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TILO-3 Thermal Goggle with Multifunctional Headlight - The world's shortest and lightest thermal imaging device
TILO-3 Thermal Goggle with Multifunctional Headlight

TILO-3 Thermal Goggle with Multifunctional Headlight - The world's shortest and lightest thermal imaging device

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Model Selections
TILO-3Z+ 60Hz, 320x256. It has a particularly high thermal resolution of <40mK and thus delivers even high-contrast images, even in poor ambient conditions. [+CAD9,199.00]
TILO-3Z+2×™ detection range of 1000 meters, viewing angle drops from 24° to 12° [+CAD9,999.00]
TILO-6Z+™ 640×512 pixel 60Hz Sensor resolution microbolometer and <40mK temperature resolution, twice the range of the TILO-3Z+™ [+CAD15,289.00]
240061 TILO Eyecup - prevents the leakage of stray light when the TILO is used as monocular. This means that the user remains unseen even in the dark for wildlife and humans. [+CAD89.00]
240070 Shutter Eyecup - attached like the normal eyecup but is equipped with a mechanism which causes an automatic closure of the eyepiece when the TILO is removed or folded up. [+CAD229.00]
380215 TILO-Videocable [+CAD169.00]
380217 TILO-Videorecorder - Compatible with all TILO models except TILO-3Z™ and TILO-6Z™. [+CAD289.00]
380210 Power-Cable for TILO-3/6 - Cable is used to power all TILO models via the waterproof connector (IP68). The USB side is not waterproof! [+CAD69.00]
382014 TILO Battery Extension - If this is screwed to the TILO instead of the normal battery cap, either two normal batteries or an extended battery e.g. TILO Rechargable Battery can be used. [+CAD99.00]
382016 TILO Battery Charger 16650 - Scope of delivery: one charger with USB cable and plug [+CAD69.00]
382017 TILO afocal lens 3× - increase the range of your TILO enormously. The unique feature of this lens is that there is no noticeable loss of dynamic range even with 3× magnification. [+CAD3,999.00]
382018 TILO extension piece for helmet adapter - With the TILO extension piece the helmet adapter is extended and thus offers a larger distance between TILO and eye. [+CAD49.00]
380203 Helmet adapter - suitable for ballistic helmets. The Shroud remains free to attach residual light amplifier night vision devices. By operating the release lever, the TILO™ can be removed [+CAD129.00]
380202 TILO-Headband incl. Adapter - A headband can also be used instead of the helmet adapter. Since this can be moved freely on the head the adjustment is much easier. [+CAD149.00]
380206 External power supply - It can be attached to the back of the helmet. The operating time in thermal image mode thus increases to up to 8 hours. [+CAD209.00]
Tripod Adapter - With the tripod adapter, the TILO can be mounted on a standard tripod. It is mounted upside down. The video recording function is correct in this orientation, so it is not upside down [+CAD99.00]
000000 TILO 30mm Camera-Adaptor - used to mount the TILO thermal imaging goggles in front of other lenses with an outside diameter of 30mm. [+CAD339.00]
MNT-TILO-HMT, TILO-Standard Helmet Mount [+CAD189.00]
MNT-TILO-HMT, Mount TILO Thermal 40MM [+CAD269.00]
MNT-TILO-30MM, Mount TILO Thermal 30MM [+CAD269.00]
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Special Order / Made Accordingly help
With the innovative TILO-3™ (Thermal Imaging Light Optic), Andres Ind. have not only developed the smallest thermal imagers in the world with a length of 4cm, but also created the completely new product group of thermal headlights by combining them with a forehead lamp. It is therefore a thermal imager that has all the functions of a tactical helmet/headlight.

The TILO-3 is currently the shortest and lightest thermal imaging device with a length of only 4cm (1.57in) and a weight of 100g/3.5oz. Extremely small and lightweight thermal goggle COMBINED with sophisticated headlight. Hand-held or helmet mounted device for easy detection and identification. Multifunctional and flexible in use.

For years, Andres Industries AG has developed and produced one of the smallest thermal imaging devices in the world - the
TIMRO-X. We also equip special units worldwide with night vision and fusion thermal imaging technology. With our latest device, the extremely small (100g/3.5oz) TILO-3, we are now creating a completely new product category (Pat. pend.)- the thermal head lamps. This device is equally suitable for public authorities as well as for private users.

