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IRay Holo HL25 Thermal Imaging Collimator Sight
IRay Holo HL25 Thermal Imaging Collimator Sight

IRay Holo HL25 Thermal Imaging Collimator Sight

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The Iray Holo HL25 thermal imaging collimator is the most long-range version of the innovative Holo line from the well-known Chinese manufacturer InfiRay Technologies Co., Ltd. The model is assembled on an advanced 384x288 pix sensor. @ 12 µm (NETD)<40mK, 50 Hz. The significant size of the matrix and the high density of detectors made it possible to realize previously unattainable parameters in terms of detection range and picture quality. You can detect a target the size of a person or an animal from a distance of about 1299 meters. Complete lack of visibility and atmospheric obstacles in the form of fog, smoke, rain or snowfall will not be an obstacle to observation. A wide-angle lens allows you to monitor a group of moving animals at the same time. The concept of collimators makes it possible to conduct aimed fire immediately after the manufacture of the weapon. This is the best solution for a number of types of hunting: in the pen, from the tower, ambushes and others. The Iray Holo HL25 collimator sight received only enthusiastic reviews from shooters. The miniature device has the functions of a full-size model, allowing to increase the effectiveness of hunting. You can use modern optics in any weather, regardless of precipitation and sub-zero temperatures.


Thermal imaging collimator Holo HL 25 characteristics

  • Human detection range – 1299 m;
  • Matrix iRay Vox Ceramic 384x288 pix. @ 12 µm (NETD) <40mK, 50 Hz (iRay Technology);
  • Germanium lens F25/f1.0, digital zoom X1/X2/X3/X4;
  • Field of vision, degrees/m at 100m – 10.5 x 7.89/18.4 x 13.8;
  • Color OLED display 2.69 ",
  • Four palettes "White Hot(W)", "Black Hot(B)", "Red Hot(R)", "Color(C)"
  • Laser target pointer, interchangeable reticles (T share, Box, Red Dot)
  • Changing the color of the backlight, the intensity of the glow is available;
  • Built-in stadiometric rangefinder;
  • Video recording functions, Wi-Fi module;
  • Four profiles, one-shot shooting;
  • Moisture protection class according to IEC 60529 - IP66;
  • Power system – battery 18500, autonomous operation 5 hours;
  • The possibility of connecting an external USB Type-C power supply;
  • Operating temperature range: from -40 to +50°C;
  • Dimensions 66 x 99 x 88 m, weight 0.5 kg;
  • Manufacturer InfiRay Technologies Co., Ltd, warranty 2 years;
  • is the official dealer of InfiRay in Ukraine
  • Full cycle of warranty obligations.

The thermal imaging unit is assembled on highly sensitive iRay Vox Ceramic sensors of 384x288 pixels. @ 12 µm (NETD)<40mK, 50 Hz. Matrices FPA (Focal Plane Array) is an uncooled microbolometer manufactured by iRay Technology. The detector density is 12 µm. The single crystal is made on the basis of Vanadium oxide (VOx). The thermal signature contains a minimum amount of noise, a high level of detail. The temperature sensitivity threshold of NETD (Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference) is <40 mK. The sensitivity range from 8 to 14µm fully meets the requirements for detecting IR radiation in the long-wavelength part of the LWIR (Long-wavelength infrared) spectrum. Operation at a frequency of 50 Hz allows you to comfortably monitor dynamic scenes with moving targets.


The Iray Holo HL25 thermal imaging collimator is equipped with a wide-angle F25/f1.0 lens with the possibility of X1/X2/X3/X4 digital zoom. At the minimum magnification, shooters have a field of vision at a distance of 100 meters measuring 18.4x13.8 m. In angular terms, this is equal to 10.5x7.89 degrees. The capabilities are perfect for survey observations and searching for hunting objects in wide spaces. The front lens is made of germanium ( 32 Ge), a completely transparent material in the long-wave range of IR radiation.

The color palettes "White Hot(W)", "Black Hot(B)" and "Red Hot(R)" are optimal for searching and working with distant targets in conditions of poor visibility. Contrasting shades will easily highlight a warm object on a cold background, regardless of the distance to it. When shooting at short distances, warm color solutions of the "Color(C)" palette are recommended. According to the temperature gradient, it is easier to identify the object and determine the trophy status of the animal.


The Iray Holo HL 25 reticle will allow you to choose the most familiar option for every hunter. The following electronic viewfinders are available:

  • T share;
  • Box;
  • Red Dot.

A set of grids will allow you to use the collimator, both with static and moving targets. Users can change the color of the backlight (white, black, red, green), choose the intensity of the glow.


The laser pointer works at a wavelength of 650 nm, it will help not to lose time when shooting at a moving animal. It can also be used to illuminate a target for a colleague with a night sight.

Full-color frost-resistant OLED display with a diagonal of 2.69" is an innovative solution of iRay developers. Available: high level of detail, brightness, contrast adjustment, temporary display shutdown. The device is adapted to sub-zero temperatures. Low power consumption will help save battery charge.

Adaptation to weapons . Integrated mounting on the Weaver/Picatinny rail system with a quick release mechanism allows you to remove and install the collimator in a matter of seconds.

Wi-Fi module, built-in photo - video recorder - a traditional set of multimedia options for video recording. The manufacturer has increased the amount of built-in memory to 32 GB. To connect and work together with digital gadgets, you will need to install a proprietary mobile application. 

The stadiometric rangefinder will  quickly calculate the distance to the object if its dimensions are known. Select the target type and mark the upper and lower limits. The result of the measurements will be displayed on the screen.

The durable body of the collimator with the thermal imager iRayHolo HL 25 is made of aluminum alloys (6061), capable of easily resisting the hard recoil of weapons with a muzzle energy of up to 6000 J. Protection class IP66 guarantees uninterrupted operation in conditions of high humidity, in atmospheric precipitation (rain, snowfall, fog ). The range of operating temperatures from -40°C to 50°C will allow you not to worry about safety when shooting during precipitation.

The electronic filling is powered by an 18500 battery (3.7 V DC). Working time is 5 hours. The possibility of connecting an external USB Type-C power supply.

Quick Start Guide HERE

User Manual HERE


In the Box

  • Thermal imaging collimator iRay Holo HL 25
  • Napkin for cleaning optics;
  • Instructions for use.
  • The battery may not included due to shipping restriction

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