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Sytong XS06 / XS06LRF Thermal Imaging Monoculars (without / with a Rangefinder) - The best alternative to Pulsar Aixon Line
Sytong XS06 / XS-06LRF Thermal Imaging Monoculars (without / with a Rangefinder)

Sytong XS06 / XS06LRF Thermal Imaging Monoculars (without / with a Rangefinder) - The best alternative to Pulsar Aixon Line

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XS06-19 384x288 Objective lens: f19 / F1.0, 30mm, Detection range 955m
XS06-25 384x288 Objective lens: f25 / F1.0, 50mm, Detection range 1250m (+CAD300.00)
XS06-35 384x288 Objective lens: f35 / F1.0, 50mm, Detection range 1750m (+CAD500.00)
Rangefinder (LRF):
Without Rangefinder
With Rangefinder (+CAD200.00)
Product Highlights
  • Ideal for hunting & observation
  • Temperature display via 5 color modes
  • Large field of view with a high detection distance of up to 2500 m
  • Modern sensor with high resolution (640x512 px) and detail level (12 µm)
  • Optional rangefinder with up to 1200 m
  • Live transmission to mobile devices possible
  • Can be used day and night
  • Long battery life of up to 8 hours with automatic switch-off
  • Waterproof according to protection class IP67

The Sytong XS-06 thermal imaging camera is a versatile thermal device for hunting, animal and nature observation. It has a highly sensitive IR sensor with a fine 12 µm pixel size and high resolution of 640x512 pixels, which allows deer to be identified at a distance of up to 2,000 meters and vehicles at a distance of up to 2,500 meters. The device offers numerous features, including up to 6x digital zoom, a high-quality manual focus lens and an AMOLED display for a high-contrast image with great color and tone depth. The image optimization function allows users to see details in the image even under difficult viewing conditions. There are five color palettes to choose from, allowing the user to customize the image according to their preferences. The innovative hot tracking function also makes tracking moving targets easier. The built-in microphone allows you to record videos with sound and save them to an SD card of up to 32GB.

The Sytong XS-06 thermal imaging device is available in various versions with different magnifications and correspondingly large fields of view to meet individual needs. It is compact, lightweight and easy to use, making it a reliable support in diverse application scenarios. Discover the world of thermal imaging with the powerful Sytong XS-06 thermal imaging device.

Efficient and precise use of the versatile thermal imaging device

Modern thermal imaging technology for versatile applications: The thermal imaging device has a high-resolution 640x512 px sensor with an impressive level of detail of 12 µm pixel size, which can detect even subtle temperature differences. The OLED screen ensures a detailed and clear representation of the thermal image. With the integrated WLAN module, the XS-06 thermal imaging camera can also be seamlessly connected to smartphones or tablets to enable even more versatile use.

Optional integrated rangefinder for precise target determination:  The thermal imaging device optionally has a built-in rangefinder in the XS-06-LRF version. This rangefinder has a range of up to 1200 meters and a wavelength of 905 nm. With a measuring accuracy of +/- 1 meter, it enables precise and reliable distance measurement in various situations. The optionally integrated rangefinder is an indispensable tool for precise target determination. The high accuracy and range extend the versatility of the thermal imaging camera.

Individuality & diverse applications in observation through 5 color modes

    White (White hot):  Standard palette for thermal imaging cameras with a good level of detail in grayscale and good visibility of hot spots.
    Night Contrast (Sky Mode / Defog):  White/black palette with increased contrast and deep blacks for improved target detection in fog, heavy clouds or distracting backgrounds.
    Black (Black hot):  Inverted palette for a more natural representation of the scene and an improved image in very cold weather conditions.
    Red (Red Hot):  White/black palette with hot spots in a gradient from red to yellow for improved detection of heat levels.
    Color (Fusion):  Red/Yellow/Purple/Blue color palette with a gradient from cold to warm colors for a finer classification of temperature differences.

Discover Sytong's versatile XS thermal imaging range with five different color palettes. Thanks to the contrast, the settings “Black Hot”, “White Hot” and especially “Sky Mode” are ideal for discovering, recognizing and addressing game. When traveling in densely vegetated environments, "Red Hot" allows you to quickly locate heat signatures. The “Fusion” mode is also ideal for detecting smaller temperature differences. Choose the setting that best suits your needs.

  • Flexible lens choice:  The Sytong XS-06 thermal imaging device offers the option of choosing from different objective lenses. The user can choose between different sizes, with larger objective lenses enabling sharper details and an increased detection distance. However, this is accompanied by a reduction in the field of vision. This flexibility allows the user to select the device for the specific requirements and needs of their application to achieve the best possible visibility in different environments.
Comparison of models with different sized objective lenses
  • 19mm:  22.9 x 18.4° field of view | up to 1050 m detection distance (wild) | 0.9x basic magnification
  • 25mm:  17.5 x 13.1° field of view | up to 1400 m detection distance (wild) | 1.2x basic magnification
  • 35mm:    12.5 x 9.4° field of view | up to 2000 m detection distance (wild) | 1.7x basic magnification
Technical data: Sytong XS-06
Digital zoom: 2x - 8x
Frame rate: 50Hz
Display resolution: 1024x768 px
Display type: OLED
Sensor resolution: 640x512 px
Video recording resolution: 1024x768 px
Photo capture resolution: 1024x768 px
Sensor pixel size: 12µm
NETD: = 25mK
Diopter compensation: -5 to +5 dpt
Length: 156mm
Width: 54mm, 68mm
Height: 75mm
Weight: 0.308kg, 0.390kg
Water resistance: Protection class IP67
Operating temperatur: -20°C to +50°C
Memory card compatibility: Micro SD up to max. 32 GB
Battery/rechargeable battery life: up to 8 hours
In the Box
  • Sytong XS-06 thermal imaging camera optionally with integrated rangefinder
  • Hand strap
  • Battery type 18650
  • USB data cable Type-C
  • Power adapter
  • Allen key

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