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Vixen Optics Sphinx SXD2 Equatorial Mount with Star Book One an HAL 130 Tripod (Item #58705HAL130)
Vixen Optics Sphinx SXD2 Equatorial Mount with Star Book One an HAL 130 Tripod (Item #58705HAL130)

Vixen Optics Sphinx SXD2 Equatorial Mount with Star Book One an HAL 130 Tripod (Item #58705HAL130)

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Part Number:58705HAL130

Designed to handle larger optical tube assemblies and heavy imaging rigs, Vixen's Sphinx SXD2 Equatorial Mount provides a precise and stable motorized mount for long observation sessions, or long-exposure astrophotography. Dual stepper motors provide smooth and virtually vibration-free tracking that run at up to 250pps. Its full-circle brass wheel gear allows the mount to track over extremely long periods with little tracking error.

The Sphinx comes with the Star Book One (SB1) computer, which helps you find, observe, and track celestial objects. Since near and deep sky objects appear to move at different speeds, the SB1 features celestial, solar, lunar, and King's rate tracking speeds. An integrated autoguider port adds to the mount's usability. The Polaris guide scale, for use in the Northern hemisphere, is accurate through the year 2025. An Octant 4-star pattern is also set on the reticle for use in the Southern hemisphere.

The Sphinx is offered here with Vixen's HAL 130 tripod. Its adjustable height allows the user to set the position of the telescope to their liking for easy and comfortable viewing. The top of the tripod, is powder-coated with a durable finish that resists chipping, flaking, and fading. The tripod is collapsible for convenient storage and portability.

  • Motorized and computer-guided equatorial mount
  • 33 lb payload capacity, excluding counterweights
  • Precise azimuth adjustment indicators
  • Vixen-style dovetail saddle
  • Built-in polar alignment scope
Gears and Motors
  • Two stepping (pulse) motors at 250 pulses per second
  • 72mm diameter, 180-tooth full circle micro-movement brass wheel gear
  • 35mm carbon steel Right Ascension axis
  • 40mm carbon steel Declination axis
  • ±7° azimuth adjustment, twin tangent screws/knobs with about 1.2°/rotation
  • 0-70° altitude adjustment, 3-altitude zone settings ±15° per zone, 2° increment altitude scale, twin T-bar handles with 0.8°/rotation
Polar Alignment Scope
  • Built-in 6x20 scope
  • Field of view: 8°
  • Integrated bubble level
  • Illuminated reticle
  • Setting accuracy within 3 arc minutes
  • Time graduation circle: 10 arc minutes increments between 16h and 8h (the following day)
  • Date graduation circle: 2-day increments
  • Meridian offset circle: Adjustable between 20° East and 20° West, in 5-degree increments
  • Northern hemisphere: Polaris guide scale, applicable to the year 2025
  • Southern hemisphere: Octant 4 stars pattern
Counterweights and Bar
  • Retractable 20mm counterweight bar
  • 1 x 8.15 lb counterweight
  • 1 x 4.2 lb counterweight
Star Book One
  • Powered by mount through connector port
  • LED display screen backlight
  • Red backlit keypad
  • Independent screen and keypad dimming control
  • ST-4 compatible integrated autoguider port
  • Sidereal tracking with different tracking speeds: Celestial, solar, lunar, and King's rate
  • Variable manual slewing speeds from 0.1x to 999x
  • Backlash compensation
  • Periodic error correction (PEC) removes inaccuracies inherent in gears and allows for more accurate tracking, especially for long-exposure astrophotography
  • Adjustable screen brightness
  • Selectable tracking for Northern and Southern hemisphere
HAL 130 Tripod
  • Lightweight aluminum
  • White powder-coated head
  • Variable height from 25 to 39"
  • Maximum leg spread of 63.5" diameter
  • Folded length of 32"
  • 77 lb load capacity
  • Weighs 12.1 lb
Mount Type
German Equatorial
Load Capacity
33 lb (15 kg)
RA: 72mm diameter, 180-tooth full circle micro-movement gear, Brass wheel
Dec: 72mm diameter, 180-tooth full circle micro-movement gear, Brass wheel
Worm Wheel
9 mm diameter, Brass
Right Ascension Axis
35 mm in diameter, Carbon steel
Declination Axis
40 mm in diameter, Carbon steel
2 x Stepping (pulse) motors with 250 PPS
GO-TO Capability
Yes, with included Star Book Ten controller
Altitude / Azimuth Adjustment
Alt: 0 to 70°
Az: ±7°
Polar Axis Scope
Built-in 6 x 20 scope
Field of View: 8°
Bubble level
Illuminated reticle
Includes Tripod/Pier
1 x 8.2 lb (3.7 kg)
1 x 4.2 lb (1.9 kg)
12 VDC
Consumption: 0.45 to 2.2 A (with a 10 kg payload), 0.6 to 2.5 A (with a 15 kg payload)
13.5 x 14.2 x 5.0" (34.3 x 36.0 x 12.8 cm)
20.3 lb (9.2 kg), excluding counterweights
Vixen Optics Sphinx SXD2 Equatorial Mount with Star Book One an HAL 130 Tripod
  • Star Book One Hand Controller
  • HAL 130SXG Aluminum Tripod
  • STAR BOOK Cable
  • Strap for STAR BOOK One with Battery
  • Counterweights 3.7kg and 1.9kg
  • Ferrite Core for LAN cable
  • Phillips Head Screwdriver
  • 2 x Hex Wrenches
  • Cigarette-Lighter Plug Cord
  • Limited 5-Year Warranty
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