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Vixen Optics GP2 Equatorial Mount W/O tripod (Item #3990)
Vixen GP2 Photo Guider (Item #35501*)

Vixen Optics GP2 Equatorial Mount W/O tripod (Item #3990)

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Part Number:3990

Well respected throughout the world, the Vixen GP2 telescope mount is a finely-machined, compact, and portable solution for supporting and navigating your telescope.  This mount is so well designed and assembled that it is the standard which is universally copied by many different companies outside of Japan, often known as the 'CG-5' or 'EQ-4'.  The copies focus on lowering costs, and in so doing use rougher tolerances and inferior lubricants-a cottage industry exists surrounding improving them via aftermarket changes.  Why suffer through such scenarios when the real thing is so easily acquired?

Every geared part on the Vixen GP2 is individually inspected before assembly, and it is 100% manufactured in Japan. Its 144-tooth brass worm wheels dramatically increase tracking accuracy versus 'similar' mounts.

One of the best elements of buying a Vixen GP2 is that it is so modular; Vixen offers a slew of upgrades to accommodate your growing astronomical interests and skills, so you'll use the mount for a long time to come.  For superior astronomical tracking, consider the optional polar axis scope and the Starbook-S navigational system, which offers precision "GO TO" capability in a controller that has a built-in star chart.  It is a system that is continually praised for its accuracy and ease of use.

Vixen's GP2 mount does not include the dovetail mounting plate, but they're included with every Vixen optical tube assembly.  You can use the Accessory Plate to mount most any other manufacturer's scope on to the GP2.

Note! Requires tripod & dovetail mounting plate.

High-quality equatorial mount for telescopes of up to 15 lb (~7 kg)
Altitude adjustment of 0-62° (~2° per adjustment screw revolution) permits use at broad latitude range
Right ascension & declination slow motion knobs provide 2.5° movement per revolution; optional #3823 flexible handles ease movement
Azimuth adjustment +/-5° (~1° per revolution of adjustment knob)
Built-in bubble level
62mm Diameter right ascension/declination shafts, 20mm diameter weight shaft
Ably mounted to #25141 HAL130 31.9-51.1" (81-130 cm) tripod, or 43.3" (110 cm) #8828 P110 or 33.5" (85 cm) #8825 P85 pillars
Optional #3739 Single (SD-1) or #3740 Dual Axis (DD-1) controller controls the #3752 MT-1 right ascension or declination axis motor (also available is #3941 set with dual-axis controller and two #3752 motors)
Optional #2522 Starbook-S navigation system achieves highly-accurate "GO TO" tracking of celestial objects
Optional #3912 illuminated 6x20mm polar axis scope helps align to Celestial north for easier tracking
Optional #3909 9" (23 cm) half pillar provide increased near-zenith observing comfort and prevents weight shaft from colliding with tripod when when observing near horizon
Mount Type Equatorial
Load Capacity ~15.4 lbs (7.00kg)
Motor No
GO-TO Capability No
Latitude Adjustment Range 0-62°
Polar Axis Scope No (optional #3912)
Includes Tripod/Pier No
Power Source None
Weight Mount:  8.8 lbs (4.00kg)
Counterweight:  8.2 lbs (3.70kg)
Total:  17.0 lbs (7.70kg)

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