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Minox ZA 5 HD 2-10x50 Series Riflescopes - German engineered, Assembled in the USA
Minox ZE 5i Series Riflescopes

Minox ZA 5 HD 2-10x50 Series Riflescopes - German engineered, Assembled in the USA

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ZA 5 HD 2-10x50 w/ Mino-Plex Reticle, 30mm tube [+CAD629.00]
ZA 5 HD 2-10x50 w/ BDC 600 Reticle [+CAD649.00]
ZA 5 HD 2-10x50 w/ German #4 Reticle [+CAD629.00]
ZA 5i HD 2-10x50 w/ Illuminated Plex Reticle [+CAD729.00]

The MINOX ZA HD riflescopes are equipped with 5x magnification, 30 mm or 1“ tube and long-range reticles for increased accuracy, and are particularly distinguished by their high-performance optics and Fast Target Acquisition (FTA).
Compared to previous ZA models, the vignetting has been reduced by up to 90% to create an exceptionally bright and sharp image all the way to the outer edges of the field of view. With the increased size of the exit pupil, the eye remains completely relaxed and can observe images without any further distractions - the eye is no longer preoccupied by attempts to adjust to the field of view before even getting on target - the fast target acquisition system gets the shooter quickly and precisely on target.
Product Features:
● Fast Target Acquistion (FTA) 
● High performance German HD optics 
● Aluminum tube (1" and 30 mm) 
● Anodized scope body 
● 5x magnification range 
● Long, safe eye relief 
● Large field of view 
● Reticle at the 2nd focal plane 
● Parallax adjustment (SF models)  
● Waterproof  
● Purged with Argon gas

Minox ZA5 2-10x50 Rifle Scope Review by

If you've read any of the other reviews we've done of the Minox ZA5 scopes, you know that they are generally of pretty high quality.  This scope is no exception.  The 2-10x50 features a one piece anodized aluminum body that's pretty rugged and holds up well to abuse while staying waterproof and fogproof.  The focusing ring and magnification ring are made of rubber (same as all other Minox ZA5 scopes).  This makes them "grippier" and easier to adjust while wearing gloves or with cold hands.  We didn't notice any excessive resistance from the magnification ring or focusing ring, both are just tight enough without binding at any point across their range.  

The 2-10x50 features the signature rubber knurled windage and elevation caps, another cool feature for those who are hunting in cold weather with or without gloves.  The windage and elevation adjustment knobs themselves feature set screws that allow you to re-zero after sighting in, a nice feature for those who hunt longer distances and like being able to adjust for range.  They provide nice audible and tactile click when adjusting, and this is always a sign of good quality.  

Glass quality is very good on the ZA5 2-10x50.  The color seen through the scope can best be described as realistic, as we were unable to determine any difference toward cool or warm in either direction.  There is minimal edge blurriness, and chromatic aberration is only producable at the highest magnification with rapid scope movement.  Low light performance is improved over the 40mm objective model due to the considerably larger objective.  Clarity is nothing short of excellent.  The Plex reticle on this 2-10x50 is easily identifiable in low light at high magnification and is very clear.  Rolling ball effect (also known as globe effect) is noticable, and some people may be bothered by this, but it becomes less pronounced at higher magnification.

The ZA5 2-10x50 scope, like the others in the ZA5 lineup, is a serious competitor with other German scopes, yet it manages this with a less offensive price.  This model features the Plex reticle, but it is also available in several other reticle configurations.  We'll stand behind the ZA5 2-10x50 without question.    

Uncompromising craftmanship.

MINOX ZA riflescopes are designed in Germany and assembled in the USA. Each riflescope is crafted from lightweight, incredibly tough aircraft-grade anodized aluminum and features standard one inch mono-tube construction for easy, low-profile mounting.

MINOX ZA riflescopes are waterproof and system purged with inert argon gas to prevent fogging on inner glass surfaces and provide corrosion protection for critical precision mechanisms. And each is covered by the MINOX comprehensive no-questions-asked warranty with service provided in the U.S..

MINOX Comfort Service

While every MINOX riflescope is built to operate perfectly in the harshest environments and after enduring the roughest handling, uncontrollable, unexpected things can happen in the field which results in a damaged riflescope. That’s why MINOX provides for those who register their product, the MINOX Comfort Service*. Damages to your product will be remedied either through repair or replacement on a goodwill basis.

Customer Reviews

Assembled in USA so some USA jobs

The 2-10 is the perfect variable power scope in my opinion, so look into purchasing this power. Great FOV on the low end, and enough power for the long shot.
I own the 3-15x42 but wish I got the 3-15x50 with side focus (sold elseware). I did a "BOX" test and it was flawless, the dunk and freeze test the same. Optics are great, but my only flaw with the x42 is no side focus. Above 12x my scope becomes blurry and a side focus is needed. The x42 model is great besides that, so I would recommend the 2-10. 2-10x is enough magnification for 98% of hunting applications.
I E-mailed customer service and requested the ability to send them the scope to upgrade to the 50MM bell and they were exceptional. All I needed to do was send them my current scope with the extra needed $ check and they sent me the 50mm. So A+ for customer service with Minox.
5 stars for customer service and optical and mechanical quality.

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