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Takahashi EM-11 T-3 Mount w/3.5 kg CW, power interface and hand controller
Takahashi EM-11 T-3 Mount w/3.5 kg CW, power interface and hand controller

Takahashi EM-11 T-3 Mount w/3.5 kg CW, power interface and hand controller

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Your Price: CAD4,889.00
Usually ships in 5-7 business days, Initial delivery is expect in October 2020
Part Number:TTM35000

Choose Options or Accessories if Applicable

TWT40100 SHORT TPOD SE-S for EM200 [+CAD869.00]
TWT40200 MED TPOD SE-M for EM200 [+CAD1,039.00]
TWT40300 LONG TPOD SE-L for EM200 [+CAD1,129.00]
TWT40400 EXTRA LONG TPOD SE-LL for EM200 [+CAD1,209.00]
TWT70100 SHORT TPOD SR-S for EM400 [+CAD919.00]
TWT70200 MED TPOD SR-M for EM400 [+CAD1,129.00]
TWT70300 LONG TPOD SR-L for EM400 [+CAD1,199.00]
TWT70400 EXTRA LONG TPOD SR-LL for EM400 [+CAD1,299.00]
TCW01400 - 1.4 KG WEIGHT [+CAD139.00]
TCW02100 - 2.1 KG CW EM10/11 [+CAD149.00]
TCW03500 - 3.5KG CW EM10/11 [+CAD199.00]
TCW04600 - 4.6KG CW EM10/11 [+CAD229.00]
TCW05000 - 5KG CW EM200 [+CAD329.00]
TCW08000 - 8KG CW EM400 [+CAD499.00]
TCW10000 - 10KG CW EM500 [+CAD659.00]
TKP72432 - .4 KG TUBE WEIGHT M250 [+CAD169.00]
TKP72433 - 1.1KG TUBE WEIGHT M250 [+CAD199.00]
TKP72433 - 1.1KG TUBE WEIGHT M250 [+CAD199.00]
TBT0003 - DOVETAIL ADPTR FOR M250/300/BRC [+CAD469.00]
TKA84421 - DM MOUNTING PLATE FOR M-250 [+CAD369.00]
TMP02100 - L-PLATE FOR NJP/EM400/500 MTS [+CAD589.00]
TMP02200 - M PLATE EM200 156MM ID DBL TB HLDRS [+CAD269.00]
TMP02300 - M(S) PLATE E180 DBL RING TUBE HLDR [+CAD189.00]
TMP02400 Flat Plate (EM11, 200 and 400 mounts) [+CAD169.00]
Pier Adapters
TMT30200 - EM200 ADJ METAL TPOD (SE) [+CAD1,389.00]
TMT70300 - EM500 ADJ METAL TPOD (SR) [+CAD3,239.00]
TMT60300 - EM400 ADJ METAL TPOD (SQ) [+CAD3,239.00]
This is the latest generation of the Takahashi EM series of mounts, with built in USB and Wifi connectivity.

The Takahashi EM-11 Temma 3 equatorial mount is a German equatorial "GOTO" mount designed for loads up to 18.7 pounds.  Designed for use in latitudes between 20 and 50 degrees, this superp mount has a look and feel that one expects from a Takahashi product.  The mount features 144 tooth worm gears on both the right ascension and declination axis for precise slewing and tracking.


The EM-11 3 operates off 10.5 - 24 VDC and is capable of GOTO operation from a PC or Mac, with both medium and high speed slew rates of up to 350X, and slower manual slew rates for R.A. and Dec. adjustments.  Connection to the computer can be though a USB connection, a RS-232C connection, or using the built in Wifi capability. The mount features a built in, illuminated polar finder scope for accurate polar alignment, facilitating accurate tracking and GOTO's.  


To further enhance tracking capability, the mount is autoguider capable.  The mount comes equiped with manual scales for both right accension and declination, graduated at 10 minutes and 2 degrees, respectively.  A 7.9 lb counter is included.


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