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Kowa Smartphone Digiscoping Adapters For iPhone / Samsung
Kowa Smartphone Digiscoping Adapters For iPhone / Samsung

Kowa Smartphone Digiscoping Adapters For iPhone / Samsung

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Smartphone Digiscoping Adapters
Photo Adapter for iPhone 5/5s/SE [+CAD89.00]
Photo Adapter for iPhone 6/6s [+CAD89.00]
Photo Adapter for iPhone 7/8 [+CAD89.00]
Photoadapter RP-Series for iPhone X MAX [+CAD189.00]
Photoadapter RP-Series for iPhone X / Xs [+CAD189.00]
Photoadapter RP-Series for iPhone XR [+CAD189.00]
Photoadapter RP-Series for iPhone 7+ / 8+ [+CAD189.00]
Photoadapter RP-Series for iPhone 7 / 8 [+CAD189.00]
Photoadapter RP-Series for iPhone 6+ [+CAD189.00]
Photoadapter RP-Series for iPhone 6 / 6s [+CAD189.00]
Photoadapter RP-Series for Samsung Galaxy S10 [+CAD189.00]
Photoadapter RP-Series for Samsung Galaxy S9+ [+CAD189.00]
Photoadapter RP-Series for Samsung Galaxy S9 [+CAD189.00]
Photoadapter RP-Series for Samsung Galaxy S8 [+CAD189.00]
Adapter Rings for Binoculars
Adapter Ring for Genesis 33 [+CAD69.00]
Adapter Ring for Genesis 44 [+CAD69.00]
Adapter Ring for BD25 [+CAD69.00]
Adapter Ring for the TE-14WH, TE-14WD, and TE-21WH [+CAD69.00]
Adapter Ring for the TE-9Z and TE-9WH [+CAD69.00]
Adapter Ring for BD42-XD [+CAD69.00]
Adapter Ring for the BD32-10XD [+CAD69.00]
Adapter Ring for the BD56-8XD [+CAD69.00]
Adapter Ring for the BD56-10XD and BD56-12XD [+CAD69.00]
Adapter Rings for Spotting Scopes
TE-11WZ 25-60x WA -Zoom for TSN-880/770 TE-10Z 20-60x Zoom for TSN-880/770 TE-17W 30x WA for TSN-880/770 [+CAD69.00]
TE-9Z 20-60x Zoom for TSN-660/600/82SV TSE-9WD 45x WA for TSN-660/600/82SV TSE-7Z 20-60x Zoom for TSN-820/820M TSN-553/554 Scope-Series (=15-45x Zoom) [+CAD69.00]
TE-14WD 30x WA for TSN-660/600/82SV TSE-21WD 20x WA for TSN-660/600/82SV TSE-14WE 30x WA for TSN-820/820M TSE-21WE 21x WA for TSN-820/820M [+CAD69.00]
TSN-501/502 Scope-Series (=20-40x Zoom) [+CAD69.00]

Digiscopers who own an iPhone / Samsung now have a fantastically easy way to capture photos and videos through Kowa BD, SV, and YF 30 to 50mm binoculars and Kowa TSN-880/770 spotting scopes. The adapter consists of a bracket that holds your iPhone /  Samsung and the adapter ring that screws onto the bracket, then pushes onto the binocular or scope eyepiece. 

Note: The scope adapter ring measures 56 millimeters. The binocular adapter ring measures 41 millimeters.

All above include adapter rings for BD42/32, SV series, YF series and TE-11WZ and TE-17W eyepieces

Works with the iPhone/Samsung  and:

    -Kowa 77/88mm zoom eyepieces
    -Kowa BD, SV, YF 30-50mm binoculars
    -Swarovski ATS/ATM zoom eyepieces
    -Vortex Razor HD zoom eyepiece
    -Zeiss 15-45/20-60x zoom eyepiece
    -Leica 25-50x eyepiece if you remove the rubber eyecup 

Note: This adapter also works in conjunction with the 30mm threads or adapter rings for the Kowa DA1 and DA10 DCAs, Vortex Viper and Razor DCAs, and Swarovski DCA.

Does not fit:

    Zeiss 15-56/20-75x zoom
    Swarovski ATX modular ocular
    compact binoculars.

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