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How to Pack Binoculars and Telescopes for Public Storage?

Posted by SekaMoving on 4/22/2021 to Binoculars

You have finished your night of observation, pack everything up, and want to store it in a storage company. How should you pack your telescope (and binoculars)?

How is a rifle scope chosen?

Posted by Millie Oscar on 2/13/2021 to Riflescopes

Today, the riflescope has become almost a simple commonplace at no time like before, as it involves shooting almost any sort of rifle these days. Whether or not you're a hunter, target shooter, person or a regular weekend, shopping for an AR15 rifle scope would generally be a dangerous undertaking if you don't understand exactly what you're looking for.

Guest Post Guidelines

Posted by Brandon Optics Team on 1/2/2021 to New Releases
Guest Post Guidelines

Mostly, we focus on product recommendations and reviews, industry interests, sky-watching, hunting, shooting and anything related outdoor lifestyle sports.

We want people that can add to these articles and bring something new to our website whilst sticking within the realms of its general style. 


How To Get A Perfect Nights' Sleep Under The Stars

Posted by Joshua on 3/24/2020 to Telescopes

A rejuvenating good night’s sleep is a must for any day. And it’s equally important when you want to enjoy your vacation. The great outdoors are very conducive to good slumber, with the sounds of nature becoming natural white noise.

However, the way humans are wired, we don’t easily adjust to sleeping well in a new location. It takes some tips and tricks to get comfortable sleep in a tent. Here are some ideas to check out.

The Best 308 Shooting Practices and Tips

Posted by Tinh Nguyen on 10/17/2019 to Riflescopes
The Best 308 Shooting Practices and Tips

When you talk about the rifle respected by everyone, one that is highly valued both for hunters and those shooting, the 308 guns always top the list. Gun enthusiasts all around the world are rooting for this gun, as it carries what they desire. When it comes to accuracy and ease of shooting, the 308 is a clear favorite among shooters, and it keeps changing the market.

In this article, we deliver the essential 308 rifle shooting tips that will make shooting accurately more possible. This guide will also help you improve your skills on this rifle, and understand the working principle of the gun.

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