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Meade LX85 115mm f/7 APO Refractor GoTo EQ Telescope
Meade LX85 115mm f/7 APO Refractor GoTo EQ Telescope

Meade LX85 115mm f/7 APO Refractor GoTo EQ Telescope

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Product Highlights

  • 115mm Apochromatic Triplet Refractor OTA
  • 805mm Focal Length, f/7 Focal Ratio
  • FK-61 Extremely Low-Dispersion Glass
  • Dual-Speed Rack-and-Pinion Focuser
  • Motorized Fully GoTo Equatorial Mount
  • 30,000+ Object Database
  • Audio Commentary and Sky Tours
  • Multiple Assisted Alignment Methods
  • 9-Pound Counterweight with Shaft
  • Adjustable-Height Stainless Steel Tripod

Engineered for exceptional performance during observation and astrophotography use, the Meade Instruments LX85 115mm f/7 APO Refractor GoTo EQ Telescope combines the clear views of a triplet apochromatic with the precision tracking of a computer-controlled motorized equatorial mount.

The optical tube assembly (OTA) is built to deliver exceptional image quality through the use of an triplet apochromatic lens system that virtually eliminates chromatic and spherical aberrations. Off-axis comas and color fringing are further corrected through the use of FK-61 extremely low-dispersion glass and anti-reflection fully multi-coated optics. The resulting views color-accurate as well as crisp and sharp with almost no distortion across the entire field of view. The larger 115mm aperture produces bright and detailed views of the moon, reveals planetary features that smaller apertures cannot resolve, and allows deep-sky objects like nebulae and galaxies to be seen, which smaller scopes can't show. Added to this already impressive performance is a sturdy two-speed rack-and-pinion focuser that can carry heavy loads without flexing, which terminates with a 2" holder for eyepieces and accessories. The eyepiece holder unscrews from the drawtube to reveal threads for the direct connection of astrophotography gear, allowing users to take full advantage of the drawtube's large diameter to completely cover today's imaging sensors without vignetting.

The mount delivers the performance required for clear views and images with dual-axis low-cog DC servo motors with backlash compensation. Added to this is Meade's proprietary Smart Drive system that records and constantly refines its Permanent Periodic Error Correction (PPEC) to improve positioning and tracking precision and ensure your target object stays centered for long-exposure photography. Supporting the mount is a 1.75" stainless steel tripod that has a wide stance for stability on most terrain, and a center tray that holds eyepieces and accessories and acts as a leg lock to further stabilize while helping to minimize vibrations.

Controlling the mount is the next generation iteration of the iconic AutoStar system: the AudioStar. This computer controller is equipped with a database of over 30,000 objects, including the planets, stars, nebulae, galaxies, and the complete Messier catalog; it can also be programmed with up to 100 custom user-defined objects with filters to create custom object lists. An integrated speaker and Astronomer Inside system is packed with over four hours of commentary that is customized to objects that are visible in the night sky on any given day and time. Its intuitive menu-driven user interface makes observing the heavens fast and easy, and multiple alignment options make the controller an invaluable tool to new users and experienced star-gazers alike.

