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Bering Optics

The starting point of Bering Optics may be considered the creation of Gen I night vision binocular in 1998 that laid the foundation for the entire class of night vision devices offered in the marketplace under well known brands. While the Bering Optics brand appeared as an independent brand much later, the accumulated experience working on OEM projects served as a solid foundation for the development of new products. The evolution of the Bering Optics from the OEM specialist, known in the narrow circles, to an independent market participant was dictated by the necessity to have a test lab and a kind of proofing ground for pilot production to test new ideas and products before they could be offered to the large OEM businesses. At a certain point it became evident that a good number of products, which are of interest to us and our potential customers, did not interest large brands, therefore they would not be introduced in the market place and it was decided to bring them to the market under our own private label . It happened in 2009, in the midst of subprime mortgage crisis, which left a certain mark on the formation of Bering Optics as a company and new brand.

In general, the establishment and development of Bering Optics is consistent with the general trend in the global market of 21st century, where in the environment of excess production capacity and financial deflation, there is demand for companies with an unusual way of thinking, ability to constantly generate fresh ideas and offer a wide range of original products. Enthusiasm, knowledge and creativity of small companies gives an advantage over larger players, despite the size and capitalization of the latter. Although there is evidence to the contrary.

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Bering Optics Night Probe Mini NV Clip-On System
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Bering Optics TRIFECTA NV Weapon Sight
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