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GSCI TI-GEAR Muti-Pupose Series Thermal Monoculars/ Weapon Scopes - Best Seller
GSCI TI-GEAR M Series Thermal Monoculars / Weapon Scopes

GSCI TI-GEAR Muti-Pupose Series Thermal Monoculars/ Weapon Scopes - Best Seller

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Model Options
TI-GEAR-M325 Tactical Multi-Purpose Monocular, 384x288 FPA, 50Hz, 25mm F/1.0 Lens
TI-GEAR-M625 Tactical Multi-Purpose Monocular, 640x480 FPA, 50Hz, 25mm F/1.0 Lens (+CAD1,940.00)
TI-GEAR-M350F Tactical Multi-Purpose Monocular, 384x288 FPA, 50Hz, 50mm F/1.0 Lens (+CAD760.00)
TI-GEAR-M650F Tactical Multi-Purpose Monocular, 640x480 FPA, 50Hz, 50mm F/1.0 Lens (+CAD2,800.00)
TI-GEAR-M375 Tactical Multi-Purpose Monocular, 384x288 FPA, 50Hz, 75mm F/1.3 Lens (+CAD740.00)
TI-GEAR-M675 Tactical Multi-Purpose Monocular, 640x480 FPA, 50Hz, 75mm F/1.3 Lens (+CAD2,760.00)
TI-GEAR-M3100 Tactical Multi-Purpose Monocular, 384x288, 100mm (+CAD2,200.00)
TI-GEAR-M6100 Tactical Multi-Purpose Monocular, 640x480, 100mm (+CAD4,200.00)
Optional Accessories
MAK-Picatinny is the robust rifle mount for attaching electro-optical systems onto Picatinny (MIL-STD-1913) rails. (+CAD489.00)
MAK-QR-Picatinny is the robust quick release rifle mount for attaching electro-optical systems onto Picatinny (MIL-STD-1913) rails. (+CAD499.00)
Heavy Duty Weapon Mount MAK - the rugged weapon mount designed for attaching an electro-optical device onto a firearm with Picatinny Rail or Blaser interface. TI-GEAR, QUADRO-S, WOLFHOUND, TWS-3000 (+CAD799.00)
MAK BLASER Quick Release - The quick-release rifle mount for attaching electro-optical system onto a BLASER rifle of your choice (+CAD489.00)
ADAPTER-REG/EXT is required to mount any MAK mount to a TI/Fusion system, or can be used to extend the eye relief for a DLM attached to a TI-GEAR-S (+CAD59.00)
Remote Control Unit, Wired Remote Control, comes with VO-CABLE, Compatible with All Thermal Systems (+CAD219.00)
External Video Recorder with SD Card, External Digital Video Recorder, comes with 32GB SD card, mini-Jack to Video Out cable, Comptible with All Thermal Systems except HMD-800 (+CAD369.00)
Internal DVR, Built-in Digital Video Recorder, comes with 32GB microSD card and Adapter (Must be ordered with device, cannot be added later) , Comptible with All Thermal Systems except HMD-800 (+CAD369.00)
Clip On Eyepiece, Eyepiece to convert a standalone Riflescope to an In-Line Clip-On Riflescope. M52 x 0.75 thread attaches directly to Day Scopes of size 52mm, Compatible with TI-GEAR-M, TI-GEAR-S (+CAD809.00)
Clip On Clamp, Day Scope Attachment, Clamp Adapter for Clip-On Riflescopes, attaches to COA and mounts directly to end user's Day Scope. Standard Sizes: 56, 58, 62mm Compatible with TI-GEARC Series (+CAD179.00)
Clip On Clamp, Day Scope Attachment, Clamp Adapter for Clip-On Riflescopes, attaches to COA and mounts directly to end user's Day Scope. Custom sizes, Compatible with 58TI-GEAR-C345 (+CAD299.00)
Replacement Eyepiece, Interchangeable with COA (Clip On Eyepiece) to convert a Clip-On Sight to a Standalone Sight, . All TI-GEAR and WOLFHOUND-X (Standard in TI-GEAR-S, TI-GEAR-C, WOLFHOUND-X, HMD-80 (+CAD449.00)
Universal Smartphone Camera Adapter, Compatible with TI-GEAR-M, TI-GEAR-S, Wolfhound-X, HMD-800, HMD-800-MOD (+CAD79.00)
The MVP-240 is the only battery pack on the market capable of supplying three different voltages to provide reliable and uninterrupted power to a wide variety of electronic and electro-optical systems (+CAD699.00)
Export Available - Licensing may be required help
Special Order / Made Accordingly help
Ships Worldwide - Estimate import fees, duties, and taxes. help
Product Highlights
- Same Great Quality in a more Cost Effective Lineup
- Fully Canadian Made, ITAR-free and Easy to Esport
- Compact and Lightweight All-Aluminium Enclosure
- Crisp and Clear View with High Situational Awareness
- A Full Suite of tactical Assistance Features
- Withstands Harsh Mission Conditions
- Fast and High QualityGermanium Lenses
- Full-size Colour AMOLED Display
- Auto-NUC, Shutterless Thermal Detectors for a Continuous, Smooth Image
- Built-In Eye-Safe Laser for Target Designation
- Best in Class Battery Life
- Precision Built, Shock- and Water-Proof Design
Fully Canadian Made, Same great Quality/Cost Effective  ITAR-free and Easy to Export

