Kopfjäger products enable safe, productive firearms practices

Shooting firearms is not for the faint of heart. Firearms are heavy, loud and potentially very dangerous – and thus, physically strong people traditionally use them. There is nothing inherently wrong with this tradition, because we are each imbued with specific strengths and weaknesses: Fast people run races, funny people tell jokes, smart people calculate the mass of theoretical elements, and strong people handle firearms. However, the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution decrees all citizens have the inalienable right to use firearms – whether they are male or female, old or young, weak or strong. With this sacred right in mind, Kopfjäger has worked to develop products that enable all people, regardless of strength or experience, to use firearms in a safe, controlled way.

        Shooting a firearm, especially for beginners, is a physical experience. Heart rate and blood pressure increase, the palms sweat, pupils dilate, nausea and even lightheadedness can occur. The actual shot might include a bright muzzle flash, a deafening bang and the acrid smell of burnt gunpowder. This experience is akin to trauma, and the simple act of discharging a firearm could deter an excited novice from ever shooting again. In order to minimize this trauma and encourage more firearms users to exercise their rights, Kopfjäger has developed a few products to ease the experience.   

            Kopfjäger is known for its rock-solid tripods. The K700 is an aluminum tripod which costs a mere $399. This product is the epitome of safe, user-friendly firearms assistive products. Weighing 5.5lbs and capable of supporting a 25lb firearm, the K700 will take the weight off your arms and shoulders, ensuring when it’s time to fire, you have the strength and energy to take a responsible, precision shot. The K700 adjusts from 10.75’’ to 72’’ – for users of any height or awkward physical positioning. Finally, the K700 has rubber, slip-resistant feet, flip locks and comes with a durable carrying case. These features enable users from all walks of life to stabilize their firearm, take an ethical shot, and enhance their shooting experience.

The K700 Tripod

                Kopfjäger also recognizes certain people will spend more money for a lighter tripod option. This may be because they embark on long hunts in the wilderness, where reducing carrying weight is essential, or simply because the K700 is too heavy for their frame. With these shooters in mind, the K800 was developed. This tripod carries an MSRP of $599, due to its durable, carbon fiber material. Weighing a mere 3.85lbs, the K800 can bear 20lbs and be adjusted from 7.5’’ in height to 64’’. Like its counterpart, this tripod has rubber, slip-resistant feet, flip locks and a carrying case.

The K800 Tripod

                But how do tripods enable beginners, physically frail or otherwise handicapped people to use firearms? The answer is surprisingly simple – positioning. There are three common shooter positions when using tripods: standing, kneeling and sitting. Based on your specific capabilities and preferences, either of Kopfjäger’s tripods accommodate skeletal support and muscle relaxation, all while enabling 360-degree panning.

            Standing is the most physically demanding position. Most people do not enjoy standing for untold minutes and hours until it’s time to discharge their firearm. They may experience back pain, sciatica or exhaustion. Their firearm’s recoil may feel more pronounced, and most likely, their precision will be negatively impacted. However, many shooters work regular, 9-5 desk jobs, and so when it’s time to shoot, they don’t want to be sitting. They want to stand. Also, some shooters are too short to sit or kneel while they shoot, so they must stand. Fortunately, the demands of prolonged standing can be mitigated by a tripod supporting your firearm, and in that arena, the K700 or K800 are ideal.

            Kneeling is an interesting shooting position. It’s an easy position to assume and offers greater stability than standing. However, kneeling can quickly become uncomfortable. Joints pop, muscle aches flare and naturally settling on an aim-point can become quite difficult. But young shooters may prefer kneeling if they are crouching in brush or behind a rock, or if they merely want to expand their skillset. To offset the challenges of kneeling while shooting, Kopfjäger K700 and K800 tripods are height-adjustable, rock-solid and permit a 360-degree pan, or field of view, so even if you’re kneeling, your strength and skill will be fully optimized.

            Sitting is the most common position shooters utilize in conjunction with a tripod, and for wheelchair-bound shooters, it is the only choice. For sitting, the tripods of Kopfjäger are the gold standard. As mentioned, they are height-adjustable; whether you are 7-feet tall or 4-feet tall, sitting on the ground, in a chair or in a tree stand, the tripods of Kopfjäger can help. The numerous features of the K700 and K800 are designed with your safety in mind, whatever your skill level, and wherever you’re shooting from.

            Kopfjäger’s commitment to safety and inclusive shooting does not stop at its cutting-edge tripods. The Reaper Grip, Reaper Rail System and Direct Mount can be purchased with either tripod and are designed for safety above all else.

Reaper Grip

            The protective padding and adjustable grip can tighten onto any stock or chassis without damaging the firearm. The upwards-curved ‘claws’ of the Reaper Grip ensure your firearm won’t dislodge from the tripod – setting a nervous user’s mind at ease when they are taking those first few shots.

                Pictured above, the Reaper Rail Picatinny and Arca Swiss possess many of the same envious features as the Reaper Grip: Rock-solid stability, 360-degree panning and the ability to lock onto the stock or chassis of most rifles (consult your local firearms dealer or an expert if you’re not sure whether your purchase is compatible with your firearm). Another important feature of Kopfjäger tripods is their capability to mount a camera. Again, after confirming your camera has the proper threading for a Kopfjäger Plate (most cameras are compatible), you can record your shooting excursions. This allows you to show the video and show it to an expert later, and to receive feedback on technique and safety – all to enhance your experience.

            Firearms should not be about stress, pain or violence. They are tools for hunting, self-defense, law enforcement and competition. They are to keep families safe, to protect borders and deter crime. Responsible firearm owners know safety is paramount, and they know simply being a novice, elderly or handicapped should not exclude anyone from using firearms. Successful, ethical shooting is possible for people from all walks of life – and Kopfjäger is here to help.