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Thermal Binoculars

Thermal binoculars: what to look for

Like with any other binoculars, what we want to be looking for amongst the specification is the magnification provided. Thermal binoculars obviously also comprise thermal sensors, so we might also want to take a cursory glance at the thermal resolution of said sensor and, as we’re destined to be using binoculars outdoors in the main, also its operating temperature if given and detection range. 

The detection range is related to the resolution of the thermal sensor; the higher the resolution, the further it can detect. Generally speaking, because we’re looking to pick out and identify subjects that we might not be able to spot with the naked eye if viewing at night, thermal binoculars offer a wide or large field of view, so as to give us a better opportunity for observation.

Because these are very much specialist tools, tracking down these thermal imaging products may be less easy than finding your common-or-garden optical binocular, while choice and popularity seems to be greater in the USA than elsewhere. But, thanks to the Internet, we live in a global market, so snagging your thermal imaging binocular of choice is often only a few clicks away…

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Newcon Optik SENTINEL 640 Thermal Imaging Binocular
Specially-Order, ship in 10-15 business days
GSCI UNITEC-G Commercial Thermal Imaging Goggle - Best Seller
Usually ships in 5-10 business days
Newcon Optik SENTINEL LRF 640 Thermal Imaging Biocular
Specially-Order, ship in 10-15 business days
Newcon Optik SENTINEL MLRF 640 Thermal Imaging Binocular  (640x512 Uncooled Sensor)
Specially-Order, ship in 15-20 business days
Newcon Optik SENTINEL LRF Thermal Imaging Biocular  (5,000m LRF range)
Specially-Order, ship in 10-15 business days
Newcon Optik SENTINEL Thermal Imaging Binocular
Specially-Order, ship in 10-15 business days
Alpha Optics TB6 Thermal Imaging Binoculars
Specially-Order, ship in 5-10 business days
Pulsar Merger LRF XQ35 Compact Thermal Imaging Binoculars With LRF - Special Order,  Price & ETA to be confirmed
Pre-Order $100 deposit required, Price & ETA to be confirmed, Extended backorder - unknown ETA