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Meade Light Switch Telescope Flip Sale (July 13- Aug 31)

Let The Scope Work For You...

The Meade LightSwitch is a pretty amazing piece of technology.  Gone are the days of guessing if you have the proper star in the field of view for alignment.  No longer will the kids say, "Are We There Yet?"  If they do your reply will be, "Yes. We. Are!"  As soon as you flip the switch on the scope the technology dance begins.  It moves, and whirs, and thinks, and beeps, and takes photos of the sky while it aligns itself, all while you sit back and smile letting the scope do the heavy lifting.  The days we live in.  Instant coffee, instant streaming entertainment, and pretty instant alignment...give or take 5 minutes.

All of the brawn and brains must come at a lofty price?  Well, now you can save up to $300 making it a little easier on the old bank account.
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Meade LS-6ACF Lightswitch 6
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Meade LS-8ACF Lightswitch 8
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