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Linhof M 679CS 6x9 cm View Camera with Shifts
Linhof M 679CS 6x9 cm View Camera with Shifts

Linhof M 679CS 6x9 cm View Camera with Shifts

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Your Price: CAD16,943.63
Special Order Expected availability: 2-4 weeks
Part Number:000117

Choose Options or Accessories if Applicable

Wide-angle Bellows M 679 (+CAD611.87)
Normal Bellows M 679 (spare) (+CAD433.55)
Basic Compendium Lensshade M 679 incl. Filter Holder (+CAD1,106.28)
Pro Compendium M 679 incl. Filter Holder and Vignetting (+CAD1,641.40)
Filter Holder M 679 M105x1 and 10x10 cm (+CAD616.25)
Vignetting Mask Holder (+CAD590.12)
Format dial 6x7 M 679cs for format 6x6 - 6x8 (included in camera price M 679cs) (+CAD58.00)
Format dial 3x3 M 679cs (+CAD58.00)
Format dial 6x9 M 679cs (+CAD58.00)
Format dial 24x36 M 679cs (+CAD58.00)
Format dial 33x44 M 679cs (+CAD58.00)
Format dial 36x48 M 679cs (+CAD58.00)
Flat Lensboard M 679 size 0 (+CAD159.50)
Flat Lensboard M 679 size 1 (+CAD159.50)
Flat Lensboard M 679 size 3 (+CAD159.50)
Recessed Lensboard M 679, size 0 (+CAD227.65)
Double Recessed Lensboard M 679 size 0 (+CAD291.43)
3x Recessed Lensboard M 679, size 0 (+CAD310.30)
4x Recessed Lensboard M 67, size 0 for Apo-Digitar XL (+CAD442.25)
Recessed Lensboard M 679, size 1 / Rollei Shutter (+CAD259.55)
Double Rec. Lensboard M 679, size 1 / Rollei Shutter (+CAD314.62)
3x Recessed Lensboard M 679, size 1 / Rollei Shutter (+CAD326.25)
Lensboard Adapter M 679 / Technika 45 lensboard (+CAD523.45)
Systainer M 679 (+CAD304.50)
Systainer II M 679 for Accessories (+CAD321.87)
Operating Manual M 679 German (+CAD7.25)
Operating Manual M 679 English (+CAD7.25)
Wide-angle Bellows M 679 (recommended below 100 mm focus length) (+CAD611.87)
M 679 Groundglass back (+CAD771.37)
Systainer (+CAD304.50)
This item is noncancelable and nonreturnable.


M 679cs – fully adjustable medium format camera up to format 6x9 cm for adaption of digital backs and different medium format rollfilm magazines. With integrated benchholder with stepless lateral levelling.
The Linhof M 679CS is a dual system for digital workflow and classic Rollfilm photography. A compact camera with logical technique for control of perspective, correction of converging verticals, depth of field control and creative movements. The M 679CC offers integrated self-aligning micro drives for direct vertical and lateral shifts. The base of the camera is an optical bench with 2 parallel rails.

The Linhof M 679CC covers the formats 6 x 6 cm (2-1/4 x 2-1/4") to 6 x 9 cm (2 1/4 x 3 1/4"), offering compatibility with commonly used medium format systems as well as to digital backs of scan and chip technique. Special adapters are available separately for each system.

Although compact, the camera offers a maximum extension of 12.8" (326mm) for long focal lengths. Lenses between 28mm and 240mm are usable.

All metal construction with precise scales, zero click stops, built-in clamping elements.
Micro-drive eases swings and tilts, to control the depth of field, perspective and image composition.
Outstanding stability.
A wide angle bellows is available for use with lenses of 28 - 90mm.
A complete range of accessories permits easy handling for professional results.


Standards: 30°, front and rear
Benchholder: 45°, forward and backward
Front and Rear: 30°, Left and Right
Rise & Fall
Rear Only: 0.8"
Rear Only: 0.9"
Camera Back
Modular - Adapters available for Hasselblad, Mamiya RZ, RB, Horseman, Bronica GS, various digital backs
Grounglass focusing screen
Interchangeable Bellows
Minimum Extension
~3" (76 mm)
Maximum Extension
12.8" (325 mm) with standard bellows
Telescopic Monorail 58 - 310 mm
Linhof M679 - specific to this model
6.7 x 6 x 11.6" (170 x 152 x 294 mm)
8.4 lbs (3.8 kg)
Linhof M 679CS 6x9 cm View Camera with Shifts
  • 3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

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