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Meopta 15x56 Meostar B1 HD Binocular - Gray’s Best Awards 2016, the highest performing binoculars
Meopta 15x56 Meostar B1 HD Binocular - Gray’s Best Awards 2016

Meopta 15x56 Meostar B1 HD Binocular - Gray’s Best Awards 2016, the highest performing binoculars

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Product Highlights

  • Schmidt-Pechan prism system polished to perfection for extended hours of viewing without eye strain
  • Schott glass with flouride, HD, and ED elements for exceptional glass quality
  • MeoBright fully multi-coated formula for up to 99.8% light transmission
  • MeoShield for ultimate lens protection from scratches and abrasions; military approved
  • Fully waterproof and fog-proof
  • Sculpted rubber armor housing provides shockproof-ability
  • Backed by Meopta’s North American Lifetime Transferable Warranty

The addition of extra-low dispersion,fluoride objective lens elements eliminate chromatic aberration (CA) or color fringing in challenging lighting conditions and deliver pin point resolution,increased contrast and vivid color fidelity.

The Meopta Meostar B1 15x56 Binocular features fluoride lens elements and delivers clear images at long distances. Developed for use at long ranges and in low light, the MeoStar 15x56HD features 56mm HD objective lenses, providing exceptional light gathering capability. Extra-low dispersion, fluoride objective lens elements eliminate chromatic aberration (CA) and color fringing in challenging light conditions, and deliver pin point resolution, increased contrast, and vivid color fidelity. Proprietary MB5501 ion assisted lens multicoatings deliver maximum light transmission in dusk to nighttime conditions, and ensure superior brightness and resolution. Our MeoShield coating protects exposed lens surfaces from abrasion. Sculpted thumb pockets and a properly balanced chassis are comfortable during long glassing sessions. If you spend hours in the field during the edges of the day and into the night, this large MeoStar binocular will deliver a bright view.

MeoBright proprietary ion-assisted multicoating is applied to all air-to-glass surfaces. Developed by Meopta, these coatings eliminate glare and reflections, and deliver an estimated 99.8% light transmission per lens surface.
MeoShield ion-assisted coating protects external lens surfaces and enhances resistance to scratching or abrasion. It meets military specifications for durability and surface hardness.
Individual lens components meticulously ground and polished in-house and precisely matched for superior performance.
Waterproof and fogproof: The binocular is guaranteed 100% waterproof, submersible and fully protected against humidity, rain and snow. They are purged and sealed with inert Nitrogen gas to provide 100% guaranteed fogproof performance.
The precisely ground and finished Schmidt-Pechan prism system is polished to within +/- 1 arc-second and allows hours of extended glassing without eye strain.
Focus and Diopter Control: Central focus wheel smoothly operates on a finely tuned ratio allowing precise, accurate focusing with no backlash. The integral central diopter control is easy to adjust and accommodates +/- 3 D.
Ergonomic armor design: A protective rubber armor is softer in strategic locations to help reduce hand fatigue and improve grip. Sculpted thumb pockets accommodate a variety of hand positions and encourage a balanced and comfortable hold.
Robust construction: Aircraft grade aluminum chassis is robust and built to be used under rough conditions in the field.


Prism Type Roof
Magnification 15x
Objective Lens Diameter 56mm
Angle of View 4.2° (actual)
Field-of-View 219' @ 1000 yd / 72.71 m @ 1000 m
Minimum Focus Distance 16.4' / 5.00 m
Exit Pupil Diameter 3.7  mm
Eye Relief 15.2  mm
Interpupillary Adjustment 56 - 74 mm / 2.20 - 2.91"
Dioptric Correction ±3
Stabilization Freedom None
Focus Type Center
Tripod Mount Not Specified By Manufacturer
Dimensions (WxHxD) 5.5 x 2.3 x 7.8" / 14.0 x 5.8 x 19.8 cm
Weight 43.28 oz / 1.23 kg

In the Box

Meopta Meostar B1 15x56 HD Binoculars
  • Soft Padded Case
  • Neoprene Strap
  • Eyepiece Rainguard
  • Tethered Objective Caps
  • Limited Transferable Lifetime Warranty

  • Gray’s Best Awards 2016

    Between the standard 8- to 10-powered hunting binocular and the 20X to 30X spotting scope, there lies the neglected (but very useful) high-powered binocular. These can be carried on horseback, in vehicles, or on boats. Although high-powered binoculars have been available for a long time, most have one or two drawbacks: too heavy, too bulky, or too expensive if you get really good ones (and poor ones are useless). The Czech optics company, Meopta, has now entered this field with several models that combine the weight and bulk advantages of modern optics at a price most hunters can afford. Their Meostar B1 15×56 HD is the most powerful of the group, and with a price in the neighborhood of $1,600 retail, it is only about two-thirds the cost of comparable binoculars from other premium optics makers. Using such high-powered glass is almost an art in itself; they don’t require a tripod, like a spotting scope, but they do demand a solid rest. This can be a log, a rock with your pack as a cushion, or a horse’s saddle. For this reason, the design of the binocular is important. The Meopta fits the requirements perfectly, with soft rubber armor that grips firmly, and no sharp corners to cause rocking or tilting. For pure usability, it would be hard to imagine a better binocular of this class. Optically, of course, it is up there with the big European names. For those of a technical bent, all the details on glass, coatings, and light transmission can be found at the Meopta website. Practically, however, this is a GRAY’S BEST and then some.

