperform Gen3 tubes.


One might say that ECHO was filmed from closer range (guys moved around when I changed devices). Still, we can say that both devices have pretty similar performance – both devices had noise due to low-light, but the noise on ECHO wasn’t worse compared to high-end / mil-grade Gen3.

When buying commercial grade night-vision like ECHO, you shouldn’t expect clean tubes. There will be black-spots. Otherwise, it would not be so cheap compared to mil-grade tubes.

If your life does not literally depend on it, buying ECHO will definitely save you some money while giving similar level of performance.

Image Intensifier Tubes of Generation III = ECHO, SuperGen®, XD-4™, XR5™

Gen. III tubes differ from the Gen. II+ tubes by their construction of the cathode. Gen. III tubes have a Gallium-Arsenide cathode (GaAs) with more sensitivity for IR-light. The light amplification is around app. 30000 up to 55000 times, the photosensitivity of the cathode is around 900 – 1600 µA/Lm at 2850K and the resolution of the line pairs is 32 – 64 lp/mm (omnibus 1 and omnibus 2 where developed end of the 70s, omnibus 3 and omnibus 4 is a further development of the late 80s. Omnibus 7 is currently* the most powerful Gen. III tube with a FOM value of app. 2300). The performance of Gen. III tubes may vary, depending on type and specifications (omnibus 1 up to currently* 7 Pinnacle), by circa 300%. The life expectancy is around 10000 up to 15000 hours, which is 3 – 4 times longer than the Gen. II tubes. Devices with Gen. III tubes are operating excellent in extremely low ambient light (residual light). The observation image is saturated, sharp, with excellent contrast and recognition of also smallest details. ECHO, XD-4™ and XR5™ tubes with an AUTO-GATING function are excellent suitable for operations in urban area.
5 Stars
Very pleased with this monocular. At night, I can see almost like day time. In a pitch dark room, it has an IR illuminator that makes it bright and easy to see. Very rugged and well built. It can be focussed for any eye prescription.
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