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Meade LX850 Go-To EQ Mount with Starlock (Mount Only)
Meade LX850 Go-To EQ Mount with Starlock (Mount Only)

Meade LX850 Go-To EQ Mount with Starlock (Mount Only)

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Part Number:37-0850-00N
Meade Instruments designed and engineered the LX850 Go-To EQ Mount to be a precise platform for long-duration observation or astrophotography sessions. Built to handle their heaviest OTAs and gear, the mount is made of stainless steel and aluminum with a total payload capacity of 90 pounds. A 26-pound counterweight is included, with the capability to add more if it's required, and a large Losmandy-style dovetail saddle specifically designed for heavy optical tube assemblies. The LX850 is offered here without a tripod for users who already have large tripods or permanent piers and are interested in upgrading their mount.

Multiple technologies work together to put this mounting system above the standard Go-To mount. Meade outfitted it with a built-in GPS receiver and a time chip, so the mount can automatically determine its location, day, and time when it's turned on. This information is sent to the StarLock system which uses two digital cameras built into an 80mm f/5 refractor OTA. The cameras take wide-field photos of the night sky and compare them with an internal database to automatically align the scope. During observation or imaging sessions, the StarLock system continuously checks its tracking and adjusts as needed, sending the data to the Smart Mount system which learns the tracking errors and adjusts itself for the future.

The brains of the mount are Meade's iconic AutoStar II computer controller. This hand-held unit has an internal database of over 144,000 objects from the Moon and planets, to galaxies and nebulae. Coupled with the StarLock system, the AutoStar's tracking accuracy is an impressive ±1 arc second. It can calculate future events like Sunrises and meteor showers, and predict Solar and Lunar eclipses for the next 100 years. Once set up and running, the AutoStar II can take you on guided tours of the best objects visible above, including audio tours that can be heard from the internal speaker.

  • Motorized German equatorial
  • 90-pound payload capacity
  • Made of machined stainless steel and aluminum
  • Dual axis fine manual adjustment controls when not using motors
  • Internal GPS receiver and time chip
    • Automatically obtains position, day, date, and time
    • Requires no user input during set up
  • Motors and Gears
    • Roller bearings on each axis for smooth tracking and reduced vibrations
    • 1.75" stainless steel Right Ascension shaft
    • 5.8" main gears
  • Interface panel
    • 12VDC power in
    • 12VDC power out
      Power On/Off
    • Electric focuser power port
    • Illuminated reticle power port
    • Controller RJ-45 connection port
    • RS232 computer connection port
    • StarLock connection port
    • Secondary autoguider connection port
  • Includes a 26-pound stainless steel counterweight
  • Large Losmandy-style dovetail saddle designed to handle heavier OTAs and gear
Advanced Technology
  • StarLock system
    • Dual digital cameras built into a 80mm f/5 refractor telescope
    • Integrated alignment and guiding system
    • Uses the GPS and time chip to determine where and when it is
    • Takes a picture of the night sky and compares it to internal database
    • Determines alignment by taking multiple pictures and aligning to multiple stars
    • During long observation or astrophotography sessions it continuously checks tracking and alignment and automatically corrects tracking errors
  • Smart Mount
    • Improves the pointing accuracy of the computer controller
    • Enables the AutoStar II to automatically identify and correct systematic pointing errors
AutoStar II Computer Controller
  • Full Go-To capabilities
  • Intuitive menu-driven interface
  • 144,000 object database
    • Planets
    • Stars
    • Galaxies
    • Nebulae
    • Comets
    • Satellites
    • Common constellations
    • The moon features like landing points, mountains, craters and lakes
    • User-defined objects
  • Tracking accuracy: ±1 arcsec
  • Periodic Error Correction (PEC) and Permanent Periodic Error Correction (PPEC) trains out tracking errors for more precision
  • Multiple slew speeds:
    • 1x
    • 2x
    • 8x
    • 16x
    • 64x, sidereal
    • 0.25°/sec
    • 0.5°/sec
    • 1°/sec
    • 3°/sec (max)
  • Tracking Rates:
    • Sidereal
    • Lunar
    • Custom: select from 2000 incremental rates
  • Calculate future dates and times for events like:
    • Sunrises and sunsets
    • Moonrises, Moonsets, and Moon phases
    • Solar and Lunar Eclipses for the next 100 years
    • Meteor showers
    • Equinoxes and solstices
  • Guided tours available based on when and where it is set up
  • Guided audio tours via built-in speaker
  • Physical properties
    • Two-line display with red backlight
    • Red backlit control buttons
    • Built-in speaker
Tripod Required
  • The mount is offered here without a tripod
  • Intended for users who wish to upgrade their mount and still use their own tripod or pier


Mount Type German equatorial
Load Capacity 90.0 lb / 40.8 kg
Motor 2 x DC servos, one per axis
GO-TO Capability Yes. AutoStar II computer hand controller
Altitude / Latitude Adjustment Not specified by manufacturer
Mounting Losmandy-style dovetail saddle
Polar Axis Scope None
Includes Tripod/Pier No
Power Source 12 VDC power supply
Weight Mount: 55.0 lb / 24.9 kg
Tripod: 36.0 lb / 16.3 kg

In the Box
Meade LX850 Go-To EQ Mount with Starlock (Mount Only)
  • StarLock Autoguider System
  • AutoStar II Hand Controller
  • 12VDC Power Supply
  • 26 lb Stainless Steel Counterweight for LX850 Telescope
  • Vibration Isolation Pads
  • AutoStar Suite Software
  • Limited One-Year Warranty

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