    Customer review

    I was able to spend a considerable amount of time behind both the new Swaro 15x56 and Meopta 15x56 HD's on a recent hunt here in Nevada. My client for the hunt showed up with a brand new set of the Swaros and I had purchased the Meoptas late this summer. The buck we hunted lived in a giant backcountry basin and had went completely nocturnal just a few days prior to the opener. It took 4 days total with an average of 10 hours per day on the glass to finally turn him and get him in the salt. I switched between the two pairs of binos frequently each day to see if I could find a difference between the two. After the conclusion of the hunt both I and the client agreed it was to close to pick an out right winner with the Swaros maybe being a bit more comfortable. The Meostars are a hell of a deal for anyone looking to break into the advantages that big glass on a tripod can give a guy.


    B1 15X56 HD Binocular Q&A:

    Q. Is this MeoStar a long range hunting binocular?

    A. This 15X56 HD MeoStar is an excellent tool for long range hunting. In fact, it’s designed for the extreme ranges. This is usually the magnification range where rifle scopes end and binoculars excel at.

    While hunting, you’ll be able to range your area well beyond 1000 yards with ease. If you’re actually shooting at these distances, then you’re going to need to make sure you have just as capable equipment to make that shot.

    Perhaps, an extreme long range rifle scope picked from one of our Rifle Scope Reviews?

    This binocular is also going to perform very well not only for hunting, but for nature observing and perhaps some astronomy as well.

    Q. Is this a good binocular for low light hunting?

    A. The 56 mm objective lens size might indicate to you that it’s an excellent low light binocular. But, let’s take a peek at the techs and specs to further analyze its capabilities.

    With a 56 mm objective lens and 15X magnification, the math tells us that the exit pupil is 3.7 mm. Hmm.. From what we know about pupil dilation and dark conditions, the human pupil should be able to open up anywhere between 4 and 7 mm. Although the 56 mm objective lens might be larger to allow in more light, the exit pupil isn’t large enough to let it all through.

    So, you’re really not getting maximum use of the large objective lens in the end.

    However, if you can get your hands on a MeoStar 8X56 HD model, you’ll be able to get up to 7 mm of exit pupil. It might still be a little much for your eyes anyways, but that’s better than the 3.7 on the 15X56.

    Unfortunately, you’re paying for the larger exit pupil by compromising your twilight factor capacities.

    You still have to remember that the twilight transmission of 85 percent and the twilight factor of 29 are still decent figures. In the end, the difference that’s going to matter in making this a great low light hunting binocular is the quality of the glass.

    All other aspects aside, if you have superb glass that’s the best of what you can get, that’s going to be more useful to you than any math, percentages, and comparisons.

    Q. Has the MeoStar 15X56 HD binocular been recognized?

    A. How could this binocular not? It’s so big that you can see it from a mile away. It attracted the attention of Gray’s Sporting Journal and won the prestigious award of Gray’s Best Winner for 2016.

    For a bino that was just released into the market in 2015, this is a very deserving award it has earned, never mind the fact that Meopta could use the spot light to get its name out there.

    Q. How big is the Meopta binocular?

    A. I’ve been giving this MeoStar a hard time because of it’s magnification+objective lens size combo, but let’s actually take a look at its physical dimensions. It’s 7.87 x 5.59 x 2.36 inches.

    Okay, this bino barely squeezes into the standard size pair of jeans with maybe a little bit of a muffin top – way to go. It’s not as big as I’ve made it out to be.

    And, as a fun way to redeem myself to the 15X56, let’s take a look at the 8X56 model, you might just be a little surprised. Its dimensions are 8.03 x 5.59 x 2.52 inches – just slightly bigger than the 15X56.

    But, this bino is still heavier at a whopping 43.28 ounces, and that’s not a bad thing. All that bloat is fully justified, thanks to the extra glass of the 15X magnification.

    Q. Is this binocular tripod adaptable?

    A. Yes, and with 15X magnification, you’d hope so too. With such high power hand-held optics, you’ll notice it’s more difficult to keep a steady image. Even if you don’t have shaky hands, the slightest tremors of movement will keep the image in a constant wiggle. Enter here – the convenience of tripods.

    The other nice thing about the heifer weight of the bino is that because it’s heavy, it has enough poundage to maintain its position on the tripod. Sometimes too light and compact of a binocular isn’t a tripod-friendly device.

    It’s light frame and weight would be too vulnerable in the wind or really any imperfect weather conditions.

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