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Sector Optics T2 Thermal Imager with Rangefinder - To be used in conjunction with Sector Optics G1 ID Scope 1-8x24
Sector Optics T2 Thermal Imager with Rangefinder

Sector Optics T2 Thermal Imager with Rangefinder - To be used in conjunction with Sector Optics G1 ID Scope 1-8x24

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Part Number:SO-T2C-01

Sector Optics is a new brand offering unique solution in optical and electro-optical devices. Product lines include new ID™ Internal Display systems, thermal imagers and many other optical commercial products.

Sector Optics is a division of Torrey Pines Logic, Inc.

T2™ System offers exceptional feature set commonly found in more expensive devices:

  • Real optical 3-8x zoom on thermal imager
  • On-board image processing enhancement modes
  • Video and photo on-board recording
  • USB port with power input and software updates
  • 2x CR123 or 1x 18650 rechargeable battery
  • Incorporation of up to 1000 meter LRF module with full controls
  • First product to use ID™ embedded display technology
  • Used in handheld or mounted configuration

Excellent product in situational awareness for hunters or conducting search operations.


Size: 108mm x 49mm x 96mm
Weight: 400g without battery
Zoom: 3-8x Continuous optical zoom with auto focus adjustment
Field-of-View: from 18.7° to 7°
Min. Focus Distance: 2 meters
Min. Range Distance: 20 meters
Focus: 1Focus free
Spectral Range: 8-14 micron
Power: CR123, 3V – 8+ hours of operation
Resolution: 160×120 pixels FLIR Lepton
Display: 1.5? OLED
Operating Temp.: -10° to +45° C
Frame rate/Shutter: 9Hz with shutter

The Sector Optics G1T2 system consists of the company’s G1 scope with their ID (Internal Display) technology and the T2 thermal imager and rangefinder combination device. The T2 sits over the scope, in front of the turrets. It is plugged into the scope and basically allows to transmit the thermal image and range estimation values into the G1 scope’s internal display.

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