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YUKON ADVANCED OPTICS Optics developed for consumer market. Hunting, outdoor and hobby markets as well as specialty optics for security and search/rescue plus many other semi-professional applications


PULSAR Optics and advanced NV designs culminating years of research into a new line targeted towards professional and discriminate amateur users. Law enforcement, tactical, search and rescue operations and many other applications are considered in development of the Pulsar models.


NEWTON SPORT OPTICS Night vision devices for the mass market Newton’s sleek design and solid performance in its calls   made it successful with many major global retail outlets. Unbeatable price and quality make Newton a sure choice for amateur observers and science enthusiasts.




- Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide – is the largest global manufacturer and developer of the consumer NV products in Gen 1. With more than 60% of the global market share. Experience, scrupulous attention to quality, dominating development capabilities and competitive pricing - some of the contributing factors allowing our leading position.

-  Market leader in research and development. Exclusive manufacturer of the CF Super gen 1+ systems that bring the cost of Gen technology closer to the performance of Gen 2+ in resolution and image quality. From binoculars to thermal imaging Yukon has the capability to stake its claim in innovative approach to the market needs.

-  Leader in digital NV development

-      Global leader in OEM manufacturing of NV systems. (Bushnell, Night Owl, Bresser, Tchibo, etc.)

-      Up to 20% of the product line is renewed every year with new product models and modifications.

-      Competitive mix of features that provides every product with unique characteristics separating its market rivals.

-      Unparalleled after sale service of all products manufactured by Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide

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