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PrimaLuceLab EAGLE 3 - Control unit for telescopes and astrophotography - Hot Product 2017 by Sky&Telescope
PrimaLuceLab EAGLE3 - Control unit for telescopes and astrophotography

PrimaLuceLab EAGLE 3 - Control unit for telescopes and astrophotography - Hot Product 2017 by Sky&Telescope

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Choose Options or Accessories if Applicable

EQMOD USB interface
EQMOD USB interface for EQ6 [+CAD89.00]
EQMOD USB interface for EQ5, HEQ5, AZ-EQ5, AZ-EQ6 and EQ8 [+CAD89.00]
Cables to power instruments from Eagle Options
Cables and power units to power Eagle

Forget having to connect your telescope to a laptop or desktop computer with lengthy cables, and big batteries. With the EAGLE3 you will spend less time setting up your equipment and more time imaging! In a single control unit you have a powerful Windows 10 Enterprise computer (faster and more stable than standard computers), quick SSD storage, an 8 port USB hub (4 high speed USB 3.0 ports plus 4 USB 2.0 ports that can be remotely turned on/off), an advanced power distribution system for all of your imaging accessories with 7 power out ports (4 x 12V out plus 3x variable 0-12V ports for dew heaters control) and a special WiFi system to remotely control the telescope from any smartphone, tablet or external computer (including Mac). Everything is controlled via the included EAGLE Manager software and housed in a beautiful rigid aluminum case designed with our flexible PLUS mounting system, allowing you to perfectly connect the EAGLE to any telescope.

Thanks to the innovative design protected by international patent application and Italian utility model, you will no longer need need an uncomfortable laptop, large batteries and lengthy cables to control and power your telescope. The EAGLE is much more than a computer!

Digital astrophotography can be complicated: if you want to take the best photos of the night sky, you not only need a telescope, mount and a camera… You will also need a list of accessories like a guide camera, motorized focuser, and dew heaters, and they all need to be powered and controlled with the proper software. This can quickly turn any telescope into a complicated mess of tangled cables! EAGLE solves all the problems and make astrophotography easier and quicker!

EAGLE3, control unit for telescopes and astrophotography



Don’t let others decide for you what telescope to use and how to make astrophotography! The EAGLE is the first and only really universal device, designed to improve your astrophotography!

Compatible with:

all astrophotography software like MaximDL, Sequence Generator Pro, PRISM, PHD Guiding, TheSkyX, BackyardEOS/Nikon, Stellarium, ASCOM platform, SharpCap, FireCapture, Nebulosity, and many more!

all devices with Windows 10 software and drivers from many manufacturers including 10micron, Atik, Avalon-Instruments, Canon, Celestron, Gemini Telescope Design, Losmandy, Moravian, Nikon, PlaneWave, QHYCCD, QSI, SBIG, SkyWatcher, Software Bisque, Starlight Xpress, ZWO and much more!

EAGLE has been recognized as Hot Product 2017 by the famous american astronomy magazine Sky&Telescope!








Technical comment by Filippo: "EAGLE3 is not only a computer, it's the innovative control unit that both controls all the telescope’s devices and powers them all. When I’m at home, I control my EAGLE powered telescope that I install in my backyard and I’m in my living room. When I move searching for the best clear sky, the telescope is in the field and I stay in my warm car and control it as if I would be there! Thanks to the low power consumption, I don’t need big batteries, I can power all my devices also with a compact, light lithium one."




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