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iRay Jerry CE5 Clip-On Thermal Imager with external battery pack -  Attaches to existing night vision devices (NVDs) to instantly add thermal detection capabilities, or work as a thermal monocular alone.
iRay Jerry CE5 Clip-On Thermal Imager with external battery pack

iRay Jerry CE5 Clip-On Thermal Imager with external battery pack - Attaches to existing night vision devices (NVDs) to instantly add thermal detection capabilities, or work as a thermal monocular alone.

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Optional Accessories
iRay JerryC eyepiece adapter - turns your JerryC COTI (C2, CE2, C5, CE5) into a standalone, monochromatic thermal monocular. (+CAD239.00)
JerryC bracket for PVS-31A, GPNVG-181Night Vision Goggle (+CAD159.00)
BNVD-1531 JerryC COTI bracket - securely attach any JerryC COTI (Clip On Thermal Imager) to an L3 BNVD-1531 (+CAD169.00)
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Product Highlights

  • Sensor 640 x 512, 12um pixel pitch
  • Detection Range >1000m
  • Field of View 30.5 degrees
  • Optical zoom 1x
  • Allow for image alignment. visual modes: Outline, Patrol, and Full Thermal
  • Works with PVS-14, PVS-31, DTNVS, Katana, RNVG, Sentinel, PVS-7, etc.
  • Weight 78g
  • Waterproof IP67
  • Operating Temperature -40°C to + 60°C

Friday Night Lights: Jerry-C AKA Chinese ECOTI

The image it produces is very nice and the wider 30.5º FOV is much better than the small 20º FOV of the PAS-29 COTI. One thing we noticed with the Jerry-C is the contrast is much better.

An infrared thermal imaging enhancement attachment, designed for the rapid upgrade, front-fusion, and multi-mode display of the equipment in service.

As a branch of ENVG (enhanced night vision goggle) products, Jerry-C Clip-on Thermal Imager can project long-wave thermal infrared images into the view of the I2 and low-illumination night vision devices to directly realize thermal fusion without adjustment. This improves the search efficiency under complicated conditions and the perception capability under extreme low-illumination conditions (such as sandstorm, basement, cave, and abandoned houses).

The existing night vision devices can be upgraded to the thermal fusion type by using the clip-on fusion function without replacing them, greatly reducing the use cost of equipment.

The iRay Jerry CE5 is a Clip-On Thermal Imager that features a high 640x512 resolution, 12um sensor with a 50Hz refresh rate.

The CE5 easily attaches to existing night vision devices (NVDs) to instantly add thermal detection capabilities by overlaying a thermal image on top of the analog image intensified image, creating multi-spectrum capability and removing the need to switch to a completely separate device. Unlike legacy clip-on thermal devices, the Jerry CE5 provides over 30 degrees of thermal overlay for increased themal field of view. With a standard quick disconnect, the CE5 interfaces to any night vision devices that also accepts PVS-14 optics, such as DTNVS, Katana, RNVG, Sentinel, PVS-7, etc.

A common complaint of clip-on thermal imagers is the additional weight it adds to host systems and the limited battery life. The Jerry CE5 solves both of these problems by eliminating the onboard battery compartment, moving the power source to a larger external battery pack (included), reducing frontal helmet weight and offering over 8 hours of continuous battery life.

The Jerry CE5 comes with an external battery back that takes 2x 18650 rechargeable batteries, a power cable and a battery pack mount, in a custom hard case.

NOTE: You will NOT be able to use refocus devices like the Matbock Tarsier Eclipse or Phokus Hoplite caps when using the JerryC devices due to the geometry of the system and how the JerryC mounts and projects onto your objective lens.

The latest version of the CE5 now allows users to calibrate the location/offset of the thermal image so that they can line up the analog night vision and thermal images perfectly. A copy of these instructions will be included with every CE5. In addition, the CE5 now "remembers" the orientation/settings from the last time the unit was on, even with the power disconnected. Users are also able to adjust brightness, contrast, and threshold.

The CE5 has two main controls: a button and a multi-function dial. By default, the multi-function dial turns the unit on and controls gain. The CE5 has 3 main display modes: full thermal, highlight, and outline. These are easily accessed by depressing the multi-function dial. Pulse Mode is accessed by clicking the button on the rear of the unit, once in Pulse mode, the frequency of the pulse can be controlled by the dial. Pulse mode is a mode that gently flashes the thermal image on and off, especially useful to differentiate between high light areas of the analog image and thermal signatures. Long-pressing the button will display the menu.







Infrared Specifications






Pixel Pitch


Spectral Band


Optical Specifications

Lens Focal Length

f 11.52mm







Display Mode

White hot/Highlight/Outline

Display Functions

Normally on/Breathing

Brightness Adjustment


Auto Brightness


Shutter Correction


Contrast Adjustment


Threshold Adjustment


Menu rollover

Chinese and English







Power supply mode


External power supply (3~5.5V)

Environmental Adaption

Operating Temperature


IP Encapsulation





In the Box

  • IRay Jerry C Series Thermal Imager CE5 Clip-On Monocular
  • PVS-14 bracket
  • Limited 2-Year Warranty

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