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Pulsar Axion Thermal Imaging Scopes

Posted by Brandon Optics on 6/18/2019 to New Releases
Pulsar Axion Thermal Imaging Scopes
The Axion, as it is the smallest, lightest and most compact Thermal Imaging monocular ever released by Pulsar; available in two models, differing by the focal length of the main Germanium lens – following a long standing tradition, the naming of the devices include the focal length, so we have the XM30, with a 4x, and the XM38, with 5.5x native magnification. The native magnification may seem high considering the focal length of the objective lens, but it is thanks to the very high “crop factor” offered by the much smaller size of the 12µm sensor that makes it possible; a 4x digital zoom is also available.

This is the “mystery monocular” of which we exclusively published leaked images some time ago and indeed, we can confirm that its technology is unlike any previously fielded by Pulsar. Additionally, an entry-level version of the Axion XM30 is available, the “Key XM30”, using a Chalcogenide lens instead of Germanium (yielding a lower 2.5x native magnification), an LCOS microdisplay and no support for Wi-Fi and Stream Vision.

The material of the housing has been upgraded from the composite technopolymer used in most of Pulsar’s optronic products to a rugged machined Magnesium alloy, for the ultimate in strength and lightness.

Both Axion monoculars sport a color 1024x768 AMOLED microdisplay in the eyepiece, built-in video recording capability, support for the Wi-Fi operated Stream Vision smartphone app, USB port,almost instant-on performance thanks to state-of-the-art electronic technology and processing engine. The Axion XM 30 and 38 weigh respectively only 250 and 270 grams, and measure 143x41x69mm and 149x49x70mm, due essentially to the larger 38mm objective lens. Power is supplied via a 18650 Li-Ion rechargeable battery.

Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or a professional, the Pulsar Axion thermal monocular range caters to all your needs. These lightweight compact devices are perfect for hiking, cycling, hunting, tracking and more at any time of the day or night.

Pulsar has managed to integrate thermal technology features that can now fit into the palm of your hand. With the easy to use interfaces, anyone can enjoy the Axion series.

If your looking to buy your first thermal monocular on a budget we recommend the Axion Key. While you won't be able to record or stream video with it the thermal image quality is top notch for the price.

For those of you looking to upgrade your thermal moncular or are looking for a smaller high quality monocular with all the bells and whistles but don't need the long detection range of the Axion XM38, the XM30 is a great choice.

Go capture those important moments of your life and share them with all your friends & family by getting your very own Axion thermal monocular.

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