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iRay Jerry-YM Thermal Monocular -  can be handheld or helmet-mounted, making it suitable for Military, outdoor activities, hunting,  and search and rescue.
iRay Jerry-YM Thermal Monocular

iRay Jerry-YM Thermal Monocular - can be handheld or helmet-mounted, making it suitable for Military, outdoor activities, hunting, and search and rescue.

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Introducing the latest thermal device from Infiray's Jerry lineup. Using the same, proven MATRIX III core as Infiray's MH25, PFalcon640 etc, the Jerry-YM has the same 50Hz 640x512 resolution core and drops the functional weigh to 228g and adds some sought-after features.The Jerry YM represents IRay’s latest addition to their thermal monocular lineup. Like its counterparts, the MH25 and RH25, the Jerry YM boast a compact and helmet-mountable design, housing a 640×512 resolution core. However, its unparalleled affordability sets it apart from its siblings, making it a standout offering in the thermal vision market with its compact form factor.

On-board photo and video recording as well as selectable thermal profiles (scenes) optimizes the image quality for different thermal conditions. The Jerry-YM is natively powered by commonly-found 18650 batteries and also offers an external USB-C port for remote power options. Additional features include a built-in compass, accelerometer, reticles (not weapon-rated), built-in wifi and on-board photo and video recording. Also included is a bracket that allows users to quickly attach to standard dovetail night vision mounts.

First Impressions

The Jerry YM is an impressively lightweight device, tipping the scales at just 230g. Its body is constructed from durable polymer, and the buttons are thoughtfully covered with plastic dabs, making accidental presses unlikely. The user-friendly controls are easy to navigate, and the new software provided with the YM model is notably more straightforward than previous IRay devices.

While the ocular lens might initially appear similar to that of the PFN640/RH25, upon turning on the device, it becomes evident that significant upgrades have been made compared to previous generations. 25 mm of eye relief, the Jerry YM almost matches the PVS-14, allowing for comfortable bridging with eye protection at the same distance, sparing you from having the thermal device directly against your eye protection. The ~400€ lens upgrade that was mandatory for Mh25 is no longer necessary. 


One aspect that I find less favorable in the software is the prominent display of the selected color palette in the bottom left corner. Given the visual representation of the thermal image, identifying the current setting, such as black hot, can be easily discerned without the need for such large text. This redundant display tends to detract from the overall quality of the captured footage.

Color Palettes:

The Jerry YM offers a selection of four color palettes: Black Hot, White Hot, Rainbow, and Iron. However, it lacks the well-known red hot feature, which might be disappointing for some users who are accustomed to using it. Despite this limitation, there is hope for improvement in the next generations. Manufacturers often listen to user feedback and work on enhancing their products, so it is entirely possible that the red hot feature could be introduced in a future update, providing a more comprehensive range of colour options to suit various preferences and needs.


The device is designed to utilize 18650 (3.7V) batteries, ensuring sufficient and reliable power for extended usage. Alternatively, it can also be powered through a power bank connected to the conveniently positioned USB C port located on the front of the device housing. It is favored to use devices that do not use prioratory batteries. 


The Jerry YM comes with a J-arm included in the package. This J-arm features a sliding IPD adjustment, allowing users to customize the positioning based on their interpupillary distance. It is designed to easily switch between the left and right eye for added flexibility and user convenience.

The J-arm is simple and well-made, and it securely connects to the Jerry YM’s proprietary footprint screw holes, ensuring a stable and reliable attachment to the device.

Currently, there is no way to bridge the Jerry YM with any other device, but Falconcalw has been working on making it a possibility with the YM arm.


The Jerry YM delivers impressive performance with its 12µm 640×512 sensor running at 50hz, resulting in remarkably smooth imagery. Its 640 core also offers a commendable digital zoom capability, allowing users to examine details with precision.

Moreover, one of the most noteworthy features of the Jerry YM is its exceptional lightweight design, tipping the scales at just 230g. This makes it notably lighter compared to the PFN640, which weighs 380 grams. When combined with a monocular setup and other lightweight accessories, the entire configuration can be kept under 700g, making it an ideal choice for users seeking a portable and easy-to-handle thermal solution.

In terms of performance metrics, the Jerry YM impresses with a detection range of 1800m and human recognition at distances 630 meters on the spec sheet but in reality at 400 meters people start looking like blobs


Thermal Pixel Pitch 12um
Focal Length 26.7mm
Optical Magnification 1x native
Diopter Settings -5 to +2
USB Interface USB-C
Colour Modes White Hot, Black Hot, Red Hot, Rainbow
Thermal Scenes Default, Outdoor, Polar, Rainforest
FOV 16.3 x 12.3 
Digital Zoom 1-8x
Compass Yes
Inclinometer Yes
Battery Life 6h+ (18650)
Weight 228g
Dimensions 110x48x72 mm
Waterproof IP67
Operating Temperature -20C to +50C

 IMPORTANT: This product cannot be used as thermal sight. It’s not certified to be mounted on a firearm and does not withstand the recoil. Hand-held or helmet-mountable only.

In the Box

  • Thermal Monocular
  • Mounting Bracket (provides a dovetail interface)
  • L4G24-style NVG mount
  • Carrying Case
  • User Manual
  • Cleaning Clothes
  • USB-C cable

User manual HERE.

For a summary of key differences between the Jerry-YM and the MH25 V2

With the introduction of the new Jerry-YM thermal monocular, we thought it would be helpful to include a summary of key differences between it and the well-established MH25. While the MH25 V2 is substantially improved over the V1, the Jerry-YM does have some key improvements that are worth considering.

Jerry-YM Pros:

  • Lighter weight (228g vs 315g)
  • Accepts 18650s natively
  • Includes a helmet-mounting solution out of the box (includes L4G24-style NVG mount and dovetail rail with adjustable IPD)
  • "Scene" optimized thermal profiles (more testing required if these even make a difference practically)
  • Comes in a hard case
  • On-board compass and accelerometer

MH25 V2 Pros:

  • Larger eyebox compared to the Jerry-YM
  • Eyepiece does not articulate (Jerry-YM's eyepiece moves forward and backwards when adjusting diopter which forces you to move the device forwards and backwards to compensate)
  • More intuitive controls via rotary wheel (click to NUC, turn rotary wheel to zoom)
  • Better menu system and easier to operate overall (subjective opinion)
  • Has audio recording capabilities
  • Mini-rail mounting system on MH25 is more common (Jerry-YM has its own proprietary 3-hole mounting pattern which makes mounting on a bridge impossible without making an adapter)
  • Better lens protection via the MH25's built-in iris system (Jerry-YM uses a rubber cap that is difficult to secure elegantly when using the device)
  • Much better USB-C cable routing (if used with the KUULA-brand 180 degree USB-C cable); Jerry-YM is not compatible with 180-degree USB-C cables and will block the controls, essentially forcing you to route the USB-C cable forwards, creating a snag hazard

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