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Minox ZE5.2 Series Riflescopes - Made in Germany
Minox ZE5.2 Series Riflescopes - Made in Germany

Minox ZE5.2 Series Riflescopes - Made in Germany

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80106560 ZE5.2 1-5 x 24 illuminated German 4 [+CAD1,519.00]
80106561 ZE5.2 2-10 x 50 illuminated German 4 [+CAD1,719.00]
80106562 ZE5.2 3-15 x 56 SF illuminated German 4 [+CAD1,869.00]
80106563 ZE5.2 5-25 x 56 SF illuminated German 4 [+CAD1,969.00]
80106564 NEW ZE5.2 S 1-5 x 24 illuminated German 4 [+CAD1,719.00]
80106565 NEW ZE5.2 S 2-10 x 50 illuminated German 4 [+CAD2,119.00]
80106566 NEW ZE5.2 S 3-15 x 56 SF illuminated German 4 [+CAD2,119.00]

Product Overview

The MINOX ZE5.2 riflescopes are especially captivating because of their innovative Glass Fiber Point illumination to create a very fine and bright red dot in the reticle. The newly developed optical system provides more resolution and contrast while the Fast Target Acquisition system gets the shooter quickly nd precisely on target.

ZE5.2 Product Features
5x magnification for maximum flexibility

Glass Fiber Point for a fine and bright red dot

Fast Target Acquisition FTA: Good ease of view thanks to an enlarged eyepiece

Excellent image quality thanks to M* multi-coating

Outstanding light transmission

Large field of view for quick aiming

Flat turrets for better handling

Auto Power-Off via position sensor or after 2 hours

Purged with high grade Argon gas

Reticle: German #4

ZE5.2 1-5x24

With large field of view for quick aiming. Incredibly light and uniquely compact for dynamic lowland or mountain hunting.

MINOX 5.2 1-5x24

ZE5.2 2-10x50

The universal riflescope for close to medium shooting ranges. Suitable for flexible use, whether for dynamic hunting during the day or a raised hide in twilight.areas.

MINOX ZE5.2 2-10x50

ZE5.2 3-15x56

The ultimate bright scope for use in deep twilight. Universal and flexible for short, medium and long ranges in densely wooded and wide open hunting grounds. Excellent light transmission to extend the decisive moment.

MINOX ZE5.2 3-15x56

ZE5.2 5-25x56

Uncompromisingly bright for all ranges. The perfect scope for use in deep twilight and especially long distances in open hunting areas.

MINOX ZE5.2 5-25x56

Technical Data

ZE5.2 1-5x24 2-10x50 3-15x56 5-25x56

Magnification 1-5x 2-10x 3-15x 5-25x
Objective diameter 24 mm 50 mm 56 mm 56 mm
Exit pupil low / high magnification 11.4 / 4.9 mm 11.4 / 5.2 mm 11.4 / 3.8 mm 11.0 / 2.3 mm
Field of view low / high magnification 37.1 / 8.2 m 18.9 / 4.0 m 11.9 / 2.3 m 7.2 / 1.6 m
Eye relief ~100 mm ~100 mm ~100 mm ~100 mm
Diopter adjustment -3 / +2.5 -3 / +2.5 -3 / +2.5 -3 / +2.5
Elevation / Windage adjustment ±10 mrad ±10 mrad ±5.5 mrad ±4.0 mrad
Reticle adjustment per click 1 cm /
100 m
1 cm /
100 m
1 cm /
100 m
1 cm /
100 m
Reticle adjustment range ±100 cm / 100 m ±100 cm / 100 m ±55 cm / 100 m ±40 cm / 100 m
Parallax adjustment 100 m 100 m 50 m bis 8 50 m bis 8
Reticle illumination Yes Yes Yes Yes
Reticle #4 #4 #4 #4
Focal plane 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd
Power supply CR 2032 battery CR 2032 battery CR 2032 battery CR 2032 battery
Holder for 2nd battery Yes Yes Yes Yes
Argon gas purged Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fogproof and Waterproof Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tube diameter 30 mm 30 mm 30 mm 30 mm
Length 285 mm 335 mm 372 mm 430 mm
Weight 480 g 650 g 760 g 785 g


ZE5.2 1-5x24 2-10x50 3-15x56 5-25x56

A 285.6 mm 334.3 mm 371.5 mm 424.4 mm
B -- 95.0 mm 124.4 mm 137.8 mm
C 89.7 mm 44.6 mm 43.1 mm 79.8 mm
D 64.4 mm 64.4 mm 73.6 mm 73.6 mm
E 95.5 mm 94.3 mm 94.5 mm 97.2 mm
F 30.0 mm 57.0 mm 62.0 mm 62.0 mm
G 44.5 mm 44.5 mm 44.5 mm 44.5 mm

Design, features, supply and price are subject to change.

ZE5.2 Reticle

German #4

Glass Fiber Point

The innovative glass fiber reticle in the second image plane impresses with a homogeneously luminous circular dot, which can be adjusted perfectly to any hunting situation during the day or at night. Thanks to the greatly improved fiberglass technology, the light emitted from the LED is optimally transferred into the fine glass fiber and guided to the partially grounded end with almost no loss of light. Depending on the adjusted brightness, the light emanating from this end can be perceived as a weak spark in twilight situations, or as a clearly visible bright spot of light on the targeted game in the glaring sunlight.

Full view of the Glass Fiber Point reticle

Modern manufacturing procedures can produce glass fibers with diameters of less than 0.05 mm. Using a ZE5.2 3-15x56 in hunting situations, this means an overlap on the target of less than 8 mm at 100 m using a larger magnification, and of 4 cm at 100 m using a lower magnification.

The fiberglass reticle illumination eliminates the conventional glass carrier reticle composition used in common riflescopes, which is typically constructed of a glass plate between 1.5 and 3 mm thick. The transmission of the riflescope is thus increased by about 0.5% to 1% - a prerequisite for spending a few more minutes to get that last precise shot in at dusk.

Enlarged view of the illuminated glass fiber at the reticle center and a diagram depicting the functional principle of lossless light conduction through the glass fiber

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