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IRay Mate MAH50 Thermal Clip-On - The most powerful and best-equipped clip-on currently available on the market
IRay Mate MAH50 Thermal Clip-On

IRay Mate MAH50 Thermal Clip-On - The most powerful and best-equipped clip-on currently available on the market

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Optional Accessories
Laser rangefinder with integrated battery (+CAD769.00)
Eyepiece for work as a MAH50 Monocular (+CAD219.00)
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Due to export regulations and/or manufacturers restrictions, this item can only be shipped to Canada
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The Mate MAH50 Clip-On is a multi-function thermal camera that can be equipped with two types of eyepieces – either as a monocular or as an attachment on a daylight optic. Unlike night vision devices based on light amplification, Mate MAH50 does not require an external light source and is not affected by strong light. It can therefore be used at night or in poor weather conditions such as fog, rain snow and through obstacles such as branches, tall grass, dense bushes. The Mate MAH50 offers a wide range of applications including night hunting, observation and terrain scanning in search and rescue operations.

The Infiray / IRay Mate MAH50 is the latest iteration of Infiray's clip-on line. Featuring a redesigned magnesium alloy body weighing in at only 530g, and a innovative removable remote that doubles as on-board controls, the MAH50 has increased versatility across multiple platforms. With Infiray's reliable and proven 640x512 12um thermal core, the MAH50 has a native magnification of 1x but allows users to use day-scopes with magnification up to 10x if desired while maintaining high picture quality via the onboard 1024x768 OLED screen.

The objective lens is 50 mm large and enables a field of view of more than 15 meters over a 100 meter stretch. recommended optical magnifications of the scope for G1/G2 1 – 5x and for G3/G4 6 – 10x. A digital zoom with 1 x magnification is built in for IF operation and a zoom of 1 – 4 x for manual operation.

The housing consists of a magnesium alloy, which scores with its low weight and durability. This means that large calibers can also be used, recoils of up to 8000 Joule can be absorbed. And thanks to IP 67 certification, use in wind and weather is no problem.

Battery life is 4h but can be boosted with an optional battery pack -External battery (IBP-4) with USB cable + holder, giving additional 7 hours, or via off-board USB-C power. An optional Laser rangefinders be mounted, so the dimensions of the game can then be determined exactly.

A monocular accessory, i.e. an additional component that magnifies the display and allows the device to be used efficiently as a pure optic scope, and a laser rangefinder with integrated battery are also available as options. The rangefinder can be mounted directly to the MAH50 using a Picatinny rail and, thanks to its internal battery, can also be used there as a power bank for the thermal imaging camera at the same time.

The MAH50 finally features the familiar Wifi and App control as well as 32GB of on-board photo and video storage.

The MAH50 uses the Dedal mounting standard (M52x0.75) and is compatible with most clip-on clamps (one is included in the box but we recommend the Rusan adapters)

Meet MateSeries

MATE creates a spot where precision meets portability. The magnesium alloy housing reduces the weight by 50% and improves the precision. MATE supports practical functions, including removable buttons, LRF, and monocular extension. It is the ideal mate for users who want a compact size and great value.


MAH50/MAL38 can meet the high-precision requirement of "POI=1MOA" even by matching it with high-caliber rifles.

Lightweight & Compact Size

The weights are over 20% lighter than other similar products. It is also more compact in size than our previous clip-on.

Powerful Detector

MAH50 features a high-performance 640*512, 12µm detector with NETD less than 25mk. MAL38/ MAL25 provide cost-effective choices without major compromise in image quality.


A high-quality optical imaging system offers a distortion-free image even when used with a 10 times daytime scope.

Sense-based Algorithms

The algorithms improve image quality by setting suitable preset parameters based on different environments, forest, plain, and city.

Removable Buttons

The buttons can be moved and installed to any position on your rifle. This allows hunters to control the device easily even when their focus is on the target. The remote control is supported by an ultra-low power consumption solution and can attach magnetically for automatic charging.

Power Bank in Box  

Mate Series add a power bank as a complementary accessory. It can prolong the battery life for approximately another 7 hours.

LRF Extension  

LRF can be equipped as an optional accessory. In addition to facilitating accuracy, the LRF extension can work as a power bank to prolong the 4-hour battery life for MATE.

Monocular Extension  

MAH50 will function as a thermal imaging monocular when used with the IOM accessory. The IOM can also be used as an optic scope independently.


Objective Lens 50mm
Detection Range 2400 yards
Optical Magnification (base) 1x
Digital Magnification Up to 8x
Focus Manual
Display Type 1024x768 AMOLED
Wifi, Image/Video Capture Yes
App Control Yes
Connector Type USB-C
Video Output

Analog RS-170/NTSC

Recoil Rating

1000g/s^2 (300Win/7mm Mag)

Mounting Interface

1913 Picatinny (also includes scope clamps)

Pixel Pitch

12 micron

Thermal Sensitivity

<50mK NETD

Sensor Resolution


WARRANTY INFO: Standard 2-year warranty from Infiray Canada


In the Box

  • InfiRay Mate MAH50
  • Remote control (a CR2032 is required here, this is not included)
  • Clip-On adapters
  • assembly key
  • Microfasertuch
  • Protective bag
  • USB charging plug
  • Heat pads / target pads (10 pieces)

InfiRay Mate clip-on devices specs


InfiRay MATE MAL25

InfiRay MATE MAL38

InfiRay MATE MAH50

Thermal Sensor Resolution:

384x288 px

640x512 px


12 µm

NETD Value:

= 30 mK

= 25mK

Frame Rate: 

50 Hz


25 mm

38 mm

50 mm





Field of View (at 100m):

18 m

12 m

16 m

Max. Detection Range:

1,298  m

1,948 m

2,597 m

Recognition Range:

216 m

324 m

432 m


OLED 1024x768 px

Max. Operating Time:

4.5 h (+7.5 h with optional battery kit )

4 h (+6 h with optional battery kit)

Dimensions (mm):



146 x 62 x 73


460 g

520 g

530 g

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