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Guide Sensmart

Guide Sensmart Tech Co., Ltd, a subsidiary company of  Wuhan Guide Infrared Co., Ltd (SZ.002414), was established in November 2016 with registered capital of 60M RMB, focusing on R&D, manufacturing and marketing for commercial infrared imaging products.

Sensmart is a comprehensive infrared imaging solution supplier to various industries with high performance, best service and experience. This capabilities rely on the mother companies self-innovated technologies which spanned from component to system level. At the present, Sensmart’s products are applied in the industrial inspection, security and surveillance, fire fighting and rescue, law enforcement, industrial automation, smart home and consumer electronics, etc.

Sensmart is devoted to developing and popularizing new applications of infrared imaging technology. With continuous exploration and innovation, it provides intelligence solutions, expands the channels and dimensions of human perception of the world and opens the intelligent and consumer infrared era.

Receiving products within fifteen (15) days, purchaser must notify Guide Sensmart of discovering of any apparent defect in materials or workmanship and can replace the product after the confirmation of Guide Sensmart’s After-sales. Receiving products within one year, purchaser can enjoy free maintenance service of the non-artificial damage after the confirmation of Guide Sensmart’s After-sales. Notice that the warranty period of batteries, chargers, wire and other accessories is 6 months. Except the above situations, purchaser can get pay-needed maintenance service.

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Guide IR313 Thermal Car Camera - Easy Integration For Driving Assistance
Special Order, Usually ships in 1-2 Weeks
Guide TA4 Gen 2 Series 384x288 Thermal Imaging Clip-On System - Endow your daylight scope with Thermal Vision
Special Order, Usually ships in 12-15 business days
Guide TD Gen2 LRF Series Handheld Thermal Imaging Monoculars
Special Order, Usually ships in 1-2 Weeks
Guide TN Normae Series Thermal Imaging  Binoculars with Laser Range Finder
Special Order, Usually ships in 7-15 business days
Guide TR Series Thermal Imaging Rifle Scopes
Special Order, Usually ships in 2-3 Weeks
Guide TU6 Series 640x480 Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope
Special Order, Usually ships in 10-15 business days