Optical Tube Assembly
  • 115mm aperture is ideal for viewing and imaging the moon, planets, and bright deep-sky objects
  • Relatively fast f/7 focal ratio requires shorter exposure times for astrophotography versus slower OTAs while preserving image brightness and resolution
  • 805mm focal length helps to produce the fast focal ratio while preserving a generous field of view at most low to medium magnifications
  • Refractor-style design produces less aberrations than reflectors or catadioptric designs for sharper and clearer views and images
  • Three-element triplet apochromatic lens configuration corrects spherical and chromatic aberrations for sharper images with accurate color
  • FK-61 extremely low-dispersion optical glass virtually eliminates false color and off-axis comas to produce accurate color rendition with improved contrast, resolution, and sharpness
  • Anti-reflection fully multi-coated optics maximize light transmission through the light path to ensure bright and crisp views
  • Large 2.5" drawtube is able to carry weighty imaging rigs without flexing, while allowing adequate light to pass through and completely cover larger imaging sensors and avoid vignetting
  • 10:1 dual-speed rack-and-pinion focuser provides the strength to carry heavy loads with the ability to achieve fine tack-sharp focus
  • 2" holder allows the use of large eyepieces and accessories
  • The holder comes off to reveal threads for direct connection of astrophotography and imaging gear to use the OTA as an astrograph
  • Fully extendable dew shield helps to keep condensation off the lens
AudioStar GoTo Controller
  • Two-line LED display
  • Twenty-key alphanumeric keypad, red LED backlight
  • 68HC11, 8 MHz processor
  • Built-in red utility light
  • 30,000+ object database
  • User-friendly menu-driven system navigation
  • Slew speeds: 1x, 2x, 8x, 16x, 64x, 0.5°/sec, 1°/sec, 1.5°/sec, 4°/sec (max)
  • Assisted alignment procedures: Easy (Two-star), One-star, Two-star, Three-star
  • Customizable guided tours for specific day, time, and location
  • Built-in speaker with Astronomer Inside plays over four hours of educational content about the celestial objects you view
  • Predicts events to plan future astronomy sessions such as sunrise/sunsets, moon phases/moon rise/moon set, meteor showers, lunar/solar eclipses, equinoxes/solstices
  • Smart Drive records Permanent Periodic Error Correction (PPEC) to improve tracking accuracy over time
  • Backlash compensation allows user to train out the intrinsic play between gears to improve GoTo and tracking accuracy
  • Powered by mount to be lighter and easier to use
  • 24" coiled cord
  • Updateable via Internet using RS-232 port
Database Details:
  • Solar system, including moon, sun, planets
  • Comets and asteroids
  • 88 major constellations
  • Popular named objects
  • Galaxies, quasars, and nebulae
  • Multiple catalogs including Messier, Caldwell, and NGC
  • Stars, including named stars, SAO catalog, double stars, variable stars
  • Satellites, including the International Space Station (ISS), and Hubble Space Telescope (HST)
  • User-defined astronomical and terrestrial objects
Mount & Tripod
  • German equatorial mount allows accurate tracking for long-duration observation sessions
  • Ideal for astrophotography as single Right Ascension tracking eliminates field rotation that causes fuzzy and blurry primary images and streaking of star fields
  • Controlled by AudioStar hand controller to limit vibration and improve movement accuracy
  • Low-cog 12 VDC servo motors enable precision GoTo and tracking accuracy with limited vibrations
  • Includes a 9-pound counterweight with shaft
  • Dual-axis manual clutch releases for movement without the use of the hand controller
  • Integrated bulls-eye bubble level to aid set-up, alignment, and tracking accuracy
  • Adjustable height from 31.5 to 43.5" accommodates a wide variety of optical tube assemblies and viewing positions
  • Lightweight and durable cast aluminum mount base
  • 1.75" diameter stainless steel legs
  • Collapsed size 39.5x6.25x5.75" for easier portability
  • Tray keeps accessories accessible and off the ground
  • Weight: 12.4 pounds


Optical Tube Assembly
Optical Design Apochromatic Triplet Refractor
Aperture 115 mm / 4.5"
Focal Length 805 mm
Focal Ratio f/7
Focuser Dual-Speed Rack-and-Pinion
Eyepiece Barrel Diameter 2"
Diagonal None
Finderscope None
Mounting System Vixen-Style
Optical Tube Dimensions 29.5 x 5.3" / 74.9 x 13.5 cm
Type Motorized; German Equatorial
Payload Capacity 33 lb / 15 kg
GoTo Capability Yes, AudioStar
GPS None
Counterweight 1 x 9.0  lb / 4.1  kg
Type Adjustable, 2-Section
Tripod Height Adjustment Range 31.5 to 43.5" / 80.0 to 110.5 cm
Material of Tripod Aluminum, Stainless Steel
Batteries None
Adapter 12 VDC, Optional
Assembled Dimensions Not Specified by Manufacturer
Weight 12.2 lb / 5.5 kg (OTA)
46.3 lb / 21.0 kg (Fully Assembled)

In the Box
Meade LX85 115mm f/7 APO Refractor GoTo EQ Telescope
  • LX85 German Equatorial GoTo Mount
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

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