TI-GEAR-M is a compact, lightweight high-performance multi-purpose Tactical Thermal Imaging Monocular. Suitable for any mission in any environment, this easy to use, plug-and-play system is a cost-effective tool for hand-held, hands-free and quick weapon-mountable usage in both: broad daylight and extreme darkness.
All TI-GEAR-M monoculars can be helmet mounted, also weapon mounted on firearms with light or heavy recoil (provided recoil mitigation solutions are installed).
We offer Low-Profile Picatinny, MAK Picatinny and MAK Blaser weapon mounts for the TI-GEAR.
The TI-GEAR monoculars have 8+8 built-in reticle patterns along with shock sensor and our Shot-initiated FOV increase (if you aim at zoom 2X and then fire a shot, the system returns to zoom 1X to give you wider FOV for the set number of seconds).


  • Main Applications: Reconnaissance and Surveillance
  • Extra Equipment Needed: No
  • Applicable Models: All
  • Main Application: Operations requiring both hands to be free
  • Extra Equipment Needed: J-Arm, Helmet Mount
  • Applicable Models: TI-GEAR-M325/M625
Weapon Sight
  • Main Application: Aiming and Engagement
  • Extra Equipment Needed: Weapon Mount (See Gun Mounting Section), Long Eyerelief Rubber Eyecup
  • Applicable Models: All
Clip-On Sight
  • Main Application: Aiming and Engagement with Daytime Optics
  • Extra Equipment Needed: Daytime scope (not provided by GSCI), Weapon Mount or Clamp Adapter or neither (scope- and firearm-dependent), Clip-On Eyepiece
  • Applicable Models: TI-GEAR-M675 / 100mm Models (On-Rail Only)

Optical Magnification1.5X1X
Objective Lens25mm, f/1.0
Field of View14.9°x11.2°24.5°x18.5°
Focusing Range0.25m .. Infinity
Diopter Adjustment Range-6 .. +4
FPA Resolution384x288640x480
FPA Type, PitchUncooled, a-Si, Shutterless, Silent, Auto-NUC (Uninterrupted Operation), 17µm
FPA Sensitivity<60mK
FPA Refresh Rate50Hz
Digital Zoom1X, 2X, 4X1X, 2X, 4X, 8X
Internal DisplayAMOLED, Colour, 800x600, 0.6’’ Diagonal
Imaging Modes1 Monochrome + 8 Colour
Built-In Laser PointerStandard: 665nm | Optional 850nm
Video RecorderOptional: External with SD Card
Detection Man (1.7x0.5m) / Vehicle (2.3x2.3m)1000m / 1350m
Accepted Batteries2 (two) CR123 of Any Type: Lithium, Ni-MH, Alkaline, etc.
Universal PortYes: Video-Out and External Power (4VDC .. 15VDC)
Battery LifeUp to 7 Hours
Environmental ProtectionIP66 or Better (Optional)
Dimensions140 x 60 x 59 mm (5.51 x 2.36 x 2.32 in)
Weight365 grams (12.9 oz)
Operating Temperature-40°C .. +50°C
Warranty7 Years, Limited
ExportAvailable Worldwide (Canadian Export Permit Required. GSCI provides
Available in: M325/M625

