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Sky-Watcher Esprit 120ED AZ-EQ6 SynScan Telescope
Sky-Watcher Esprit 120ED Super APO Triplet

Sky-Watcher Esprit 120ED AZ-EQ6 SynScan Telescope

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“I’m pleased to report that the Esprit 120 really performed.”

“I compared its performance with high-end Officina Stellare and Astro-Physics 105mm and 130mm apos employing similar premium glass. Even at high magnification with a 3mm eyepiece, star images appeared just as sharp,aberration-free and colourless as the best.  I was Impressed.”

“it exhibited none of the aberration oddities I’ve seen in some test telescopes, effects created by cold temperatures pinching optics.”

“…the Esprit 120’s performance matches the best in the business at a competitive price…”

“Sky-Watcher’s Esprit refractors become very attractive options for anyone looking for the best.”


- Three pages review on SkyNews by Alan Dyer

Review in SkyNews MAR/APR 2012 (  | review).


Sky-Watcher Esprit 120ED APO Refracting Telescope

Esprit 120ED and 150ED Super APO refractors have a doublet field flattener to get a flat field and minimize aberration and distortion. Their M48 adapter for cameras assure larger clear aperture than M42 adapter to reduce halation as much as possible. Connect the triplet and doublet field flattener with a high precision thin thread to keep the optical axis perpendicular to the image. 

Main Features:
- Premium optical materials
- Short focal length and full frame corrected focal plane
- Excellent field flatness
- Precision linear power focuser is standard
- Metallic high-transmission lens coatings
- Light-baffled optical systems
- Telescope tube attachment hardware

All Sky-Watcher Esprit refractors come with a 9 x 50 right angle finderscope, 2-inch Star diagonal, 2-element field flattener, camera adapter, D-style dovetail and padded case. Everything you need to get out under the stars.

AZ-EQ6 SynScan
The Sky-Watcher AZ-EQ6 SynScan gives optimal stability and pointing accuracy for a wide variety of heavy professional photo and video equipments. It is a hybrid mount with alt-azimuth capability for general use, and equatorial capability for astrophotography use. Supplied with a SynScan handset with dual AZ/EQ firmware, it can automatically find and track over 42,900 celestrial objects from its database. 

AZ-EQ6 SynScan is capable of carrying heavy-duty photographic equipments for professional shooting and video recording. It allows accurate repeatable pointing on 6 programmable targets and is a very efficient transportable mount weighing only 15 kg, for a load capacity of 20 kg (counterweight excluded).

An excellent feature of the AZ-EQ6 SynScan is the patented dual-encoder technology.  This technology allows the telescope to be moved manually either axis without the mount losing its positional information which gives enormous freedom and convenience for users.

New Features: 

? Germen Equitorial / Alt-Az dual mode
? Permanent period error correction(PPEC). PPEC can be trained with Autoguider or PC.
? Belt drive - Super smooth PE curve. Low backlash, silent slewing.
? Shutter release control for batch exposures of astrophotography.
? Motor controller with high torque and accuracy.
? Include two dual-fit (45mm/75mm) saddle for mounting two telescopes.
? Improved reliable power supply outlet.
? New motor controller with higher torque and accuracy.
? Polar-alignment with polar-scope or SynScan HC's polar-alignment routine. (Other dual mode mounts in the market do not have a polar scope.)
? Primary axis encoder tracks the mount's position. Usera can push the mount at any time without worrying about loosing the mount's alignment.
Two Dual-fit Saddles
Two 5kg counterweights

Note: Baader filter and solar finder must be used during all sun observations to avoid damage to your eyes.

Tracking Accuracy: 0.1436 arc minutes
DSLR Electronic SHutter RElease Port : Yes
Autoguider Port: Yes
PEC control in EQ mode
Polar Alginment : via software control or supplied polar scope
Alignment methods: 1, 2, or 3 star alignment (EQ) / brightest star or 2 star alignment (AZ)
Telescope Connection: 2 x dual-fit saddle plates supplied accepting 45mm & 75mm dovetail bars
RA/DEC Worm Gears: D=92.5mm, 180 teeth, brass
RA/DEC Axes: D=40mm, steel
Latitude Adjustment Rage: 10o to 70o, 90o
Azimuth Adjustment Range: About ± 9o

Read this review of Sky-Watcher's wonderful new mount.

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