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Noisefighters Panobridge MK2 Mod 1 - Bridge PVS 14 with PVS-14, IRay RH25, PFalcon640, RL25, PFalcon384, FLIR Breach and NOX18.
Noisefighters Panobridge MK2 Mod 1

Noisefighters Panobridge MK2 Mod 1 - Bridge PVS 14 with PVS-14, IRay RH25, PFalcon640, RL25, PFalcon384, FLIR Breach and NOX18.

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Your Price: CAD649.00
On back-order, MK3 coming Q3 2023
Part Number:MK2 Mod 1

Panobridge™ is a first-of-its-kind night vision bridge mount that provides up to 75 degrees field of view with milspec AN/PVS-14s, yet it weighs 25% less than a single milspec J-Arm. Introducing an entirely new way to see more of the dark.

The MK2 Mod1 version of the popular Noisefighters Panobridge is now optimized for popular thermal devices like the IRay RH25, PFalcon640, RL25, PFalcon384, and NOX18. Using the optional QD Dovetail Adapter, users have the choice of seamlessly using thermal on one eye, and night vision on the other to create a hybrid thermal setup. The Mod1 package now includes extended length PVS-14 arms. Extended length PVS-14 arms are designed to be used in tandem with the QD Dovetail Adapter, while the standard arms retain the same legacy height as the original Panobridge MK2.

The Noisefighters Panobridge is a night vision bridge mount that features an adjustable field of view to provide up to 75 degrees of viewing angle with any two PVS-14s, yet weighs less than a single J-arm. Now fully compatible with iRay MH25s and Flir Breach, the Panobridge MK2 comes with one free attachment arm for night vision / thermal fusion setups. 

 The Panobridge provides a panoramic night vision image by exploiting the brain's ability to merge split images from two outwards-angled monoculars into one cohesive picture. The adjustable field of view provides users with substantially-increased situational awareness, as well as the the flexibility to use the bridge in a traditional "straight forward" configuration if desired. 

By utilizing two points of articulation along two axes, users can adjust the field of view to suit the task at-hand, or swing each monocular sideways for rapid stowage.

A common complaint of dual PVS-14 bridged systems has always been the associated weight. The Panobridge alleviates the total system weight of such systems and only weighs in at 42g. If used with a lightweight monocular, such as a Nocturn Industries Tanto, the total system weight can be brought down to under 550g with milspec optics and batteries, comparable to a dedicated binocular system while offering increased capability.

Usage with thermal monoculars

The Panobridge MK2 comes with a free mini-rail adapter that attaches directly to any iRay MH25v2 or Flir Breach's minirail. The thermal monocular can be mounted to either side and allows the user the flexibility to adjust the thermal image so that the image lines up best with the analog I2 image. 



Included arms are compatible with: milspec an/pvs-14, photonis vyper-14, ab night vision mod3 (autogain version only), knight’s armament m-14 alloy chassis for an/pvs-14, nocturn industries tanto (minor modification to the panobridge's anti-rotation features on each arm may be required, depending on the version of tanto encoutered)

A separate mini-rail arm is included that is compatible with various thermal monoculars and night vision monoculars which utilize the mini-rail / mum-rail connection (flir breach, infiray mh-25 / rh-25, sionyx opsin, mum-14)

Two sets of an/pvs-14 arms are included, with the newer style of lowered / extended arms preinstalled. it is up to the end user to determine which length of arm is best for their purposes as compatibility varies with various thermal imagers due to height differences.

Helmet mounting compatibility: dovetail

estimated maximum field of view with milspec an.pvs-14 monoculars fully rotated outboard: 75 degrees

Interpupillary distance (ipd) compatibility: 55 - 75mm

Materials used: high performance polymer from arkema®; anodized aluminum; stainless steel

Total assembled weight of this product (standard arms installed): 1.5 oz

dimensions (collapsed for storage): 2.75 x 2.75 x 1.25"

Measured combined weight with two milspec pvs-14's attached (elbit 11769 tubes, no batteries, no eyecup retaining rings, no rubber eyecups, no demist shields installed): 23.2 oz

Measured combined weight with two lightweight nightline nl914c power pack equipped pvs-14 monoculars (elbit 11769 tubes, no batteries, no eyecup retaining rings, no rubber eyecups, no demist shields installed): 21.5 oz

Measured combined weight with two lightweight nightline nl914c power pack equipped pvs-14 monoculars with rpo lightweight lenses (elbit 11769 tubes, no batteries, no eyecup retaining rings, no rubber eyecups, no demist shields installed): 19.98 oz

Measured combined weight with two nocturn industries tanto monoculars with rpo lightweight lenses (elbit 11769 tubes, no batteries, no eyecup retaining rings, no rubber eyecups, no demist shields installed): 15.8 oz

Warranty: lifetime, transferable


In the Box

  • Panobridge MK2 Mod 1 with extended arms
  • Mini-rail adapter

?? PFalcon 640+(??????)? Rico RH 25(??)??,???????????????????????????,???????????????????,????????????????
iRay RH25 Rico Micro – ????????????????????
RH25 ??????????????????????,?? InfiRay MH25,?????“??????”,?? BAE/Trijicon SKEETIR ??????? MH25 ? SKEETIR ?????????????????,RH25 ????????,??? SKEETIR ? Pixels On Target Voodoo-S?

??????????:??/??/?????/????? 640×512 50hz,25mm??,????600-1070?

PFalcon 640+ ???????????,??????,??? IRAYUSA ? Rico Micro ??? PFalcon 640+??????????????????????,?????????????????????????????

??? 12µm VOx ???:??????????????????;


PFN640+ ?????????,???????????????????,???????????????? AMOLED ???? PFalcon 640+ ??? iRay ?????? 640x512?12 µm ??????MATRIX III ??????? f/1.0 ??,??????????????

PFN640+ ??????,?????????????,???????????,????? 7 ??/300 WM???,??????? IP67?

? MH25 ??,PFN640+ ??????????,?????????????:?????????,????????,??????(??),????????????(1-6x LPVO)?????,MH25 ??????????,???????????????????????

??,PFalcon 640+(? MH25 ??)??????????????? PVS-14 ????(????????,??????)?

iRay ????????????????????,??????????????????????????? PFalcon 640+ ??????????????????,????????????????????

??? 640 x 512 12um
?? F/2.5
???? 600m
???? 1070m
??? <= 40mK
?? 50Hz
?? 17.2 x 13.7
??? -4 ? +4
???? 1 ?
???? 1-4 ?
???? >=5 ??
???? 18650
??? 1024x768 AMOLED
?? 64GB
?? 355g
???? IP67
???? -40C ? 55C


IRay PFalcon 640+(??RH25)??????
• ??(2 ?——????????,????????????)
• ????(????)
• ?????????
• USB ?????(??)
• ???
• 18650 ? 18700 ????
• ???(????)
• PFalcon ???????????
• ?????
• ???
• ??(?????????/??????????)
• ??????

PFalcon640+ ???????
IrayUSA RH25 ???????


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