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Pulsar Helion Thermal Imaging Scopes

The Helion line is based on two core body instruments, the XP and the XQ; the difference is in the resolution of the 17µm sensor, 640x480 pixels and 384x288 pixels respectively. The body is constructed using composite polymer materials for maximum strength and is IPX7 waterproof rated.

Three focal lengths are available, 50, 38 and 28mm for the XP, and 50, 38 and 19mm for the XQ. A new feature is that the lenses are easily interchangeable, using a bayonet mount, so that additional lenses can be purchased to improve performance or to suit specific tasks. All models offer up to 50hz frame rate. The Helion line includes advanced functions such as wifi connectivity for real time “stream vision” to iOS and Android devices, integrated video recording – with 8gb of internal storage, and improved modular Li-Ion B-Pack power units  for 8 hours of use; extended power packs and standard battery adapters are also available. A universal remote control is also optionally available to control all the features of the monocular.

Modification Microbolometer resolution, pixels Magnification, ? Range of detection, m (object (high*width = 1,7*0,5m)
Helion XP50 640x480 2.5 ... 20 1800
Helion XP38 640x480 1.9 ... 15.2 1350
Helion XQ38F 384x288 3.1 ... 12.4 1350
Helion XQ50F
Helion XP28
4.1 ... 16.4
1.4 ... 11.2
Helion XQ19F 384x288 1.6 ... 6.4 700
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