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GSCI PVS-31C Night Vision Dual Tubes Binoculars-Goggles
GSCI PVS-31C Dual Tubes Binoculars-Goggles

GSCI PVS-31C Night Vision Dual Tubes Binoculars-Goggles

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Part Number:PVS-31C

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Tube Selections
MA Gen 2+ FOM up to 1000
MA1, Gen 2+ FOM 1400-1599 Autogated [+CAD1,000.00]
MA1, Gen 2+ FOM 1400-1599 White, Autogated [+CAD1,500.00]
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Accessories Options
3X Snap-On/Screw-In afocal Lens for PBS14, PVS-14C, PVS-7, PVS-31C [+CAD869.00]
5X Snap-On/Screw-In afocal Lens for PBS14, PVS-14C, PVS-7, PVS-31C [+CAD1,449.00]
“Flip-up-OFF” J-Arm Adapter between PBS14/PVS-14C and HG-714M/HM-714XM [+CAD259.00]
PVS-7 type Head Gear, Compatible with PVS-7, PVS-14, PBS-14, J-Arm [+CAD169.00]
“Flip-Up” PVS-7 Head Gear [+CAD439.00]
Low Profile, fully adjustable Advanced Helmet Mount Shroud Ready [+CAD559.00]
Low Profile, fully adjustable Advanced Helmet Mount, Complete kit with straps [+CAD729.00]
Flip-Up Helmet Mount Complete Set with Straps and S-Arm Adapter/interface to be used with NV Monoculars (PBS-14, PVS-14C) and HM-714R [+CAD639.00]
Camera adapter for PBS14, PVS-14C suitable for 37 or 52 mm diameter lens [+CAD179.00]
Weapon mount for PBS14, PVS-14C (1913 Picatinny mount + Objective Ring) [+CAD349.00]
Turns PVS-14C or PBS14 into Clip-ON sight [+CAD2,989.00]
PBS-14/PVS-14C Quick Release Weapon Mount [+CAD199.00]
Recoil Absorbing Mount [+CAD689.00]
Powerful detachable infrared illuminator, Picatinny mount and remote switch included [+CAD179.00]
Universal Smart Phone Camera Adapter [+CAD59.00]
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The fact is that a "dual tube" night vision optical system has proven to be more effective and safe for low light conditions compared to a "pseudo binocular" system, commonly known as "PVS-7", which is a "one lens - two eyes" type of NVD.

The crucial issue in modern military is the "survivability" of a soldier.

Depth perception of such "dual tube" device allows using this set for operating various machines, boats etc., in addition to basic ground operations.

PVS-31C is considered as the most favorable night vision goggles in new procurements regardless the higher cost while comparing with "one-tube-NVD".

PVS-31C is high performance modular, multi-purpose night vision binoculars. Precisely and ruggedly built housing and optics meet and in some cases exceed military specifications.

PVS-31C can be used as a handheld device or with head gear, helmet mount assemblies for hands free use. Device has a built-in short range Infrared Illuminator, light overload sensor and Manual Gain Control (optional, with selected IIT).

PVS-31C works with a single AA battery or with a single CR123 battery.

PVS-31C is compatible with most IR laser aiming and illuminating devices.

PVS-31C is fully MIL-STD-810E compliant and ITAR-free, Canadian Made System.

* Also available with Autogated feature on Gen 3 IIT FOM 1600 and 1800 [ Please contact for more details]

* Also available with White Phosphore Tube (IIT Black and White photocathode feature) [ Please contact for more details]

Magnification 1X
Lens System 27mm; F1.2
Field of View (Degrees) 40
Range of Focus From 25 mm to infinity
Diopter Adjustment +2 / -6
Interpupillary Adjustment 52-72
Waterproof, submersible IP67
Built-in IR Illuminator Yes, short range
Battery 1xCR123 or 1xAA
Battery Life 20 hours(AA) / 40 hours(CR123)
Weight 650 grams
Dimensions 105x125x65 mm
Operating Temperature - 40 C to + 50 C

Tube Name Definition Attributes
MA1 Generation 2+ FOM 1000-1250
MA1 Autogated Generation 2+, Autogated Feature FOM 1000-1250, Autogated Feature
Gen 3 GA1 Generation 3 FOM 1260-1599
XR-5 Autogated Generation 2+, Autogated Feature FOM 1600+, Autogated Feature

*Pending image intensifier tube availability

Standard Equipment

PVS-31C Goggles

Daytime Filters

Demist Shields

Sacrificial Windows

USB Power Cable

Shoulder Straps

Soft Carrying Pouch

Hard Case (comes standard with high-end Gen 3 / XR5 units)

User Manual and Warranty Card

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