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IRay Rico RS75 HD 1280x1024  Thermal Scope - The Best Thermal Scope Ever Introduced on the Commercial Market
IRay Rico Series RS75 HD Thermal Scope - first to adopt a thermal imaging detector with a resolution up to 1280*1024

IRay Rico RS75 HD 1280x1024 Thermal Scope - The Best Thermal Scope Ever Introduced on the Commercial Market

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Product Highlights
  • Sensor Resolution - 1280x1024 12 micron sub 25MK HD
  • Objective Lens - 75mm 
  • Magnification - 2 to 12 x
  • Display - 2560x2560 HD
  • Detection Range - Man Sized Object up to 3800m 
  • 4+4 hr Battery Life 
  • Integrated Laser Rangefinder Module 
  • Wifi, Video Recording with 128gb storage

The IRay RS75 thermal scope is the first thermal weapon sight that has a ground-breaking 1280x 1024 resolution core. Translating to 4x more resolution than current 640 cores, the RS75 boasts over 3.6km of detection, has a base magnification  of 2x and provides thermal images detailed enough to reach up to 16x magnification. 

Users of 640 and 384 core devices will know from experience that anything past 3x digital zoom, and the image will start to break down. The RS75 solves this problem and has enough resolution for digital zooming that is practically superior up to 8x.

Featuring an updated Picatinny mount without any overhang, and including the Laser Range Finder attachment as standard, the RS75 is feature-rich in every way. Previously, users had to choose between a low-magnification thermal sight with a 25mm lens, or a high-magnification one for longer-range engagements at 50mm, but with the expansion of the core resolution, users can now have the best of both worlds with the RS75. 

Internally, the RS75 features an upgraded 1.03" 2560x2560 AMOLED display, enhanced microphone, 128GB storage, WiFi capabilities, and on-board photo and video recording. The eyebox has been completely redesigned to give edge-to-edge clarity compared to the RH35 and RH50 and provides over 60mm of useable eye relief.


The Rugged Infrared Compact Optic(RICO) HD RS75 is the first commercially available 1280x1024 resolution thermal weapon sight ever created. You read that right, the legendary thermal image quality produced by a High Definition(1280x1024) thermal sensor is finally commercially available to night hunters in the form of an advanced weapon sight. The RICO HD RS75 has an incredible 1,310,720 pixels processed by InfiRay’s proprietary MATRIX III algorithm to create an image so clear, it is almost unbelievable.  


It’s been more than a decade since the leap from 320x240 resolution to 640x512 resolution thermal sensor technology, but the inexorable advancement to 1280x1024 resolution has been approaching quietly in the background. As night hunters we have always wanted more performance out of our optics, but the problem was we couldn’t do that with existing technology which had reached its limits. Through years of research and development by an engineering team of over 500 devoted to sensor innovation, InfiRay Outdoor has unleashed the capabilities that night hunters have only dreamed of. 


The RS75 maintains many familiar RICO Mk1 characteristics including a 4 button layout, similar software style and menu functions, and high speed germanium objective optics. In addition to the tried and true features of the MK1 line, InfiRay Outdoor added several highly requested features to the RS75 including 128gb of internal storage space, an upgraded 2560x2560 AMOLED display, an enhanced microphone, and a recoil mitigating mount for increased durability. 



The RICO HD offers crystal clear onboard audio recording to compliment captured videos. Increased audio clarity over previous RICO generations allows you to capture a quiet whisper before the shot or the report of a bullet impact hundreds of yards away. 



One of the first things you notice when you look through the RICO HD RS75 is the optical clarity. The eyepiece offers edge to edge image perfection when paired with the 1.03" 2560x2560 AMOLED microdisplay. The RS75's orthoscopic eyepiece has also been redesigned with premium components specifically selected to achieve low distortion and edge to edge clarity. This redesigned eyepiece offers a more forgiving eyebox for a more comfortable cheek weld and 60mm of eye relief.



What does it take to unlock the next level of thermal imaging? Four times the resolution of 640 devices, 1,310,720 pixels, a 12 degree horizontal field of view, and a detection range of 3,600 yards make the RICO HD the ultimate thermal weapon sight for any distance. No longer do night hunters have to sacrifice detection range or field of view, you can have it all in one scope for close range, mid range, or longer range shots. 

To get the most out of the first 1280x1024 resolution weapon sight, InfiRay Outdoor built in a suite of best-in-class features including a rail mounted laser rangefinder and compatibility with a custom reticle generator app. Never before has a weapon sight enabled the skilled shooter to be as accurate at night as they are in daylight conditions, until now!

WARRANTY INFO: Standard 2-year warranty from Infiray Canada


Sensor Resolution 1280x1024
Frame Rate 30Hz
Sensor Pixel Size 12 micron
Thermal Sensitivity <25mK NETD
Colour Palettes White hot, black hot, red hot, colour, highlight
Optical Magnification 2x base up to 16x
Detection Range 3.6km
Objective Lens 75mm F/1.0
Eye Relief 60mm
Diopter Adjustment -3 -> +3
Display Resolution 2560x2560 AMOLED
Run Time 4h+ each battery (2 batteries included!)
Wifi Yes
On-board memory 128 GB
External Power Source USB-C
Warranty 2 Years
Mounting Interface Picatinny
Dimensions 12.55x3.34x3.93 Inches
Weight 44.9 oz

Customer Reviews
This scope is out of this world. I was skeptical at first and wondered how much better it would be than a 640 thermal. Once powered up, humidity was around 95%, I couldn’t believe my eyes. It is 1000% what they make it out to be. On 8x with 95% humidity, it was still better than my 640 trail 2 on 2x at 30% humidity. Sight in was easy, shoots tight groups, holding zero for now. Put about 3 hours on full battery and was still above 50% charge, w/o laser range finder. I’ll repeat one more time, image quality is unbelievable!

Question everyone has, does the scope justify the price. I have zero regrets, and would pay it again. It’s worth every penny in my opinion. The only thing you need to think about, it does sit pretty high, def recommend a cheek riser. I made a homemade one for now. (PVC pipe insulation and camo self stick wrap), until I can get my upgraded stock in, works great for now.

I started with a Trail XP50 and I currently own a MH25, a RH50, and a Thermion 2 Pro LRF. I have rented a Trijicon ReapIr and a Halo x LR, so I feel like I've been around a few thermals. Just like when I first looked through my Trail XP50 years ago and had my mind blown, this 1280 has blown my mind again. Nothing compares! If you can afford it, I would highly recommend it. As Jason said, it's the best price per pixel and it's only going to ramp up the competition. It will be interesting to see if the competitors can even come in under $20k


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