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Sky-Watcher EQ5 SynScan GOTO Mount  - Sky at Night magazine Magazine Verdict: 87%
Sky-Watcher EQ5 SynScan GPS

Sky-Watcher EQ5 SynScan GOTO Mount - Sky at Night magazine Magazine Verdict: 87%

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GO-TO Mount Accessories
Polar Scopes
Mounting Plates
Control Cable & Soft Control Cable
93116 Soft control cable 33cm for EQ2, AZ1, AZ3 [+CAD15.00]
93115 Soft control cable 28cm for EQ1, EQ2, AZ3 [+CAD15.00]
93112 Control cable 23cm for EQ1 [+CAD15.00]
93114 Soft control cable 18cm for EQ3 [+CAD10.00]
93111 Control cable 16cm for EQ1 [+CAD15.00]
93113 Soft control cable 9cm for EQ3, 80/400 Table top [+CAD10.00]

The Sky-Watcher EQ5 white is an excellent and economical mount that can handle a wide variety of telescope optical tubes. We commonly mount 80mm (3.1") to 235mm (9.25") optical tubes and they hold solidly.


  • Saddle accepts 44mm (1.75") dovetail bars (compatible with Vixen, Sky-Watcher, Celestron CG-5, Orion and more)
  • Automatically track objects with accuracy.
  • Synscan computer drive locates and tracks objects automatically.
  • Includes GPS receiver - automatically sets longitude, latitude, time and date

Mount Specifications

  • Mount Type: German Equatorial style
  • Polar Finder: Included, Northern/Southern
  • Analog setting circles
  • Heavy duty stainless steel tripod
  • Includes one 8" dovetail bar
  • Color: White w/ black motor covers
  • One year warranty

Computer Drive Specifications

  • SynScan computerized go-to system
  • 13740 objects in the database including complete Messier, NGC, and IC catalogues
  • RS-232 port (can be used via USB-to-RS232 adapter, or Orion's Bluestar Bluetooth Wireless/USB adapter)
  • Flash-upgradeable firmware
  • GPS included
  • ST4 compatible autoguider port
  • Periodic error correction (PEC)
  • Positioning Accuracy up to 1 arc minute
  • Accuracy enhanced by software collimation error (mount mechanical error) compensation
  • Brushless Stepper motors, 1.8° step angle, 32 micro steps, 6,400 microsteps for one full drive shaft rotation
  • Slewing speed up to 3.4°/sec (800X)
  • Guiding speed selectable from 0.25X, 0.50X, 0.75X, or 1X
  • Includes 12v car plug-in adapter
  • Requires 12v DC 2A (Tip positive)

GPS Features

  • GPS plugs into Synscan RS-232 port
  • GPS can also be used with a PC
  • Includes USB-to-Serial adapter w/ cable for controlling Synscan over USB

GPS Specifications

  • Receiver Type: 12 parallel channel, L1 C/A code
  • Accuracy: Position 5m CEP, Velocity 0.1m/sec
  • Startup Time: < 10sec hot start, < 35sec warm start, < 50sec cold start
  • Reacquisition: 1sec
  • Sensitivity: -140dBm acquisition, -150dBm tracking
  • Update Rate: 1Hz
  • Dynamics: 4G(39.2m/sec2)
  • Operational Limits: Altitude < 18,000m or velocity < 515m/sec
  • Serial Interface: RS-232 level
  • Protocol #1 NMEA-0183 V3.01 4800 bps, 8, N, 1(Default)
  • Protocol #2 SynScan Position, Velocity & Time II Binary Message.
  • Input Voltage: 3.8V ~ 8.0V
  • Current Consumption: < 100mW
  • Dual mode for using with both SynScan GOTO system and personal computer
  • USB adapter cable included for connecting to a personal computer
  • Compatible with NMEA compliant road map software
  • Build-in magnet to adhere to iron metal surface

Weights and Dimensions

  • Carrying capacity 11kg (24lbs) (not including counterweights)
  • Tripod Weight 5.5kg (12.1lbs)
  • Mount Weight 6kg (13.2lbs)
  • Counterweight 5kg (11lbs)
  • Total Weight: 15.7kg (34.5lbs)
  • Mount Height 38cm (17")
  • Tripod Height 84-116cm (33-45.5")
  • Tripod Legs Outside Diameter 44.55mm (1.75") and 32mm (1.25")

Sky-Watcher EQ5 Review 

July 2010 issue of Sky at Night magazine

When we unpacked the EQ5 PRO, the first thing that struck us was its sheer size. With its legs retracted, it stands at 118cm tall and reaches 150cm when fully extended – a bit high for some Newtonian owners perhaps.

The 44mm stainless steel legs are held rigidly by a chunky spreader, which has a good selection of accessory holes. The white finish is attractive and functional. A bubble level helps you get the tripod level, and the structure is rigid at all heights. Rather long, soft rubber feet cause a bit of movement when you press the mount, but this doesn’t seem to affect performance.

Heavy load
The mount head seems well built and capable of supporting quite a load. Our model came with two counterweights and certainly seemed capable of handling its stated maximum payload of 9kg.

The SynScan controller is identical to the one provided with Sky-Watcher's smaller EQ3 PRO mount and boasts over 40,000 objects, plus common features such as periodic error correction and an autoguider port, as found on the Meade and Celestron hand controllers. We liked the glowing buttons, which are printed with a number of commonly used functions such as ‘Planet’, ‘Tour’ and ‘Rate’. This made the menu easier to navigate.

Setting up the tripod was simple enough and a decent polar finderscope enabled us to achieve a fairly accurate alignment. We set up at twilight, which meant we could easily see the reticule, but when it was dark we wished it was illuminated like the Meade’s finder. Power is provided via a cigarette lighter plug cable, so the cost of a suitable 12V power supply needs to be factored in to any purchase.

The SynScan setup routine was very easy to follow and it is possible to enter precise latitude and longitude co-ordinates for your location, not just the nearest city. There are no markings on the body of the mount so we had to judge the ‘home’ position by eye before we started the alignment process. When we carried out our first two-star alignment, though, we found the Go-To accuracy to be very good indeed. Deep-sky targets were easily located on both east and west sides of the mount, while planets and the Moon were similarly well placed in the eyepiece.

Throughout, we appreciated the quiet running motors; even when making large Go-To slews, the mount is quieter than most we've tested, and slewing was acceptably fast as well. 

The EQ5 mount is from a well-established pedigree and has the look and feel of a traditional equatorial mount with a stable field tripod. In every respect, we felt this mount performed very well.

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