Thermal mode

By folding down the TILO-3 and opening the lens flap it becomes a thermal imaging monocular which has a very high
thermal resolution of up to <40mK. This almost corresponds to the performance of large cooled thermal imagers and makes orientation possible even in indoor areas and low-dynamic environments. This is also due to the large viewing angle of

Ultra low profile: The TILO-3 is currently the shortest and lightest thermal imaging device with a length of only 4cm (1.57in) and a weight of 100g/3.5oz.

Lamp mode

In the lamp mode, the thermal imaging sensor is switched off. The energy consumption is thus limited to the lamp functions.

Brightness: The three LEDs (white, red, IR) can be adjusted in brightness in 10 steps and have a luminous flux of up to 160 ANSI lumens (booster mode white).

Flashing function:

  • each color also with flashing function
  • SOS function
  • IFF encodings (government version)

Combined light- and thermal mode

In the thermal imaging mode it is also possible to use the lamp functions at the same time. This is extremely useful in finding missing persons. Striking heat sources vcan immediately be examined or assigned to other detectors. The Friend-foe identification of the IR light can be used in such scenario to distinguish different search teams.

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Detector Type Uncooled FPA Detector
Framerate 60 Hz
Pixel Array Format 320x240
Horizontal Field of View (HFOV) 24 degrees
Vertical Field of View (VFOV) 19 degrees
Digital Zoom 1x 2x 4x
Display 1746x960 monochrome / 873x500 color
Magnification 1x

Comparison Table

Which TILO is right for you? The best seller at the moment is certainly the Z+, but compare for yourself. We are also happy to advise you by telephone.

Model 2018-01-26_TILO-3_M_Oliv_Vorderseite_Klappe-Offen_1000x1000TILO-3M™ 2018-01-26_TILO-3_F_Rot_Vorderseite_Klappe-Offen_1000x1000TILO-3F™ 2018-01-26_TILO-3_Z_Schwarz_Vorderseite_Klappe-Offen_1000x1000TILO3Z™ 2018-01-26_TILO-3_Z_Schwarz_Vorderseite_Klappe-Offen_1000x1000TILO-3Z+™

Resolution Microbolometer

320x256 Pixel 60Hz 320x256 Pixel 9Hz 320x256 Pixel 60Hz
Usergroup military only available for civil user
Temperature resolution <40mK <60mK <40mK
Radiometric - yes - -
Zoom (digital) 0,8x, 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x
Optical magnification 1x
Spectralband / Pixel pitch 7,5-13,5µm / 12µm uncooled microbolometer
Suitable for sun light looking directly into the sun is possible for short periods
Filter mode White Hot, Black Hot, Red Hot, Cold Red, Cold Green, Rainbow, Rainbow HC, Iron Bow, Glowbow, Hottest
Video-Output PAL / NTSC PAL / NTSC n.a. PAL / NTSC
Display (OLED) Resolution color 873x500 Pixel
Field of View horizontal 24° / vertical 19°
Battery thermal only about 3:15h about 3:15h about 3:15h
Battery light only up to 24h
Helmet Mount adapter for ballistic helmets optional
Head Mount Head Mount adapter and head band optional
Light (three colors) white: (boost:160 ANSI lumes) normal 45 ANSI lumes, red (626nm): 24 ANSI lumes, IR (940nm)
Flashlight, SOS yes
Brightness control in 10 steps
Temperature operating: -20° to +60°C / storage -40° to +80°C
Water resistance IP 68 IP 65 IP 68
Shock MIL 810F 516 IV (26 drops from 1,22m / 4ft)
Material housing: polyamid, cold break resistant,
reinforced with nanotubes; color olive;
cover eyepiece made of crystal sapphire
housing: polyamid, cold break resistant,
reinforced with nanotubes; color red;
cover eyepiece made of crystal sapphire

housing: polyamid, color black; cover
eyepiece made of hardened

housing: polyamid, cold break resistant,
reinforced with nanotubes; color black;
cover eyepiece made of crystal sapphire
Dimensions length:40mm; width:64mm; hight:67mm (without accessories e.g. eye cup)
Weight approx. 100g w/o accessories
Accessories (optional) Eyecup, Shutter Eyecup, Standard Helmet Mount, helmet adaptors, MOLLE-pouch, External Power Supply with cable


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