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Takahashi FC-100DZ Steinheil Fluorite Doublet Apochromat Optical Tube Assembly
Takahashi FC-100DZ Steinheil Fluorite Doublet Apochromat Optical Tube Assembly

Takahashi FC-100DZ Steinheil Fluorite Doublet Apochromat Optical Tube Assembly

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Focusers, Extenders & Reducers
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TKA00551 6X30 Finderscope (+CAD319.00)
TKA00552 7X50 Finderscope (+CAD559.00)
TKA00552Y 7X50 Finderscope (Yellow) (+CAD609.00)
TKA00562 6X30 FINDER BRACKET (+CAD99.00)
TKA00563 7X50 FINDER BRACKET (+CAD159.00)
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TKA00563BB 7X50 FINDER BRACKET (Blue Black) (+CAD179.00)
TKA00569 7X50 FINDER BRACKET (CCA-250) (+CAD149.00)
SBP08110 Starbase 80 6x30 finder w/brakcet (+CAD109.00)
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Camera Angle Adapters & T-rings
Couplings, Other Accessories
TKP00101 EYEPIECE ADAPTER (1.25 INCH) (+CAD169.00)
TKP00104 COUPLING L (+CAD109.00)
TKP20005 FS-60CB Visual Adapter (+CAD129.00)
TKP20006B Coupling (DT) (+CAD89.00)
TKP00103 COUPLING S (+CAD99.00)
TKP00113 1.25" ADPTR FOR 2" OCULAR HLDR (+CAD139.00)
TKP19001 F 50.8 AD Adapter (+CAD169.00)
TKP20001 Aux. Ring (+CAD159.00)
TKP27110 2" VISUAL BACK (+CAD269.00)
TKP27110S 2" VISUAL BACK (FSQ) (+CAD269.00)
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The Takahashi FC-100DZ is the latest addition to Tak's Steinheil fluorite doublet refractor line-up. The high quality optics are optimized with a fluorite (CaF2) rear element and a front element made of low dispersion glass with a high refractive index. This combination produces wonderfully color corrected images with a Strehl ratio of 97.6% across the visible spectrum. Attached you will find spot, Strehl, and spherical aberration diagrams to support Takahashi's claims regarding these beautiful optics.

Like other refractors in the Takahashi FC-100 series, the 100DZ is compatible with the FC/FS Multi-Flattener and the FC-35 0.66X Reducer. This f/8 system will reduce to f/5.3 with the addition of said reducer, and provide full illumination to a full-frame sensor.

The FC-100DZ comes with the Takahashi 2.7" Rack & Pinion Focuser. It has a retractable dew shield. When the dew shield is retracted and any accessories are removed from the back end, the 100DZ becomes just 23.4" long, making it an easy scope to take with you to remote viewing sites, solar eclipses, and vacations. The OTA weights a mere 8.5 pounds without accessories.

The FC-100DZ is fully compatible with the accessories available used with the existing FC-100 telescopes, including the FC/FS Muli-flattener and the FC-35 0.66X Reducer. With FC-35 reducer, this telescope becomes an excellent imaging system, illuminating a full frame chip at f/5.3.

Mechanically, the FC-100DZ has a tube diameter of 95 mm and a retractable dew shield. With the dew shield retracted and accessories removed, the total length is only 595 mm, easily carried on most commercial flights. The FC-100DZ utilizes the same focuser used on the FC-100DF and DL and weighs approximately 3.8 kg.


Aperture100 mm (4")
Dawes Limit0.15 arcseconds
Focal Length800 mm
Focal Ratiof/8
Free ShippingYes
Highest Magnification200x
Light Gathering Power204x
Limiting Magnitude13.8
Optical DesignDoublet Refractor
Tube Diameter95mm
Tube Length595mm
Tube Weight8.5 lbs
Warranty5 Year Warranty

Characteristic Takahashi FC-100DZ refractor
Objective Fluorite doublet apochromat
Lens cell Air-spaced doublet. Fluorite in the back
Coatings Hard multicoatings
Diameter 100 mm
At prime focus
Focal length 800 mm
Focal ratio F/8
Metal Back Distance 223 mm
With FC/FS MFL1.04X field corrector
Focal length 820 mm
Focal ratio F/8.2
Image circle diameter 44 mm
Metal Back Distance 71.2 mm
With 76D RD focal reducer
Focal length 580 mm
Focal ratio F/5.8
Image circle diameter 30 mm
Metal Back Distance 56.2 mm
With FC-35RD focal reducer
Focal length 530 mm
Focal ratio F/5.3
Image circle diameter 44 mm
Metal Back Distance 68.8 mm
With EX-Q1.6X focal extender
Focal length 1185 mm
Focal ratio F/11.9
Metal Back Distance157 mm

In this doublet design, Takahashi has paired the fluorite element with a low dispersion glass having a high refractive index
This combination provides excellent optical performance across the entire visible spectrum with a Strehl ratio in excess of 97.6
Fully compatible with the accessories available used with the existing FC-100 telescopes
A tube diameter of 95 mm and a retractable dew shield

Please Note: The finder and bracket shown in the photos is NOT included with this package. To see the accessories you will receive with your FC-100DZ, check out the What's in the Box tab.

System Chart

Telescope Specifications

FC-100DZ System Chart

FC-100DZ Reducer System Chart

FC-100DZ Extender System Chart

Mewlon-250CRS System Chart with 1.5X Extender

In the Box

  • Takahashi 100 mm f/8 Fluorite Doublet Refractor
  • F 50.8 AD Adapter (TKP19001)
  • 2" Sleeve to 1.25" Adapter (TKP00113)
  • S Coupling (TKP00103)
  • 31.7 Eyepiece Adapter (TKP00101)
  • 50.8 Eyepiece Adapter (TKP27110)
  • 2" Extension Tube (TKP31112)

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