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NexStar Evolution Series

The NexStar has been around for around 14 years.  When the 8" model first came out it was a revolutionary go-to telescope that was $1899 and was looked on as a great value.  As the years have gone by, changes have been made.  A minor upgrade here, a paint color change there, but nothing really substantial.  The system worked so well there wasn't really ever a need for an overhaul.  On April 11, 2014, that all changed.  

Introducing the next generation NexStar scope for the next generation astronomer inside us all...
The NexStar Evolution.  

What exactly makes the Evolution revolutionary?
How about a built in WiFi network.  Now your iOS and Android device (phones, tablets, phablets) can run the scope at the tap of a finger with the 120,000 object Celestron planetarium mobile app.  No need to be tethered to scope with a hand control.  PS, there is a built in USB charging dock so you don't drain your smart phone or tablet.

Speaking of batteries, what kind do you need to run the scope?  
Solution.  You don't need user provided batteries.  The Evolution series comes with a built in rechargeable lithium-ion battery that will last up to 10 hours of observing time.

With all that observing time that means I need to drag out several eyepieces.  I get tired up putting them in my pocket or carefully laying them on the ground under the tripod.  Which can be a chore in itself trying to find out what eyepiece I am grabbing in the dark.  
Solution.  Built in tripod trays, two of them, and one even has a red LED illuminator so you can see what it is you are grabbing for.

But wait, it all sounds great....but is it all gizmos and no substance?  Nope.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The optics are the same world class optics and Starbright XLT coatings found in all the standard SCTs that Celestron has to offer.  They even added a larger OTA to the line by introducing the NexStar Evolution with a 9.25" OTA.
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