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Vixen Optics LVW Series Eyepieces (Made in Japan)
Vixen LVW Series Eyepieces (Made in Japan)

Vixen Optics LVW Series Eyepieces (Made in Japan)

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Focal Length
Vixen NLVW 30mm Eyepiece (+CAD389.00)
Vixen LVW 42mm Eyepiece (+CAD529.00)
Vixen NLV 50mm Eyepiece (+CAD389.00)

Sky At Night Magazine voted the LVW 8mm Best in its class.

Designed to give the maximum field of view the human eye can view sharply, this eyepiece incorporates several elements made from Premium Rare-Earth Lanthanum glass to reduce optical aberrations.

The LVW eyepieces are designed to give you an incredible wide field of view, while reducing any internal loss of contrast or sharpness. Stunning views of the Moon, Galaxies or Extended Nebulae are sure to follow when using these eyepieces.

Be careful when viewing with this series eyepiece! You just may feel like you are falling into a galaxy!

These are not Chinese imitations but the Japanese high quality lenses that everyone raves about!


• Rare-Earth Lanthanum Glass

• Design; 8 Elements in 5 Groups

• 20mm Eye-Relief, 65° to 72°Apparent Field of View
DescriptionSizeApparent FOVEyereliefWeight
LVW 3.5mm1.25"65°20mm452g (15.95oz)
LVW 5mm1.25"65°20mm441g (15.56oz)
LVW 8mm1.25"65°20mm435g (15.35oz)
LVW 13mm1.25"65°20mm399g (14.08oz)
LVW 17mm1.25"65°20mm370g (13.06oz)
LVW 22mm1.25"65°20mm349g (12.31oz)
LVW 30mm2"65°20mm363g (12.8oz)
NLVW 42mm2"65°20mm545g (19.22oz)

These Japanese-made Vixen LVW eyepieces feature comfortable 20mm eyerelief, a wide 65° apparent field of view and high-grade fully multi-coated Lanthanum glass for clear, bright, high contrast views.

Vixen LVW eyepiece reviews:

“Among the best values in quality wideangle eyepieces are the Lanthanum Superwides, made by Vixen of Japan. Each features 20mm of eye relief – an added bonus.”
The Backyard Astronomer's Guide revised edition, p.73

“Consider the Vixen Lanthanum Superwides… The most pleasant surprise is that they show sharp, contrasty views across nearly the entire field, even through fast-focal-ratio instruments. The 17-mm Lanthanum Superwide, for instance, has now become one of my most-used eyepieces with my 18-inch f/4.5 reflector.”
Star Ware 3rd edition 2002, p.196

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