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New Kowa TSN-99 PROMINAR and New TE-80xw eyepiece!

Posted by Kowa Sporting Optics, USA on 8/11/2021 to New Releases
Kowa has officially introduced their new flagship TSN-99 PROMINAR spotting scope series. The spotting scopes will be available for pre-order starting today, with product distribution beginning in September 2021.

Kowa's goal was simple - create an optic delivering one of the brightest and widest view of nature. They've created the TSN-99 PROMINAR series because their desire to push the boundaries of optical performance is at the forefront of everything they do. Kowa created the TSN-99 PROMINAR series because they wanted to deliver one of the most immersive and detailed views of the natural world.

The Kowa TSN-880 PROMINAR spotting scope, despite being on the market for almost two decades was and still is to this day the envy of the sporting optics industry. It’s a testament to the generations of Japanese optical engineers that have developed Kowa’s unique optical design and engineering techniques over many years. But pioneers don’t stand still - they push forward and onward always trying to improve, it’s what Kowa has done for over 60 years, and they're not about to stop now.

The TSN-99 PROMINAR Series is the evolution of over six decades of Japanese optical design and technology. It utilizes the very best from Kowa's optical heritage and benefits from features, technology, and engineering developed by generations of Kowa optical experts.

The TSN-99 series is a 99mm spotting scope utilizing both pure fluorite and XD lens in its construction. The TE-11WZ II eyepiece provides a 30-70x range of magnification and the existing accessories for the 88/77 series are compatible with the new 99.

The 99 scope will build on the quality of the existing 88 series with upgrades to the lens elements, coatings, and exterior design aesthetic. The new scope will be able to utilize the accessories that are available for the 88 and 77 scope series, such as, TE-20H/TSN-EX16/TSN-PA7/Existing TE-11WZs. The TE-11WZ will be replaced in these kits with the new, TE-11WZ II. Very similar to the existing model with the big change being the markings to notate the range of zoom on the 77/88 (25-60x) and the 99 (30-70x).

Also, you will find that Kowa has a new, fixed magnification, super wide eyepiece for the new 99 (also will fit 88/77): the TE-80XW. This 80 degree eyepiece has the widest field of view of any scope eyepiece on the market. This is a fantastic eyepiece for those that are passionate about digiscoping and prefer a wide field of view to higher zoom. The magnification for this eyepiece is 40x for the 99 and 35x for the 88/77.

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How to choose a spotting scope for target shooting

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Kowa TSN-883 Prominar Black Edition 125 Year Anniversary Limited Edition Kit

Posted by Brandon Optics on 8/22/2019 to New Releases
As part of our 125th anniversary celebrations we will launch an exclusive anniversary model of our flagship TSN-883 PROMINAR pure fluorite crystal spotting scope.

Olivon OT84EDO HD LENS Spotting Scope (Accessories Included)

Posted by Louis on 4/13/2012 to Spotting Scopes
Hello I enjoyed doing business with you because you have been diligent. I started using my ot84 Edo and I am very satisfied. Thank you for the service and I will certainly talk about the product and the distributor on good terms. Thank you and hope to do business with you again Louis
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