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Vixen Optics Sphinx SXD2 Go-To EQ Mount with Polar Scope
Vixen Optics Sphinx SXD2 Go-To EQ Mount with Polar Scope

Vixen Optics Sphinx SXD2 Go-To EQ Mount with Polar Scope

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Part Number:ES25101

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Vixen Sphinx Accessories
2529 Vixen Star Book Screen Brightness Film (+CAD9.00)
2536 Vixen SX Battery Box (+CAD79.00)
2571 Vixen SX Decl Clamp Unit (+CAD269.00)
2573 Vixen SX Polar Axis Scope (+CAD329.00)
2574 Vixen SX Counterweight Shaft Unit (+CAD189.00)
2576 Vixen SX Accessory Plate (+CAD279.00)
2577 Vixen SX Counterweight 1.7kg (+CAD89.00)
2578 Vixen SX Counterweight 2.8 kg (+CAD109.00)
2579 Vixen SX Counterweight 3.1 kg (+CAD119.00)
25227 Vixen STAR BOOK TEN Cable (+CAD59.00)
35532 Polar Alignment Scope PF-L II for Sphinx mounts (+CAD499.00)

Designed with similar specifications as their beefier SXP mount, this lighter-duty Sphinx SXD2 Go-To EQ Mount from Vixen Optics gets a performance boost by adding the STAR BOOK TEN computer control system and PF-L polar axis alignment scope. Dual-axis stepper motors, 180-tooth brass worm wheels, and ball bearings provide smooth and precise tracking abilities with little to no vibrations. The mount has a maximum payload capacity of 50 pounds for observation purposes, but if this rig will be used for astrophotography or imaging, Vixen recommends the max payload be kept to 33 pounds, including the counterweights. This iteration of the Sphinx is offered here without a tripod for users that already have a reliable and compatible support system.

The included polar axis scope has an illuminated star-pattern reticle that requires the user to simply superimpose the star pattern over the three prominent stars over the North Pole for proper polar alignment. With this simple alignment done, the STAR BOOK TEN controller can be used to provide full Go-To capabilities with a color display and intuitive menu system. Outfitted with an internal and updateable database of over 272,000 objects, the SB10 offers phased star charts, customized guided tours of the night sky, and the ability to program out tracking errors (PPEC and VPEC) and backlash to improve the precision of the tracking system during long-duration observation sessions.

  • Motorized German equatorial design
  • Vixen-style dovetail saddle accepts any compatible OTA
  • Azimuth adjustment: ±7°, fine adjustment; Twin tangent knobs, 1.2° per rotation
  • Altitude adjustment: 0 to 70°; 3-altitude zone settings for easier adjustment; 2° increment scale; Twin T-bar adjustment handles, 0.8° per rotation
  • Payload capacity: 50 pounds recommended for observation use; 33 pounds recommended for astrophotography/imaging; Capacity includes counterweights
  • 20mm retractable counterweight bar
  • Counterweights: 4.2 pound, and 8 pound
  • Runs on 12 VDC power supply
Gears and Motors
  • Dual stepping (pulse) motors, 250PPS (pulse per second)
  • 9mm diameter, brass worm gears
  • Right Ascension and Declination gears: 180-tooth 360° micro-movement gear; 72mm diameter; Brass wheel
  • Right Ascension axis: 35mm diameter; Carbon steel
  • Declination axis: 40mm diameter; Carbon steel
  • Nine ball bearings reduce vibrations and allow for smooth tracking
STAR BOOK TEN Computer Controller
  • 5" TFT full color display
  • Phased star charts display only relevant info for what is visible overhead
  • Automatic GoTo Slewing
  • Sidereal tracking and different tracking rates for the Sun, Moon, planets, comets, and artificial satellites
  • Proprietary Vixen Periodic Error Protection (VPEC): Intrinsic errors are measured and entered into memory at the factory for precision tracking out of the box; Use with PPEC to boost tracking performance
  • Permanent Periodic Error Correction (PPEC) enables you to train out tracking errors for more accurate tracking over extended periods of time, such as long-exposure astrophotography
  • Backlash compensation allows you to train out the play inherent in all gears for more precise tracking
  • LAN port to update database via Internet
  • Powered by mount via controller cable
  • 272,342 objects
  • NC Objects: 784
  • IC Objects: 5386
  • Messier Objects:109
  • 7 Planets
  • 1 quasi-planet
  • Moon and Sun
Polarie PF-L Polar Axis Scope
  • 6x power magnifies view while maintaining a wide angle of view
  • 20mm objective lens diameter
  • Ease of use: In the Northern hemisphere, align three bright stars with the corresponding pattern on the scope's illuminated reticle
  • No need to set hour angle
  • Red illumination allows reticle to be easily seen without affecting night adjusted vision
  • Eight adjustable intensity levels allow precise brightness control
  • Automatic "off" function after two minutes to conserves battery power
  • Companion app for Android and iOS smartphones

Vixen Optics SXD2 specs

Mount Type German Equatorial
Load Capacity Observation: 50.0 lb / 22.7 kg
Astrophotography: 33.0 lb / 15.0. kg
Capacity includes counterweights
Motor 2 x Stepping (pulse) motors
250 PPS
GO-TO Capability Yes, with included Star Book Ten controller
Altitude / Azimuth Adjustment Alt: 0 to 70°
Az: ±7°
Polar Axis Scope PF-L Polarie
Includes Tripod/Pier No
Counterweights 1 x 8.0 lb / 3.6 kg
1 x 4.2 lb / 1.9 kg
Power 12 VDC
Dimensions 14.2 x 13.5 x 5.0" / 36.0 x 34.3 x 12.8 cm
Weight 20.2 lb / 9.2 kg, excluding counterweights

In the Box
Vixen Optics Sphinx SXD2 Go-To EQ Mount with Polar Scope and SB10
  • STARBOOK TEN Computer Controller
  • PF-L Polarie Polar Scope
  • Counterweight Bar
  • 8.1 lb Counterweight
  • 4.2 lb Counterweight
  • Cigarette-Lighter Plug Cord
  • Limited 5-Year Warranty

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