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Takahashi FSQ-106ED APO Refractor - EM-11 Temma 2M Mount
Takahashi FSQ-106ED APO Refractor - EM-11 Temma 2M Mount

Takahashi FSQ-106ED APO Refractor - EM-11 Temma 2M Mount

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Takahashi FSQ106ED F5 Astrograph Telescope on Takahashi EM-11 Temma 2M Mount

Introducing the new Takahashi FSQ-106! The last rendition, the FSQ106N, has long been regarded as one of the finest refractors available for film and CCD imaging. Wide field, large image circle, excellent color correction and a flat field were just some of the notable points of the previous FSQ106N.

Now, enter the Takahashi FSQ106ED F5 Astrograph Telescope...

The new Takahashi FSQ106ED telescope has made some significant improvements over its predecessor. Let's start with a significantly longer backfocus at 178mm to accommodate most CCD systems. Many CCD imagers have additional equipment in the light path such as filter wheels, adaptive optics, temperature control focusers and other accessories which take up precious focus travel. Thanks to a new design, the FSQ106ED provides the additional backfocus to accommodate most CCD equipment and even allows the use of binoviewers!

The Takahashi FSQ-106ED telescope comes equipped with a newly designed heavy-duty 4" focuser with a built in camera angle adjuster. Designed for all applications in mind, the focuser will lift up to 5kg, or 11lbs, and keep it there without slipping. Do you need to make precision adjustments in focus? No problem. Takahashi has thought of that, too... And that's why they've included a micro-edge fine focuser with a 10 to 1 ratio. Combine that with both 2" and 1.25" eyepiece adapters and you're ready for any application.

But, improvements haven't stopped there. Takahashi has redesigned the optical system in the Takahashi FSQ106ED F5 Astrograph Telescope to a modified four element double ED Petzval system . By adding a second doublet inside the tube, the optical wavefront can be optimized to remove any astigmatism - this in turn acts as a field flattener. The Takahashi FSQ106ED F5 Astrograph Telescope optical system is incredible for imaging - providing wide, flat fields, high contrast and no lateral color, yet it is also capable of outstanding visual work. Use the optional F3.6 (wow!) focal reducer for imaging applications and the optional Extender-Q for visual use at F8. What's more, at prime focus you get 88mm of image circle which takes in a full 9.5° of sky. Now, that's an image....

Do you need more? Then think on this... Another improvement on the new Takahashi FSQ106ED is the enhanced portability from the new, retractable, self-storing dew shield design. The Takahashi FSQ106ED is now airline portable at only 16.7" long when the dew shield is collapsed and stays in a tidy package by measuring in at a total length of only 20.5" when fully extended. Inside the all aluminum tube, you'll find knife-edge baffles block off axis light and provide maximum contrast. Outside you'll find the perfect fit and finish with its rich ivory color and ebony trim. The focuser and the aluminum castings will continue to be made one at a time for consistent, optimal quality. That's a Takahashi quality guarantee.

Takahashi - FSQ106ED F5 Astrograph Telescope Features...

  • Image Circle with Optional Reducer: 1.7" (44mm) - light intensity 60%
  • Image CIrcle with Optional Extender: 1.7" (44mm) - light intensity 60%
  • Focal Length with Optional Reducer: 15.2'" (385mm)
  • Focal Length with Optional Extender: 33.5" (850mm)
  • F Ratio with Optional Extender: 8
  • F Ratio with Optional Reducer: 3.6
  • Light Gathering Power: 229X, Limiting Mag is 11.9, Resolution: 1.09" (28mm)
  • Effective Aperture: 4.2" (106mm) - Focal Length: 21" (530mm)
  • Package includes Tube Holder, 7X50 Finderscope, 7X50 Finder Bracket, 18mm Takahashi LE Eyepiece and 1.25" Diagonal

About the Takahashi EM-11 Temma IIM Mount...

The Takahashi EM-11 Temma IIM is an accurate, precision-built GoTo German equatorial mount that provides a stable platform for payloads of up to 25 pounds. The modern aesthetic design of the EM-11 is highly attractive as well as beautifully functional. The RA and DEC stepper motors are fully integrated into the mounting,and the high precision design and construction provides accurate tracking up to 10 arc seconds. Included in this package are an RS232C cable or RJ-11 cable and power cord for 12V.

The new style EM-11 mounts include the ability for operation on 12v and feature high speed slewing at 250x [sidereal rate] at 12v. Your PC is required to actuate the GoTo functions on this mount.

Takahashi EM-11 Temma 2M Mount Specifications

  • Type German Equatorial Mount
  • R.A. Slow-Motion Motor driven
  • DEC. Slow-Motion Motor driven
  • Azimuth Adjustments ± 10°
  • Elevation Adjustments 20 to 50°
  • Polar Finder / Accuracy - Built-in / 5' - 7.32 degrees
  • R.A. Setting Circle Accuracy 10 arcminutes
  • DEC. Setting Circle Accuracy 2°
  • Encoders Supplied
  • Weight (without counterweight) 7 kg
  • Counterweights 3.5 kg
  • Maximal Loading Capacity 9 kg (without counterweight)
  • Optimal Loading Capacity 6 kg (without counterweight)
  • Operating Voltage 12V DC
  • Power Consumption 12V : 0.3A (tracking at sidereal rate), 1.3A (high speed slewing), 1.7A (starting)
  • Tube moutings 2 x M8 screws (separated by 35mm)
  • Mounting Capacities Tube rings, plates and dovetail mounting plates
  • R.A. axis diameter (material) 52 mm (aluminium)
  • R.A. worm gear shaft diameter (material) 14 mm (iron)
  • R.A. gear diameter (material) 74 mm/144 teeth (zinc)
  • DEC. axis diameter (material) 52 mm (aluminium)
  • DEC. worm gear shaft diameter (material) 14 mm (brass)
  • DEC. gear diameter (material) 74 mm/144 teeth
  • Stepper Motors Accuracy 100 pps
  • Slow Motion Speeds 0.1x to 1.9x the sidereal rate
  • High Speed Mode 250x the sidereal rate (12V DC)
  • Worm gear shaft cycle 10 minutes
  • Tracking Accuracy ± 10"
  • Autoguiding SBIG ST-4/7 compatible

Add to this package the adjustable height, Takahashi FC-L wood tripod. Crafted from fine Luan Mahogany, this quality tripod has adjustable leg length which measures 36-59” in length with a height of 32-52". The nodal point measurement is 41-61”. What a beautiful way to round off one beautiful scope!

The photo shows the FSQ-106N on the EM-200 USD III Mount.

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As mandated by Takahashi America, the shipping cost has been included in the price. Most Takahashi telescopes are shipped by air.


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