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Sky-Watcher Wave 150i Strainwave Goto Mount with EQ and AZ modes
Sky-Watcher Wave 150i Strainwave Goto Mount with EQ and AZ modes

Sky-Watcher Wave 150i Strainwave Goto Mount with EQ and AZ modes

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Optional Accessories
S30910 Wave carbon fiber tripod, • 29-inch (747mm) maximum extended length • 19.7-inch (500mm) minimum retracted length • 44-pound (20kg) payload • Weighs 5.3 pounds (2.4kg) (+CAD510.00)
S30912 Wave tripod extension tube, • Extension tube for Wave carbon fiber tripod • 7-inch (180mm) length • 3.9-inch (100mm) radius • Weighs 2.4 pounds (1.1kg) (+CAD220.00)
S30914 Wave counterweight kit - Counterweight bar: 0.79-inch (20mm) , 1.6-ppound (.72kg) weight • Extension bar: 0.79-inch (20mm) , 0.78-ppound (.35kg) weight • Counterweight: 11-pound(5kg) (+CAD150.00)

The Sky-Watcher 150i is built based on strain wave design, also known as harmonic which harbor a number of benefits including highly precise tracking, crucial for capturing long exposure images, minimal backlash, ensuring stable tracking, compact design for convenient transportation, and a remarkable payload to weight ratio, allowing for the use of various equipment.

EQ/AZ Harmonic Drive Sky-Watcher Wave 150i mount with large load capacity for traveling astrophotographers. With a weight of around just 6kg, the Sky-Watcher Wave 150i mount is equipped with a transmission with harmonic reducer, ideal for supporting even heavy tubes without the need for counterweights.

With the new Sky-Watcher Wave 150i mount, the new frontier of long exposure astrophotography is finally within everyone's reach. The particular construction scheme of the harmonic motion reducers present in the Sky-Watcher Wave mounts allows maintaining high compactness and, at the same time, achieving a high load capacity even without counterweights: without a counterweight it is possible to use the Sky-Watcher mount Wave with optical tubes weighing up to 15Kg. In case of use with counterweights, the load capacity increases to approximately 25kg.

The harmonic drive motors from AR and DEC guarantee, in addition to a high payload, also smooth and backlash-free operation. The reduction on the AR and DEC axes is 300:1.

Minimalist design with attention to detail and with body made of AL6061 aluminum alloy worked with CNC technique.

Wired connectivity thanks to the USB-B port, the RJ45 socket for connecting the Sky-Watcher SynScan control panel, as well as the autoguiding system with RJ12 port. Also equipped with a SNAP connector for connecting cameras directly to the mount.

The additional Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features guarantee stable and easy-to-configure connectivity with almost all commercially available hardware and software devices, especially with the Sky-Watcher SynScan PRO app for iOS and Android devices.

The Sky-Watcher Wave mount requires only 12V for regular operation, with a consumption during the tracking phase of approximately 0.4A and up to 2A during the GOTO phases.

The connection of the optical tubes is possible with both Losmandy CGE and Vixen CG5 type dovetail bars.

The rich functions of the mount are completed by the complete locking of the RA axis to facilitate the assembly of the counterweights safely and easily, intelligent wiring management, setting of the RA and DEC limits and also the setting of the HOME position. The mount is also equipped with red LED lighting for the spirit level and the latitude indicator to facilitate viewing even in the dark.

The mount works with Optional Carbon tripod, extendable legs and counterweight kit.

Wave 150i Strainwave Mount Features

  • The Sky-Watcher 150i is modeled upon strain wave design, commonly referred to as harmonic.
  • Wave 150i weighs only 12.8 lbs, yet can withstand a native payload capacity of 33 lbs and 55 lbs, with and without a counterweight respectively.
  • Transmission ratio of 300:1.
  • The maximum slew rate of 2400x (10° per second).
  • The Sky-Watcher Wave 100i has a working latitude range of 0° to 90°.
  • Sideral, lunar, and solar tracking supported.
  • DC 12V power requirement.
  • Comes with a single Vixen and Losmandy saddle.
  • Compatible with dual AZ/EQ mode.

Benefits of Strainwave Designs

The Sky-Watcher 150i is modeled upon strain wave design, commonly referred to as harmonic. These type of mount mechanics come packed with a number of advantages for astrophotography, including very accurate precision tracking which is pertinent for longer exposure imaging, low backlash and smooth motion for stable tracking, compact designs for easier transport and a relatively high payload to weight ratio to accomodate a much wider range of equipment.

33 lbs Payload Capacity

The Sky-Watcher Wave 150i weighs only 12.8 lbs, yet it can withstand a native payload capacity of 33 lbs without counterweights, but up to 55 lbs with a countweight.

Transmission Ratio of 300:1 Ensures Smooth Slewing and Tracking

The Wave 150i has a transmission ratio of 300:1, which represents a relatively high level of tracking and slewing accuracy since motor torque and rotation is divided into smaller increments, lessening any impact of jolts between rotations that could be apparent the longer exposures become. The maximum slew rate of the 150i is 2400x (10° per second).

Works at any Latitude

The Sky-Watcher Wave 150i has a working latitude range of 0° to 90°, meaning it can be operated successfully at any latitude and doesn't suffer from limitations on more traditional gear mounts with counterweight obstruction and zenith out of range.

Supports Multiple Tracking

The Wave 150i supports sideral, lunar and solar tracking. This means it can be reliably used for nighttime astrophotography, moon capture and stunning solar imaging!


UPC 810098970433
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Periodic Error Correction Yes

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