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Hasselblad Cameras

Victor Hasselblad AB is a Swedish manufacturer of medium format cameras, photographic equipment and image scanners based in Gothenburg, Sweden. The company originally became known for its classic analog medium format cameras that used a waist level viewfinder. Perhaps the most famous use of the Hasselblad camera was during the Apollo program missions when the first humans landed on the Moon. Almost all of the still photographs taken during these missions used modified Hasselblad cameras. In 2016, Hasselblad introduced the world's first digital compact mirrorless medium format camera, the X1D-50c, changing the portability of medium format photography. Hasselblad produces about 10,000 cameras a year out of a small three story building

The highly compact X System enables portable medium format photography, combining uncompromising image quality, precision mechanics, and ergonomic design. The launch of the X System began with the world's first digital compact mirrorless medium format camera in 2016. Packed into the award-winning design of the first generation, the X1D II 50C continues to let creatives take medium format out into the world with its light build, upgraded electronics, and total connectivity.

The highly professional H System represents the ultimate in image quality and resolution with 100 and 400-megapixel solutions. A completely modular design, H System cameras can be easily combined with multiple accessories, lenses, and backs, offering flexibility and convenience for a range of photographic needs.


With the CFV II 50C digital back and the 907X camera body, Hasselblad’s photographic history is connected in one system. Bridge the past and the present with the modernized CFV II 50C attached to a classic Hasselblad V System camera.
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Hasselblad H6D-100c Digital Back
Special Order, lead time 2-4 weeks
Hasselblad H6D-100c MS Medium Format DSLR Camera
Special Order, lead time 3-5 weeks
Hasselblad H6D-400c MS Medium Format DSLR Camera
Special Order, lead time 3-5 weeks