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GSCI TIB-5050 Long Range Thermal Imaging Binoculars [50mm / F:1.0] - For Government Users Only
GSCI TIB-5050CGxl Long Range Thermal Imaging Binoculars [50mm / F:1.0]

GSCI TIB-5050 Long Range Thermal Imaging Binoculars [50mm / F:1.0] - For Government Users Only

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Part Number:TIB-5050

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Model Selections
TIB-5050DX-640 [+CAD5,800.00]
TIB-5050CG [+CAD1,700.00]
TIB-5050CG-17 [+CAD8,100.00]
TIB-5050XL 384x288, 25um [+CAD1,900.00]
TIB-5050XL-17 640x480, 17um [+CAD8,600.00]
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TIB-5050 are thermal imaging binoculars for medium-range engagements. TIB-5050 features high-performance FPAs paired to a "fast" 50mm F1.0 Germanium objective lens. The device is loaded with a stack of useful features and offers a variety of options for result-oriented clients. TIB-5050 represents a bi-ocular system designed to provide an immersive thermal imaging observation. 


Objective Lens: 50mm F1.0
FPA: 384x288 or 640x480
Refresh Rate: up to 60Hz
Battery Life: over 7 hours
Integreated Stadiametric Rangefinder
Vehicle Detection Range: up to 4,350 meters
7- Year Warranty
Made in Canada. ITAR free. 


High Resolution Uncooled FPAs: 384x288 or 640x480
Fast Refresh Rate: up to 60Hz
Quality and "Fast" Low F Number Germanium Lenses
Low Power Consumption
Completely Silent System Operation
Rugged and Durable
Unauthorized Location Protection: Lowest Heat Dissipation
Video-Out for External Display and Recording 
High Resolution Micro-OLED Display 800x600
Auto-off Feature
24-hour Operation
Manual and Autopmatic FPA Sensitivity Adjustment
Black Hot/White Hot Polarity Control
External Battery Pack Compatible 
GSCI Proprietary Image Enhancing Solutions
Dust and Waterproof Protection
Optional Remote Control





MODEL TIB-5050DX-384 TIB-5050DX -640 TIB-5050 CG TIB-5050CG -17 TIB-5050 XL TIB-5050XL -17
Objective Lens Focal Length 50mm
Objective Lens F-Number F1.0
Spectral Response 8-12 um
FPA Material ASi Uncooled
FPA Resolution (pixels) 384x288  640x480  384x288  640x480  384x288  640x480 
FPA Sensitivity 60mK 65mK 50mK 60mK 50mK 60mK
FPA Refresh Rate 50Hz 25Hz 50Hz 25Hz 60Hz 30Hz
Field of View (FOV) 16° x 12°
Stadiameteric Rangefinder Built-In NO YES
Magnification Optical 2X
Magnification Digital 2X, 4X
Maximum Total Magnification 8X
Diopter Adjustment -6....+2
Power Source 2pcs AA Batteries
Stow Safety Feature NO OPTIONAL YES
Battery Life, hours Over 5 Over 7
DRI, Human (1.7x0.4m) km 0.91/0.39/0.22 1.61/0.69/0.4 1.0/0.5/0.375 1.8/0.83/0.57 1.0/0.5/0.375 1.8/0.83/0.57
DRI, Vehicle (2.3x2.3m) km 2.2/1.06/0.735 4.1/1.99/1.27 2.5/1.2/0.92 4.35/2.2/1.45 2.5/1.2/0.92 4.35/2.2/1.44
Dimensions, mm 200x140x84
Mass, grams 800

As a tradition, GSCI uses the best available optical-electronic solutions and technologies which can really increase Detection, Recognition and Identification ranges of our products. "Detection" parameters listed herein are approximate and may not represent real values. For reference on "detection, recognition and identification" ranges please refer to the independent sourcces such as "Johnson Criteria". Contact GSCI for custom configuration of our systems in accordance to the required detection capabilities.  



MODEL TIB-5050 DX-384 TIB-5050 DX-640 TIB-5050CG TIB-5050 CG-17 TIB-5050XL TIB-5050 XL-17
Objective Lens 50mm,  F1.0 50mm,  F1.0 50mm, F1.0 50mm, F1.0 50mm, F1.0 50mm, F1.0
FPA Format 384x288 640x480 384x288 640x480 384x288 640x480
FPA Sensitivity 60mK 65mK 50mK 60mK 50mK 60mK
FPA Refresh Rate 50Hz 25Hz 50Hz 25Hz 60Hz 30Hz
AA Lithium Batteries 2 pcs.  2 pcs.  2 pcs.  2 pcs.  4 pcs. 4 pcs.
Soft Carrying Pouch V V V V V V
Video Out Cable (RCA) V V V V V V
SRF (Stadiametric Rangefinder) X X V V V V
Auto-OFF Feature X X V V V V
IPE (Intelligent Picture Enhancement) X X V V V V
Hard Carrying Case O O O O V V
SSF (Stow Safety Feature) X X O O V V
Remote Control X X O O V V
HMD-800 (Head Mounted Display; OLED 800x600) O O O O O O


LEGEND:     "V" - Included

                  "O" - Optional

                  "X" - Not Available in this configuration



          - HMD-800 Multi Purpose Head Mounted Mini Display

***It is the responsibility of the consumer to inquire about the laws of owning Night Vision/Thermal Vision products. Please contact your Local or Federal Law enforcement to
ensure you legally allowed to own this product.****

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