Recoil Rating
  • All TI-GEAR-M systems are rated and tested on firearms of up to and including .50 cal.
  • The small rifle mount (DQRM) is recommended for engagements only on firearms of up to and including .300 / 7.62mm.


  • Shutterless Sensor with Automatic Calibration
  • Full Size Colour AMOLED Display
  • 50Hz Refresh Rate for Smooth Image


  • Thorough Testing and Inspection of All Parts
  • All-Aluminum Body
  • Fully Dust- and Waterproof


  • 7 Hours of Battery Life
  • Accepts Multiple Power Sources
  • Manufacturer's Warranty


- Optical Magnification: 1.5X
- Field of View: 14.9°x11.2°
- FPA Resolution: 384x288
- Digital zoom: 1X, 2X, 4X

- Optical Magnification: 1X
- Field of View: 24.5°x18.5°
- FPA Resolution: 640x480
- Digital zoom: 1X, 2X, 4X, 8X

In the Box
  • Selected TI-GEAR-M model
  • Soft Rubber Eyecup
  • Objective Lens Cover
  • Video-Out Cable (RCA)
  • USB Power Cable
  • High Capacity CR123 Battery
  • Hand Strap / Neck Cord
  • Soft Carrying Pouch
  • Hard Carrying Case with Foam Insert
  • User Manual
  • Quick Reference Card
  • Warranty Activation Form


Full Size 0.6-inch Display for Best Image Quality

Smaller size displays used in other systems require their eyepieces to have higher optical magnification which results in optical distortions when image is viewed under different angles. Operator's head/eyes need to be strictly in one position and under one angle to comfortably see the image.

Unlike other systems, TI-GEAR features the full-size 0.6-inch AMOLED display which requires minimal optical magnification of the eyepiece, has longer eyerelief and produces a larger exit pupil which results in virtually no optical image distortion or blurring of the image as the operator slightly moves the line of vision either closer, up or down, or left or right.

TI-GEAR Advantages:

> Image is not optically distorted or blurred

> Long eyerelief and larger exit pupil for comfortable observation

Thermal Detector Requires No Calibration

TI-GEAR systems are based on high-performance FPA (thermal detectors). Apart from high resolution, sensitivity and refresh rate, the TI-GEAR's thermal detectors are shutterless, silent in operation. Non-Uniformity Correction is performed automatically, instantly and continuously.

Thanks to Auto-NUC, no operator's involvement is needed to perform sensor calibration, no buttons need to be pressed, no need to cover the objective lens, so you never miss a second.

TI-GEAR Advantages:

> Image is always crisp and clear

> Image never freezes or degrades over time

> No operator distractions

Advanced Hardware and Software Solutions

The hardware and software of the TI-GEAR systems are designed and developed in harmony by the GSCI engineering team to ensure superior user experience.

Proprietary video image processing and other techniques implemented in TI-GEAR systems guarantee maximum sensitivity and image clarity to deliver maximum system performance yet maintaining minimal power consumption.

TI-GEAR Advantages:

> Best-in-Class battery life

> Unparalleled performance at all times

> Can be powered by a variety of power sources

Precision Built, All-Aluminum Enclosure

TI-GEAR housings are machined out of high-grade aluminum alloy to provide added strength and rigidity. The housings then undergo hard anodizing process to ensure maximum resistance to harsh environments.

TI-GEAR Advantages:

> Lightweight yet strong

> Immune to corrosion

> Very high shock and vibration resistance

> Very high resistance to abrasives (soil, sand)

... and best of all, the TI-GEAR series have the lowest retail prices in the Industry.

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